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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 02, recording 3: jigsaws and animal dominoes

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Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1091 [CENSORED: forename]! Right, come on, right, come on and we'll get a jigsaw.
M1092 Here I am! No, no no want mine.
F1091 You dinna want yours? Well I'll hold it for you, okay?
M1092 Okay.
F1091 Right, fitt jigsaw do you want tae dae?
M1092 Erm, let me choose one.
F1091 Er, fitt aboot this ain, look? Look, buses and rockets. Do you want to do that one?
M1092 Mm, me do that ain, you do [?]this[/?] one, okay?
F1091 Okay, come on then.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Can you manage?
M1092 [?]They haven't[/?] jigsaws.
F1091 Aye.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Right.
M1092 Okay. [inaudible] //[inaudible] I want that one.//
F1091 //Right, do you want to sort out aa the pieces first? [inaudible]//
M1092 I want that one.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 [inaudible] that one. //[inaudible] that one.//
F1091 //They're all mixed up, aren't they?//
M1092 Here my other one. And here my other one. And here my other one.
F1091 Fitt ain are you daein?
M1092 This one.
F1091 Which one's that?
M1092 That ain.
F1091 Is that the rocket?
M1092 Uh-huh, rocket, that ain, rocket.
F1091 Okay, you dae that ain then. Fitt ain will I dae?
M1092 That, you do that ain.
F1091 Will I dae the train?
M1092 Uh-huh, do [inaudible] there.
F1091 Okay, I'll dae the train then, okay. Right, you do the rocket then. Fitt colour's the rocket?
M1092 Blue.
F1091 It's nae blue. It's ye-
M1092 Yellow.
F1091 That's better. Colour's mam's train then?
M1092 Erm, blue.
F1091 Eh, [tut] oh! //No, it's//
M1092 //Da-//
F1091 it's gr-?
M1092 Dark blue.
F1091 No, that's y- that's blue, the sky's blue. An fitt colour's that?
M1092 Yellow.
F1091 Yellow, that's right. And fitt's that? //That's fire coming oot the rocket, sure.//
M1092 //That's fire.//
F1091 And the fire's ho-?
M1092 Hot.
F1091 The fire's hot.
M1092 [inaudible] hot.
F1091 Mmhm, fire's hot. And we've got to be careful, sure.
M1092 Where are my [inaudible] one.
F1091 Can you manage? Look, will I help you get aa the bits that you need for the rocket? There's one, two, three, four, five. There's loads o pieces in the rocket one, isn't there?
M1092 Uh-huh, lots and lots.
F1091 Lots and lots.
M1092 And lots.
F1091 Mmhm. Right, fitt's that?
M1092 [?]That's a star[/?]. //In there, in there, in there.//
F1091 //Is that stars, loads o stars, mmhm.//
M1092 Erm, and there.
F1091 And fitt's that bit there?
M1092 The moon.
F1091 Is that the moon? //Okay.//
M1092 //Uh-huh.// And there's the one, two and three.
F1091 Three stars?
M1092 Three stars, I've got three stars. //I've got three stars.//
F1091 //Okay.// We've got three stars.
M1092 [inaudible] bit [inaudible]. //[inaudible] do it.//
F1091 //Now, does that// does that bit go in there?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Aye, and then, no that bit doesnae go there, does it?
M1092 Uh uh.
F1091 No.
M1092 No.
F1091 Oh that bit goes there though, look. Right, fitt comes next then?
M1092 Erm, this this come next.
F1091 That comes next?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 Uh-huh. No more fire.
F1091 That's right. He's doon aside the fire. Now that bit goes on there, doesn't it? And there's the moon finished. //Will that bit, will that bit manage to go in there?//
M1092 //Uh-huh, er.//
F1091 So fitt's that? //Mmhm.//
M1092 //That's the moon.// See, that's the moon.
F1091 Oh I see.
M1092 See?
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [inaudible] bits. Mm. Here's a one [inaudible]. [?]Done[/?] this one.
F1091 Finished that ain? Aye.
M1092 Now want this one. Bus. //Bus.//
F1091 //The bus ain?//
M1092 Uh-huh, bus.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 There a mannie on on the bus, there a mannie on the bus.
F1091 Fitt's on the bus? Loads o folk on the bus?
M1092 There one and there's one. [inaudible] you and me make it?
F1091 Me and you make it. //Okay.//
M1092 //[child noises]// [inaudible] made it. [inaudible]
F1091 Now, are you looking for the wheels?
M1092 Uh-huh, here are wheels.
F1091 Mmhm that's it. Gee, you're doin this fast. There's that bottom bit, look, you want that?
M1092 Uh-huh me want that ain.
F1091 Does that bit go there? No. //Wow! That was fast.//
M1092 //Now, now the car.// Now the car. //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Now the car.//
M1092 [?]And now give me one[/?] car, //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Mm?//
M1092 [inaudible] dog in there [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1091 Fa's driving the car?
M1092 Him.
F1091 What's him's name?
M1092 Him [inaudible] Me know. //He's a doggie.//
F1091 //Aye, it's a doggie in the back seat, sure.// //I don't know.//
M1092 //Who him then?//
F1091 What's him's name?
M1092 I don't know.
F1091 You dinna, you don't know either?
M1092 Mm mm, mm.
F1091 I'm nae sure. It looks like Dad.
M1092 Looks like Dad.
F1091 There's red hair. You think it's Dad's. Where are you gaun?
M1092 [child noises] Daddy, is that you? Is that you? [Dad responds 'Is that me'] Daddy, [inaudible]. [Dad responds]
F1091 Come on then. Did you show Dad?
M1092 Uh-huh, Dad. //Oops.//
F1091 //Oops.//
M1092 [laugh]
F1091 Fitt did Dad say?
M1092 [inaudible] that's him.
F1091 Did Dad say that was him?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mm. Same colour o hair, eh?
M1092 [?]Him said yeah, that's him.[/?] //Him said that's him.//
F1091 //[laugh]//
M1092 [inaudible] dog, mm. And there's a baby in that.
F1091 Who's a little baby?
M1092 [inaudible] else. //[inaudible] else.//
F1091 //Eh?//
M1092 Mm, [inaudible].
F1091 Now that's that ain finished.
M1092 What next?
F1091 I dinna ken fitt next.
M1092 [inaudible] I get that one! [?]Do another one[/?]. [inaudible] [?]train[/?].
F1091 Come on then.
M1092 [child noises]
F1091 Right, fitt ain you goin to do? //Eh, do you want to do the Tarzan ain?//
M1092 //We did this.// Mm, me know, me know.
F1091 Well watch you dinna climb up and hurt yoursel.
M1092 Okay.
F1091 Oh. //Can you manage?//
M1092 //[child noise]//
F1091 No, I think I should help you, [CENSORED: forename], eh?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay, right, is it the Tarzan ain you want tae dae?
M1092 No.
F1091 What do you want?
M1092 Me know, monkey.
F1091 You wantin to dae the monkey one?
M1092 Uh-huh, monkey one, that good idea, [CENSORED: forename]. That's a good idea, [CENSORED: forename]. [inaudible] good. [child noises] [inaudible] [?]Me open box, this one, this one[/?].
F1091 This one?
M1092 Uh-huh, this one.
F1091 Okay.
M1092 Hold on a minute.
F1091 Oh it's stuck. Can you manage? Right, fitt animals are in this ain then?
M1092 Mm, [inaudible].
F1091 Fishes.
M1092 Mm, and snakes.
F1091 Snakes.
M1092 There one and two.
F1091 Two snakes.
M1092 There one tiger.
F1091 A tiger, aye. No, that's a lion.
M1092 No tiger. No, uh the lion.
F1091 That's a lion.
M1092 Oh a lion. A monkey!
F1091 I dinna ken, you'll need to find the other piece and then you'll be able to see.
M1092 Oh okay.
F1091 Do you want to take aa the pieces oot the box?
M1092 Crocodile, oh, there crocodile!
F1091 Crocodile, oh! He's got sharp teeth, hasn't he?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Mm, right.
M1092 Do the monkey! //Mmhm.//
F1091 //Is that a mon- a monkey? Does it look like you?//
M1092 Me think, yes! //Mm.//
F1091 //Does it look like you?//
M1092 Mmhm, look like me.
F1091 Mm, that explains a lot then, sure.
M1092 Yes.
F1091 Right.
M1092 Uh-huh there.
F1091 Can you mind fitt that man's name is?
M1092 Mm, no me don't know.
F1091 No me don't know. Is it Noah?
M1092 Noah? //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Mmhm.// Mr Noah built an ark, mind? The song.
M1092 And that him name.
F1091 [Dad on phone in background] Mmhm.
M1092 [child noise] //[inaudible] today.//
F1091 //Right.// Is that for the bird?
M1092 [inaudible] bird. //Birdie//
F1091 //Right.// //That's that's a//
M1092 //birdie birdie birdie.//
F1091 puffin. Has he got funny colours on his beak?
M1092 Uh-huh. //That one beak.//
F1091 //That means he's,// eh?
M1092 Beaky.
F1091 Aye, that means it's a puffin. //Yeah, puffin.//
M1092 //Puffin.//
F1091 Right. That's Mr Lion and Mrs Lion. You thought that was a tiger, but that's Mrs Lion.
M1092 Uh-huh, no that's lion. That's a lion too.
F1091 Mmhm. That's a tiger, look, cause he's got stripes.
M1092 Uh-huh, that tiger.
F1091 Aye.
M1092 And that and that tiger. //That tiger.//
F1091 //Mmhm, and fitt's that?//
M1092 That is, that [?]turtle[/?].
F1091 Aye, they're little, fitt are they?
M1092 There's a one, him little too.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 That's him's friend.
F1091 Is that him's friend?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And fitt are they caad, they're caad sna-?
M1092 Snake.
F1091 No, nae snakes, that's snakes. What are they? Sna-? Snails.
M1092 Aye, snails.
F1091 Snails, you get them in the garden, sure.
M1092 Get it in the garden. //No, him in boat.//
F1091 //What's,// oh him's in, I see, he's in the boat.
M1092 Uh-huh, [inaudible].
F1091 Aye but y- we've got them in the gairden, haven't we?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Aye.
M1092 And birds. //Erm.//
F1091 //And birds.//
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And fitt else dae ye get in the gairden?
M1092 Erm, no me don't know.
F1091 You don't know?
M1092 Er, no me don't know.
F1091 Little worms.
M1092 Little worms?
F1091 Mmhm. Now, fitt's this things?
M1092 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1091 //Wi the horns on their noses.// //They're rhi-?//
M1092 //[inaudible]// [?]Ribbed[/?].
F1091 They're fitt?
M1092 [?]Ribbed[/?].
F1091 [laugh] They're rhinos.
M1092 Aye, rhinos.
F1091 Rhinos.
M1092 [inaudible] me count them, the one there, two here and the one one here. And the one, two and there were two.
F1091 Mmhm. //Okay.//
M1092 //Lots.//
F1091 Lots.
M1092 Lots.
F1091 Right. Oh, Mam's yawning, is Mam sleepy?
M1092 We're nearly finished, [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1091 Will it soon be beddy time?
M1092 [?]Wait[/?], not yet!
F1091 Not yet? It'll soon be beddy time for Mam.
M1092 Okay, beddy soon for Mam. We'll wait till we finish [inaudible].
F1091 Okay, fitt aboot you though?
M1092 No me no me no.
F1091 Are you nae goin to yer bed?
M1092 No me sleepy any more.
F1091 You're not sleepy any more? //No?//
M1092 //Uh not sleepy.//
F1091 No, oh well.
M1092 Who's that?
F1091 That's dolphins.
M1092 Ah, dolphins. Where's sharks?
F1091 I dinna think there's ony sharks in this jigsaw.
M1092 Well they're th- who these?
F1091 That's zebras.
M1092 Uh-huh. Where's the other one zebra?
F1091 I don't know. You'll need to look an, mak the jigsaw and find out. //Does that bit go in there?//
M1092 //Aw. Uh-huh, watch.//
F1091 I'm watchin. Fitt's that?
M1092 The the the birdies.
F1091 Mmhm, is it parrots?
M1092 Uh-huh, parrot birdies. No, these parrot birdies.
F1091 No, they're puffin birdies.
M1092 Ah.
F1091 And they're parrot birdies. //[laugh]//
M1092 //No no no no no, no, [inaudible].//
F1091 Fitt?
M1092 No no [inaudible].
F1091 Fitt dae ye mean? Who's he?
M1092 Him elephant.
F1091 Elephant.
M1092 Him elephant. Who him name?
F1091 Where?
M1092 There!
F1091 Let me see. Erm, I think that's a wee moose.
M1092 A wee moose. [?]Me know him[/?]. Hey, hm. //Yey!//
F1091 //Whey!// So fitt's, fitt's aa in the picture, then? There's //dolphins.//
M1092 //Dolphins.// Fishes.
F1091 Uh-huh, fishes.
M1092 Snakes.
F1091 Snakes.
M1092 Monkeys.
F1091 Monkeys.
M1092 Crocodiles.
F1091 Crocodiles.
M1092 Me don't know the name.
F1091 Ken fitt they are? //Goats.//
M1092 //What?// Goats.
F1091 Mmhm. //Fitt's that?//
M1092 //Rhinos.// Rhinos. //[laugh]//
F1091 //That's nae rhinos, that's zebras.//
M1092 That's rhinos.
F1091 That's rhinos. And fitt are these little thingies?
M1092 The mousies.
F1091 Two mousies, aye. [tut] And, what are these?
M1092 Elephants.
F1091 Elephants.
M1092 Giraffes.
F1091 Giraffes.
M1092 Tigers.
F1091 Tigers. //Can ye mind,//
M1092 //Turtles.//
F1091 can ye mind fitt they are?
M1092 Turtles.
F1091 They're little, aye, fitt are they? //Can ye mind?//
M1092 //[inaudible]// No me don't know.
F1091 Mind we-, you can find them in the gairden.
M1092 No //in boats!//
F1091 //They're they're sna-?//
M1092 Snakes.
F1091 No! They're sna-?
M1092 Turtles?
F1091 Snails.
M1092 Snails.
F1091 You said turtles, they're nae turtles, they're snails. Fitt's that?
M1092 These are rhinos.
F1091 Rhinos.
M1092 And they're flamingos. //Uh-huh.//
F1091 //Cause they're pink, sure.//
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 And who-, what's the man's name?
M1092 No don't know.
F1091 You don't know. //Who is it? That's Noah.//
M1092 //[laugh]// //Noah.//
F1091 //And fitt's this?//
M1092 That a tiger.
F1091 No.
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 No. Fitt's that?
M1092 He's a tiger.
F1091 That's nae tigers. There's the tigers. Fitt are these?
M1092 I don't know.
F1091 They're lions.
M1092 Lions.
F1091 Fitt are these?
M1092 [child noises] [laugh] //They're//
F1091 //They're, you're doin well.// Fitt are they?
M1092 Chickens.
F1091 Eh?
M1092 Chickens.
F1091 They chickens! [laugh] Puffins. //[laugh]//
M1092 //[laugh]// They're chickens.
F1091 No, they're nae chickens. [laugh]
M1092 [laugh] Yes they are! //They're chickens.//
F1091 //They look funny chickens to me!//
M1092 [laugh]
F1091 Are you goin to eat that kind of chickens for your Sunday dinner, are you?
M1092 Mmhm.
F1091 Oh mm well. Fitt are they?
M1092 Birdies. //Chi-.//
F1091 //Funny birdies, they're bu-.//
M1092 [laugh] //And these?//
F1091 //You-.// //They're butterflies.//
M1092 //[laugh]// [laugh]
F1091 You're bein silly. //And fitt are they?//
M1092 //[laugh] Birds!//
F1091 Fitt are they?
M1092 Birds.
F1091 Birds, okay, I'll let you off wi that. Now that's that ain finished.
M1092 Who next?
F1091 I don't know fitt next.
M1092 Me know. [?]Get another one[/?].
F1091 Right, fitt next? [exhale]
M1092 Spiderman.
F1091 Spi-, no, Spiderman's too difficult. Nae Spiderman.
M1092 [inaudible] Spiderman good [inaudible]. //[exhale]//
F1091 //No, I'll tell you, fitt aboot// erm, wait till we see. Fitt aboot playin them, dom- dominoes?
M1092 Uh-huh.
F1091 Right, watch the jigsaw then. Can you manage? Right.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Come on then.
M1092 [inaudible] me. //Here, here.//
F1091 //Right, no, we'll// do it over here, cause it's comfier.
M1092 Aye, good idea.
F1091 Good idea?
M1092 A good idea.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 Mm, me do this.
F1091 You goin to open them?
M1092 No, me don't, me [inaudible] next. Who that?
F1091 I don't know. You tell me.
M1092 No, you tell me.
F1091 No, you tell me. //[laugh] A lion.//
M1092 //No, you tell me!// [?]A lion[/?].
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 And a tiger.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 And a elephant?
F1091 No. //That's a hippo.//
M1092 //Oh no, that elephant.// [inaudible] and that elephant.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [?]Giraffe[/?].
F1091 Giraffe.
M1092 And a monkey.
F1091 Uh-huh.
M1092 And that, who that is?
F1091 That's a leopard, cause he's got spots. See.
M1092 Where zebra?
F1091 There's no zebras in this game. Right.
M1092 Where lion?
F1091 Will we match up? //Hold on, one for//
M1092 //Two two monkeys!//
F1091 you, one for me. //[inaudible]//
M1092 //Me got monkey.//
F1091 Eh?
M1092 I've got two monkeys on mine.
F1091 You've got two monkeys on yours?
M1092 Mm.
F1091 There's loads o animals, isn't there?
M1092 There's loads and loads. [?]And there one and there one[/?]. The [inaudible]. [inaudible]
F1091 Right, right, fa's startin, me or you?
M1092 Us.
F1091 Us? No, somebody's got to start. So fa's it goin to be, me or you?
M1092 Us.
F1091 [laugh] Will Mam start?
M1092 Aye, you start.
F1091 Right, there you are, look. Now, either a monkey or a tiger.
M1092 Tiger.
F1091 Tiger, right, you hae a look and see if you've got a tiger. Have you got a tiger somewhere?
M1092 There is one.
F1091 Right, you put on your tiger then. Pop it on there, look! Okay? Right, so Mam's got to get a monkey or an elephant. I'll do an elephant. Okay, right, your turn.
M1092 [inaudible] a monkey.
F1091 Monkey or a leopard.
M1092 Leopard.
F1091 Leopard, okay. Oh, Right, okay, right Mam's got a lion or a leopard, so I'll go for a lion. //Same again.//
M1092 //Me go er.//
F1091 Is that a lion? No chum, look, no, look, it's got to be the same as that or the same as that. You've got, fitt have you got, you've got a leopard, //you've got a leopard there.//
M1092 //[child noises]// Uh-huh.
F1091 Okay, so pop that onto that bit. Right, and I'll go for a hippo.
M1092 [inaudible] like me.
F1091 Okay, so you've got a tiger or a lion.
M1092 Two hippos on mine.
F1091 Two hippos.
M1092 I'm gonna
F1091 No, you canna put that there. That's cheating. Look, I'll show ye.
M1092 Mm.
F1091 A tiger.
M1092 A tiger.
F1091 Okay, right, //Mam'll put on//
M1092 //Mm, put a elephant!// //Elephant.//
F1091 //Right, a lion for Mam.// Right, so, have you got a tiger? H- have you got a tiger? Hae a look and see. Or have you got a giraffe?
M1092 Elephant.
F1091 I think you've got a giraffe there, look.
M1092 Mm, me want elephant. [?]You want and want[/?] elephant for me.
F1091 Okay, hold on and I'll see if I can find an elephant for you. Erm,
M1092 Me know. //Here, there one.//
F1091 //Oh, that's a good idea,// Right, pop that ain on there. Other way round. That way, that's it. Right. Mam's turn. I've got to get an elephant or a tiger, I'll go for an elephant.
M1092 Me.
F1091 Have you got nae monkeys?
M1092 Mm, me do one. //[inaudible] do.//
F1091 //Okay.//
M1092 [?]do do[/?].
F1091 What's that, two monkeys? Right, pop them on there.
M1092 Oops, oops, sorry Mam.
F1091 Aw, it's okay.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Okay?
M1092 You put on it.
F1091 I'll put in on, okay, right Mam's got?
M1092 That one monkey.
F1091 That's right. Have you got a hippo? You've got loads o hippos there.
M1092 There's a one. //And another one.//
F1091 //Mmhm.// Okay, Mam put it on for ye? Right, Mam will do //a//
M1092 //Here's another one!//
F1091 Oh, oh, but it's got to be a giraffe or a tiger.
M1092 Hippo.
F1091 Erm.
M1092 Look, there a tiger! There a tiger! //There a tiger!//
F1091 //Wait till I see. There's a giraffe, look.// //And then I'll do a lion.//
M1092 //[inaudible]// //Here's a one lion.//
F1091 //Look,// look, right you pop on your hippo, look. Hippo there. Or look, you've got two hippos there, pop that on there. Right a lion. Okay.
M1092 No, hippo.
F1091 Okay, right, I'll do a lion. So,
M1092 Well there one [?]that end[/?] //you Mam.//
F1091 //You've got// tiger. There, look, you've got a leopard up there. [tut] And I think you've got another leopard. That's it. Oh. Right, fitt ain will Mam dae? Tell Mam.
M1092 You [?]does[/?] [?]a monkey[/?] no //that ain.//
F1091 //Oh a monkey will go on there.// Would it?
M1092 Okay, okay a monkey. Use use a monkey.
F1091 Mmhm.
M1092 [inaudible]
F1091 Right, I could put a giraffe, look, giraffe's up at the top.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 02, recording 3: jigsaws and animal dominoes


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Speakers knew each other Yes

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Family members or other close relationship

Audio transcription information

Transcriber id 718
Year of transcription 2006
Year material recorded 2004
Word count 2711

Audio type

General description Dialogue while going about daily life


Participant details

Participant id 1091
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1970
Educational attainment Highers/A-levels
Age left school 16
Occupation Soft furnishings
Place of birth Edinburgh
Region of birth Edinburgh
Birthplace CSD dialect area Edb
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Fisherman
Father's place of birth Aberdeen
Father's region of birth Aberdeen
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Housewife / cleaner
Mother's place of birth Findochty
Mother's region of birth Moray
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Mother's country of birth Scotland


Participant details

Participant id 1092
Gender Male
Decade of birth 2000
Occupation schoolchild
Place of birth Elgin
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Offshore Technician
Father's place of birth Weymouth
Father's region of birth Devon
Father's country of birth England
Mother's occupation Soft furnishings
Mother's place of birth Edinburgh
Mother's region of birth Edinburgh
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Edb
Mother's country of birth Scotland