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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 19, recording 1: a walk on the beach and in the park

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1135 Right. Do you want your bike then?
F1136 I don't need on my hat.
F1135 What about you taking your [inaudible]?
F1136 Mmhm.
F1135 Right. We'll get it oot the garage then.
F1136 Yep.
F1135 Tell him we're [inaudible].
F1136 [inaudible] I can tell.
F1135 You better get your jacket.
F1136 Mm?
F1135 Come on we'll go outside, I'll get your jacket. Come on then. You no want it?
F1136 Mmhm. I want you to, [inaudible] you want me.
F1135 Right. Right. Go and get it then. Which way are we going?
F1136 Ehm, that way, that way.
F1135 Come on then. Down to see the boats? Yes?
F1136 [child noise] I want it off.
F1135 Mmhm. //Watch your feet.//
F1136 //I want it off.// I want it off.
F1135 Hold on.
F1136 It off.
F1135 No, it's okay.
F1136 Not want it on.
F1135 Keep it on just now. Right, on you go. On you go. Pedal. You okay? You wantin to speak?
F1136 Eh?
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Eh? Speak [?]high by[/?] today.
F1135 Mm?
F1136 Speak [?]it high by[/?] today.
F1135 Speak it [inaudible]?
F1136 [noise of wind] [inaudible] [child noise] I'm in this side. I'm in this side.
F1135 [?]What's that?[/?]
F1136 [pedalling noise] Who is that?
F1135 Mm?
F1136 Who is that?
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Eh?
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 [child noise] Whee! Pretend I've got a baby.
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Pretend I've got a baby [inaudible].
F1135 Come on then. Come. Come. Bump.
F1136 Bump.
F1135 Right, let's cross. Watch out.
F1136 Who's that?
F1135 Down the steps.
F1136 Now where?
F1135 Mm?
F1136 That. Can you hold.
F1135 Dinna go fast now.
F1136 How?
F1135 [inaudible] No, cause you'll crash maybe.
F1136 [inaudible] I'll go that way and you go that way. We go that way. Mum, we go that way.
F1135 Which way?
F1136 That way.
F1135 You're going that way?
F1136 No, you go that way as well.
F1135 Come on then.
F1136 [inhale] [exhale]
F1135 Take you clip out your hair, did you?
F1136 Fitt?
F1135 Eh?
F1136 What's that smell? //What's that?//
F1135 //Eh?// //Is it a nice smell?//
F1136 //Lo-.//
F1135 Is it [inaudible]? //Here,//
F1136 //Eh?//
F1135 I'll shift it round a bit. Pulling your trousers down. Right. Okay? Give me your hand then, we'll cross the road.
F1136 None cars.
F1135 No cars, no? Did you look? Come on then.
F1136 This [inaudible] in? Was it this?
F1135 Mm?
F1136 This [inaudible] in?
F1135 Right and I'll hold it.
F1136 [inaudible], not there?
F1135 Was it out today?
F1136 Nope.
F1135 No?
F1136 What is it?
F1135 Got it. Don't run now. Look at that flowers. Look at them.
F1136 Oh uh-huh.
F1135 Bonny, aren't they? What colour are they?
F1136 Ah, one in that one and then //see.//
F1135 //What colour's that one though?//
F1136 Them white, and erm
F1135 Oh there's white ones. Pink?
F1136 pink, and white ones.
F1135 There's a wee digger down there today.
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 See it?
F1136 Mum, I want to go in there.
F1135 On you go then. Put this bike round this way. There's two diggers, you see the one down the harbour?
F1136 No.
F1135 Look, down beside the flowers on top of the roof. See them?
F1136 Can't see one.
F1135 A wee, tha- that wee yellow one down there.
F1136 Mmhm. But I can't see the other one.
F1135 There's one over there at the corner, look. That way [CENSORED: forename]. Over beside the houses.
F1136 [child noise] I didn't notice it.
F1135 Look at the dog. Is it going to go into the water? Oh it is, look! Watch the dog going for a swim.
F1136 Where is it?
F1135 See that mannie over there, walking? Over there. Well, do- just down below him there's a dog. Just see it moving a wee-. It's got white legs. Think it'll go in for a swim? Want to go and have a seat? Yes? Right. Off of there. You'll walk into somebody's washing. ! That's somebody's clean washing.
F1136 [noise of lawnmower]
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 [inaudible]
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Mmhm. I'll go that one over there.
F1135 Hmm? //Where?//
F1136 //I'll// go that one over there.
F1135 That one, okay. A lot of boats in the harbour.
F1136 I want you, cause you want me!
F1135 We should have left this bike at home.
F1136 Hmm?
F1135 We should have left this bike at home.
F1136 How?
F1135 Well, cause I've ended up carrying it.
F1136 [panting]
F1135 Right.
F1136 I'll go that one there.
F1135 Which side are you going?
F1136 Erm,
F1135 Round this way?
F1136 aye, go round that way.
F1135 Plonk that down there. Oops. Just about fell through the hole. Right.
F1136 We'll go back for a wee while after, won't we?
F1135 Will we? We should have left that bike at home. //Mm?//
F1136 //Well, go and// play with, on it, it then, park.
F1135 Eh?
F1136 Go and play on it at park?
F1135 Here. That's a long way though [CENSORED: forename]. It's a long way to the park if I've to carry that bike.
F1136 Well I'm going, go on it.
F1135 You're going to pedal, are you? Look, there's a dog come up the hill.
F1136 Oh aye. Been for a swim?
F1135 Mm?
F1136 It been sw-, been for a swim?
F1135 Swim? No don't think it did. Maybe it just went for a paddle. Hear it?
F1136 Mum, I'm going o-.
F1135 Do you want your jacket on? Leave that on.
F1136 [sneeze]
F1135 Atchoo!
F1136 [sneeze]
F1135 Fitt do you say?
F1136 Don't know.
F1135 Excuse me.
F1136 [laugh]. Excuse me.
F1135 Where you off to now?
F1136 Yes, picking up. And blow. [inhale] [blow]
F1135 Blow them and see what the time is. One o'clock. //[blow]//
F1136 //One o'clock.//
F1135 Right. You do it then.
F1136 [inaudible] [blow]
F1135 Here's a big one.
F1136 [blow] Where?
F1135 Come and get this one.
F1136 What's that?
F1135 A dandelion clock. Right, you've to blow it //and every time//
F1136 //Okay.//
F1135 you blow it you've to count. One o'clock, two o'clock [motorbike]
F1136 That motorbike go fast.
F1135 Right, ready?
F1136 Right.
F1135 Right, blow.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 One o'clock.
F1136 One o'clock.
F1135 Blow again then.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 What's next?
F1136 Two o'clock.
F1135 Uh-huh. Blow again.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 Three o'clock.
F1136 Three o'clock.
F1135 Blow. Big blow.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 Four o'clock.
F1136 Four o'clock. [blow]
F1135 What's that?
F1136 Don't know.
F1135 Five.
F1136 Five o'clock. [inhale] [blow] Then what?
F1135 Six o'clock.
F1136 Six o'clock.
F1135 Big blow.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 Look at them all. //Wee fairies.//
F1136 //Oh aye.//
F1135 Seven o'clock.
F1136 Seven o'clock.
F1135 Right, blow again.
F1136 [inhale] [blow]
F1135 Eight o'clock.
F1136 Eight o'clock. [inhale] [blow]
F1135 What comes after eight?
F1136 Don't know.
F1135 You do so. Ni-?
F1136 N- nine.
F1135 Nine o'clock.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 Ten o'clock.
F1136 Ten o'clock.
F1135 One more.
F1136 [blow]
F1135 Eleven o'clock.
F1136 Eleven o'clock. Let me take that bit, that bits off.
F1135 One more. And blow them all away
F1136 [blow]
F1135 No, they're not going to go.
F1136 Right, we'll go the other one.
F1135 Okey-doke. No, they're they're too far down the brae though. //You'd//
F1136 //But there's eh.//
F1135 fall down there in amongst that nettles and stuff, won't you?
F1136 Will we get stinged?
F1135 Eh?
F1136 We- we'll get
F1135 Right, you going for a walk or what you doing?
F1136 Staying here watch boats if there's boats coming out.
F1135 Eh?
F1136 Or watching, eh the boats.
F1135 Watchin boats? Do you want to go to the park?
F1136 But I can't see this at park. Can we?
F1135 Eh?
F1136 We'll go park [inaudible].
F1135 Do you want to go back up the road and we can go on my bike?
F1136 Yep.
F1135 Eh? We'll go and get my bike and leave yours at home.
F1136 Yep. Here's another one. //Should go and get that one.//
F1135 //We'll just take that one then.// Right, we'll go up and put your one back and we can go there on my bike. Right?
F1136 What is this one again?
F1135 A dandelion clock.
F1136 Dandelion clock. [blow] I'll go on here. [blow]
F1135 One o'clock.
F1136 One o'clock. [blow] [blow]
F1135 Two o'clock.
F1136 Two o'clock. [blow]
F1135 What's after two?
F1136 I don't know.
F1135 Three.
F1136 Three o'clock. [blow] [blow] I want to see boat, Mum, I want to see the em big fishing boat. But I //can't see it.//
F1135 //[inaudible]// see them going there.
F1136 Oh uh-huh.
F1135 There's a few yachts out today as well. //Can you see them?//
F1136 //Mmhm.//
F1135 How may can you count?
F1136 One. Two. Three. Four. Five.
F1135 Five? Mmhm.
F1136 There's lots out today.
F1135 Come on then. We'll take you to the park. We'll go and get your hat. Go to the park.
F1136 Don't put hat in bobble, just keep bobble out. Cause you done this, just done that afore, you done this, done that afore.
F1135 Who did that to you?
F1136 You did.
F1135 [inaudible] hat?
F1136 Huh?
F1135 Sticking out below the hat?
F1136 Oh, this is a one.
F1135 What?
F1136 This is a digger.
F1135 There's a wee one down there.
F1136 And this other one.
F1135 Over in the corner, look. //[inaudible]//
F1136 //Oh uh-huh.//
F1135 Did you forget? Right, watch you don't fall there. Give me your hand in case you fall. There's people out there fishing, sure? See them sitting at the end of the pier? See them? Think they're catching fish? Watch the washing.
F1136 We wouldna be on the washing.
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 When we went on the washing.
F1135 On what?
F1136 Erm, thingy.
F1135 What thingy?
F1136 That thingy.
F1135 Dandelion? No?
F1136 Uh-huh. Sing a picture, [singing] I bless you, I bless you, we all fall down.
F1135 What kind of song's that today? Come on then. //[inaudible]//
F1136 //Dandelion. What have flowers on there?//
F1135 What, the orange ones?
F1136 Mmhm.
F1135 Or the ones that are painted on the roof?
F1136 Ones painted on //the roof.//
F1135 //They're bonny, aren't they?//
F1136 [inaudible] Oh there's a boat out today. See? There's a boat out today.
F1135 Where?
F1136 There. //Over there.//
F1135 //Oh.// a wee fishing boat.
F1136 There's dandelion.
F1135 Were you playing games at playgroup today?
F1136 What?
F1135 Did you play a game at playgroup?
F1136 Nope. Just doing exercises.
F1135 Oh exercises.
F1136 Uh-huh. And then I have to jump, jump, jump. //Jump.//
F1135 //Is that// your exercising? Jumping?
F1136 [inaudible] Jump, jump, jump, [inaudible]. Jump, jump, jump [inaudible]. Jump, jump, jump [inaudible].
F1135 Did you go outside to play? And did you get a story?
F1136 No.
F1135 Didn't have time for a story today?
F1136 No. Just have wait outside for the mums.
F1135 Oh uh-huh. It's a nice day for outside, isn't it?
F1136 Uh-huh. Aye. We went out a walk cause it's a nice day.
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 [inaudible]
F1135 Right. //Watch now.//
F1136 //Mind the cars.//
F1135 You going up the steps?
F1136 No. [inaudible] steps. Going up. Up the steps. We're going up the steps.
F1135 Uh-huh.
F1136 Uh-huh e-ehee What's that noise?
F1135 Somebody's doing something in the house.
F1136 What is it?
F1135 I don't know what that noise is. [inaudible]
F1136 Clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, clap, [inaudible]. Clap, clap, clap, [inaudible]. //Clap,//
F1135 //Go up that way.//
F1136 clap, clap, so do I put slabs there? So as I not go on the grass?
F1135 That's nice and tidy, isn't it?
F1136 Yep. Nice and tidy.
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 That isn't.
F1135 Where?
F1136 In there.
F1135 No, the grass is needing cut. New weeds are growing again, aren't they?
F1136 Mum, [inaudible] go up that way.
F1135 Right, look for cars. Can you hear one coming?
F1136 [passing car] //[passing car]//
F1135 //Wait till that goes past and then look again. Right, is it safe to cross?//
F1136 I don't hear any cars.
F1135 Right, cross then.
F1136 Cross. Sure we might go in a digger?
F1135 Mm?
F1136 Sure might go in a digger?
F1135 Uh-huh [inaudible], isn't he?
F1136 Uh-huh. I walked all up. I walking I'm walking all up the road.
F1135 Right are you going in the back of my bike?
F1136 [inaudible]
F1135 Bus coming. Into the side then.
F1136 Maybe that be [inaudible]?
F1135 What's this, a tractor?
F1136 Maybe. Not, going this way. Farted again!
F1135 [CENSORED: forename]! //[laugh]//
F1136 //[laugh]//
F1135 That's not very ladylike, is it?
F1136 No!
F1135 Right, go in the gate.
F1136 We're going in the gate. We're going in [exhale] [inaudible]. Mum, [inaudible].
F1135 Do you want your fleece or your jacket? Wait a minute. //Fleece or your jacket?//
F1136 //I-.// My jacket. Clap my jacket, clap my jacket, clap my jacket, clap my jacket, clap my jacket. No. [inaudible]. I'll take this off then.
F1135 No, you can keep it on. I'll put it in a bag. You can put it on your back. Will I? Do you want a wee pink rucksack?
F1136 No a wee white, white, bag.
F1135 A white bag?
F1136 Mmhm.
F1135 Where?
F1136 In house.
F1135 What kind of white bag like?
F1136 [inaudible] this one.
F1135 No, it has to stay on you.
F1136 [child noise]
F1135 Look. //Stick it on there.//
F1136 //No.// No. No!
F1135 Right, come on, let's go into the house. [inaudible].
F1136 Not want it on. Not want it on.
F1135 Right, wait a minute. Wait a minute.
F1136 Not want on.
F1135 Hang on, just wait a minute.
F1136 Not want it on.
F1135 You'll have to hold on a minute anyway.
F1136 I want to put back in the //box.//
F1135 //Do you want a// lollipop?
F1136 They're all in the paper shop.
F1135 No, there's lollipops in the box.
F1136 No well [inaudible]
F1135 Are you going to the park, or not?
F1136 I'm going park then we're going erm, wha-, we're going park and we going paper shop get [inaudible].
F1135 Right, do you want a lollipop? You goin to pick one out the box?
F1136 No, //I-.//
F1135 //Are you going to be good?//
F1136 Out paper shop.
F1135 No! //There's lollipops there. Look what happened to all the other ones. Those Chuppa ones, have they finished?//
F1136 //[sob]//
F1135 Who ate them all?
F1136 [CENSORED: forename].
F1135 Didn't. Will I have a look to see?
F1136 Not having a yellow one.
F1135 I know, let me see what there is.
F1136 Not having any out there.
F1135 There's a green one.
F1136 Not want a green one.
F1135 Mm mm. A red one? They're nice.
F1136 [exhale] I want one out the //papersh-.//
F1135 //Here's one, that's//
F1136 I want //erm strawberry.//
F1135 //We're not going to the shops now.// There's peach or there's apple.
F1136 Strawberry.
F1135 No.
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 That's strawberry.
F1136 I don't want that kind o strawberry, I want a different //kind o strawberry.//
F1135 //Well I'm not going away to the paper shop.// //If you want to go to the park you better hurry up because [CENSORED: forename] will be oot the school shortly.//
F1136 //[sob]// I want go get a erm, I want to go and get a erm one of the thingies on it. [sob]
F1135 What thingies?
F1136 That thingies.
F1135 I don't know what you're speaking about.
F1136 That thingy.
F1135 Are you going? Are we going to the park or are we not going to bother?
F1136 The, that thing we saw on top.
F1135 What things is that?
F1136 That thingies.
F1135 Is this your one? Oops.
F1136 I got one like that.
F1135 Mmhm. That's [CENSORED: forename]'s one. This is your one.
F1136 Uh-huh. How //wa-.//
F1135 //[inaudible]//
F1136 [exhale] //Mum,//
F1135 //Right.//
F1136 I not want on, can clip that on there.
F1135 Arms in there, look.
F1136 Mum, I c- //can-.//
F1135 //Put this on you.//
F1136 Clip that on there. Clip that on there. //[sob]//
F1135 //That one there. Put this one on top.//
F1136 [sob] [inaudible]
F1135 Right, wait a minute then. Thought you were putting on your jacket, are you?
F1136 Uh-huh but, [inaudible] I get hot.
F1135 No, cause it will be cold on the bike.
F1136 It won't. I won't get.
F1135 Right, I think we'll just stay at home then, will we?
F1136 No!
F1135 Right, come and get your jacket on please.
F1136 No. [sob]
F1135 Where's your jacket?
F1136 I'll put it on in the park. [inaudible] at the park. //No no.//
F1135 //You can put it on//
F1136 [sob] //[sob]//
F1135 //Right. Stop it then. Look. You don't even know that's there.//
F1136 I no want it on.
F1135 Right, take it off just now. Hmm? Will we? Will we put it on after?
F1136 I'll put it on when we go to the park.
F1135 Hmm?
F1136 I'll put it on when we go to the park.
F1135 You'll put it on when you go to the park? Just keep it on just now. We'll be on the bike. Mmhm.
F1136 I want it in bag.
F1135 It's in the bag.
F1136 [exhale]
F1135 Look.
F1136 Not want this on. I'll get on when we get to the park.
F1135 Right [?]sit up[/?]. //Okay! Right.//
F1136 //I said I'll put it on when we get to park.//
F1135 Stand up and I'll put this in there. You'll have to keep your bag on [inaudible].
F1136 Mmhm. Where I put that thingie then?
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 Then eh //that ain.//
F1135 //Right have I to go and find your//
F1136 Hat.
F1135 hat. Is it in the garage or is it in the utility room.
F1136 Utility.
F1135 Right, you wantin the paper off that sweetie?
F1136 Nope.
F1135 Not here, it must be beside your bike. [inaudible] Are you going to wait until you're on the bike and then eat your sweetie?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 Oh, that spider away from you.
F1136 I'm not eating it at park.
F1135 Well, you maybe [?]eat it[/?] cause it's goin to melt. Quite warm. Right, hat [CENSORED: forename].
F1136 Okay, I eat it.
F1135 Mm?
F1136 I eat it. Mum, will I put it on the ground?
F1135 No, the wheelie bin's there.
F1136 Huh?
F1135 Put it in the wheelie bin.
F1136 Can you hold the wheelie?
F1135 You've got chocolate all over your hands. Right, here's your hat.
F1136 No, not inside.
F1135 It's not. It's fine. Right, chin up. Right, are you ready?
F1136 [laugh]
F1135 Right, up you go then.
F1136 Put down [inaudible]. Mum!
F1135 What? Go and shove that into the garage, will you. Push it in. It's stuck. Right, shove it in. Come on then. Right [inaudible].
F1136 Mum, my seat.
F1135 Uh-huh? [inaudible]
F1136 That one [inaudible].
F1135 Right, push your feet in there.
F1136 I can't do that, can I?
F1135 No, it's just so you can keep your feet in.
F1136 Ach! Hmm.
F1135 Stuck in the bike. Is that one okay? Stick your head back. Your face is all chocolate. Is that too tight? No? You okay? Right, are we ready?
F1136 We go down the way.
F1135 Which way?
F1136 That.
F1135 That means i-, yeah, we'll go up this way and along.
F1136 Uh-huh. Cause that's the quickest way.
F1135 What way?
F1136 That way.
F1135 [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1136 Oh uh-huh. Children can't ride up here.
F1135 Why not?
F1136 Cause they can't.
F1135 How do you know that?
F1136 No, they can't drive up the, they can't dri-, they can't go up erm and drive on a bike.
F1135 Oh no, that's too steep though, isn't it?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 You can't pedal up here either.
F1136 Nope. I just fall down and hurt myself.
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 And I'd be crying.
F1135 Yes you will if you fall off your bike. Here's another bump. Ready?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 Okay?
F1136 We've been to [CENSORED: forename]'s house today.
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 Is that [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]'s?
F1135 Well, [CENSORED: forename]'s away back to the oil rigs. [CENSORED: forename]'s at home.
F1136 [CENSORED: forename] works erm o- oil rigs?
F1135 Mmhm. He does.
F1136 Oh. Not fast!
F1135 What?
F1136 Not fast. //Mmhm. We're fast.//
F1135 //Fast? [inaudible]//
F1136 We're fast.
F1135 Do you like going fast?
F1136 Uh-huh. [inaudible] A drink. [laugh] Give me a drink.
F1135 A drink?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 We're going on it fast.
F1136 I am!
F1135 What you going on?
F1136 On their bike.
F1135 Aye, but dinnae mind that, in the park, what you going to play on?
F1136 Erm, on roundabout. And then
F1135 The roundabout?
F1136 on eh [inaudible]
F1135 Uh-huh.
F1136 Mmhm.
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 [exhale] //[inaudible] [noise of wind]//
F1135 //[inaudible]//
F1136 Doggie!
F1135 Oh.
F1136 [child noises] [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1135 Eh?
F1136 [inaudible]
F1135 [inaudible] bowling.
F1136 Eh?
F1135 [?]There's some people playing bowls[/?]. [inaudible]
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 [inaudible] low in the grass.
F1136 Mmhm. Push that bike. //[inaudible]//
F1135 //[inaudible]//
F1136 Do that!
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Eh?
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 [noise of wind]
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Eh?
F1135 It's not.
F1136 Push it.
F1135 [inaudible] are on the back of there. Right, you coming off? I don't know. Right what you going on? [inaudible]
F1136 No. Roundabout.
F1135 Okay? We've only got about five minutes, cause we have to go and get [CENSORED: forename].
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 Have to be home for her coming in [inaudible]. Do you want to climb on this?
F1136 Can't can't get myself this.
F1135 You're a sticky
F1136 Up.
F1135 [inaudible]. Right hold, hold on tight. You ready?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 Backwards or forwards? That way?
F1136 Backwards.
F1135 Backwards? That way?
F1136 Mmhm.
F1135 Fast?
F1136 Mmhm. [laugh] Ah! [laugh]
F1135 Want to go forwards?
F1136 Uh-huh. [laugh]
F1135 Not like going that way?
F1136 Which way?
F1135 Backwards. Make your belly go all funny.
F1136 Yes. [laugh]
F1135 [inaudible] chute. [inaudible]
F1136 [child noise]
F1135 [inaudible] Are you dizzy yet? [inaudible] Mum's [inaudible]? [inaudible] [inaudible]
F1136 We know where [CENSORED: forename]'s house.
F1135 Aye.
F1136 We know where [CENSORED: forename]'s house.
F1135 Mmhm. [inaudible]
F1136 Mmhm. Eh?
F1135 Come on then. Are you ready? Do you want a shot on anything else?
F1136 Nope.
F1135 Not want on the swing?
F1136 Nope. Whee!
F1135 [laugh]
F1136 [child noise] [laugh]
F1135 [inaudible] eh?
F1136 There's [CENSORED: forename]'s car, see?
F1135 [inaudible] Oh!
F1136 There's [CENSORED: forename].
F1135 Mmhm.
F1136 Again.
F1135 What, do you want it fast again? Right, hold on tight then. [inaudible]
F1136 [laugh]
F1135 [inaudible] Oh! Right, going on something else?
F1136 Mm. Staying on this.
F1135 Want a shot down the chute?
F1136 Nope. Again. Again Mum.
F1135 [inaudible] Mm?
F1136 Wahey!
F1135 [inaudible]
F1136 Wahey!
F1135 Right, you havin a shot on anything else before we go?
F1136 On that one bike.
F1135 [?]Come on[/?].
F1136 Canna stop me.
F1135 [inaudible] what you wantin on?
F1136 Stop me.
F1135 Stop you.
F1136 From going on that roundabout. //That roundabout.//
F1135 //[inaudible]//
F1136 Why can't I have a go on it?
F1135 What one?
F1136 That one.
F1135 That big one?
F1136 Uh-huh.
F1135 I think it's still a bit stiff is it?
F1136 Who was that? Eh? Who was that Mum?
F1135 Come on then, go and see if it's working. Oh, it's working today.
F1136 Fast! Whoa!
F1135 Is that fast enough?
F1136 [laugh]
F1135 Want a shot on those big swings?
F1136 Eh?
F1135 Want a shot on the big swings?
F1136 What?
F1135 That ones.
F1136 Which one?
F1135 Over there. Do you want to go on them? [inaudible] push you here. Put your feet up there.
F1136 That's why erm I was pushing myself.
F1135 [inaudible] pushing it [inaudible].
F1136 [inaudible] here.
F1135 I don't know [inaudible] to play like you are.
F1136 That's not big one. Big ones, because I'm a big one. That's not. [?]No[/?]. Fa's on the roundabouts, eh?
F1135 Uh-huh. Right, big push. Hold on very tight then.
F1136 [exhale] [laugh] That is a big push.
F1135 Is that not big enough?
F1136 [laugh] No! [laugh]
F1135 Think it was.
F1136 [laugh]
F1135 Another one?
F1136 [laugh]
F1135 Is that enough?
F1136 Like, I have a rest, the- then I have a roundabout.
F1135 Why, are you tired holding on? We'll have to go in a minute cause [CENSORED: forename]'s going to be out the school. Do you want a shot on the swings before we go back on the bike?
F1136 Right. [laugh]
F1135 Right, last push, okay?
F1136 Erm, that way.
F1135 What way?
F1136 I want to go that //way.//
F1135 //Left or right?// Right. That way? //Left.//
F1136 //That right.//
F1135 No that's left.
F1136 Left. [laugh] Again.
F1135 No, last push.
F1136 Last la- //that not my last push.//
F1135 //We'll need to go, the school bell'll be ringing.//
F1136 No, I want a last push.
F1135 Right, this is definitely the last one. Feet up then.
F1136 [singing] [laugh]
F1135 Right, when it stops you have to come off, okay? Right, come on then. //Mmhm. Uh-huh.//
F1136 //I make it stop.// I have make it stop get off. Then I go on that after, Mum. Then I go on that. Then I go on that. I, I try that thing thing.
F1135 What, on this one? //Come on then.//
F1136 //No.// That thing. That one.
F1135 Right, stand up there, you'll get one shot. And then we're going.
F1136 I have gone, on that, bit.
F1135 Come on then. Come here and I'll hold you. Have you got the other hand?
F1136 Yep.
F1135 Right, will I let you go?
F1136 No!
F1135 You holding on tight?
F1136 Yep.
F1135 Will I let you go? No, [laugh] right, come on then. On the bike.
F1136 This bike?
F1135 Over there where I left it. [inaudible]
F1136 I go. I go on swing
F1135 No, we haven't time.
F1136 Uh-huh. We have got time.
F1135 We haven't cause [CENSORED: forename]'s going to be, the school will be out in a minute.

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 19, recording 1: a walk on the beach and in the park


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2002
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 49
Size (mb) 191

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Part of series
Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Speakers knew each other Yes

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Year material recorded 2002
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General description Dialogue while going about daily life


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Decade of birth 1960
Educational attainment College
Age left school 17
Occupation Children's supervisor
Place of birth Bo'ness
Region of birth W Lothian
Birthplace CSD dialect area wLoth
Country of birth Scotland
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Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Sales Manager
Father's region of birth Lewis, Western Isles
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Nursing Sister
Mother's place of birth Braco
Mother's region of birth E & SE Perthshire
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Per
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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Decade of birth 1990
Occupation schoolchild
Place of birth Portknockie
Region of birth Moray
Birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
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Region of residence Moray
Residence CSD dialect area Mry
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Bricklayer
Father's place of birth Portessie
Father's region of birth Moray
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Mry
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Children's supervisor
Mother's place of birth Bo'ness
Mother's region of birth W Lothian
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area wLoth
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