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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 25, recording 1: talking about a birthday party

Author(s): N/A

Copyright holder(s): SCOTS Project, Dr Jennifer Smith

Audio transcription

F1129 Will we get the table set first? What div we need first? Nothing.
F1130 Mum, can you se-, what do we need to tell Dad?
F1129 What do we need first for setting a table?
F1130 Plates.
F1129 Aw forks and knives, what do you think? Eh? Will we get them first? Forks and knives first. That's your fork and knife. One. Two. There we go. Now.
F1130 Over here [inaudible].
F1129 You lay them oot. That's it. //Hey, nae like that. Ah, well that's nae nice.//
F1130 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] over.
F1129 Now. Wait till we see what we're gaun to hae for wir tea. Fitt you wantin?
F1130 [child noise] What's that?
F1129 Eh?
F1130 What?
F1129 Fitt you wantin for your tea?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 You want fishes?
F1130 Alright.
F1129 Right, I'll show you fitt I'm haein. Does that look good? That's fitt I'm gonna hae. You wantin this little tatties to go with it? Look. Crispy tatties. Hae them? You wantin vegetables?
F1130 Uh-huh.
F1129 Put them in the oven. Look. Aa that nice vegetables. We hae that as well? I wonder if [CENSORED: forename], oh [CENSORED: forename] could hae fish and all, could she?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 And I've got jelly stuff for puddings. That alright?
F1130 Erm. //Pudding.//
F1129 //Eh?// A yoghurt?
F1130 Pink.
F1129 Okay So fitt was you daein at Granny's the day? Can you mind?
F1130 That's all I did that I tellt you.
F1129 Ah but tell me again.
F1130 Why?
F1129 Cause I mean, if I canna remember, cause [CENSORED: forename] was sittin on my knee and I canna mind fitt you said.
F1130 Ah forgot mine either.
F1129 Aw no. Was you baking?
F1130 Uh-huh.
F1129 What kind of cakes did you bake?
F1130 Huh?
F1129 Fitt kind of cakes?
F1130 Noddy.
F1129 Noddy? And fitt did you have to dae with them?
F1130 Don't know.
F1129 You don't remember? Have you forgotten already? Just leave it alone. Right see fitt, oven, we need the oven on at, will we? Oh! Two hundred. Wait till we see. Up to two hundred, that's it. Och, helps if you switch the cooker on, Mum, doesn't it? What a dopey-dinah I am. And fitt do we dae with these? [noise with lips]. They are the same. And these are, oh, they're aa the same. That's good, eh? Now. Fitt we go-? Was Granda helpin you bake?
F1130 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
F1129 //Come on, you're speaking. Never mind that anoo.// Was Granda helpin you bake?
F1130 No, no, Granny.
F1129 Fitt was Granda daein?
F1130 Watchin the TV.
F1129 Aw no. Was he just sittin on his bum watchin TV?
F1130 It's, it's not finished.
F1129 Fitt?
F1130 My yoghurt.
F1129 Aye, but you canna sit and eat yoghurt when you're speaking anoo. //Right.//
F1130 //This thing's [inaudible].//
F1129 You've just to speak normally. Just never mind that it's there. Right?
F1130 But I canna see where I speak.
F1129 Eh?
F1130 I canna see where I speak.
F1129 It's alright, you nae need to say where you speak. You just speak, just normally. Pretend it's nae there. Okay?
F1130 I don't see yours.
F1129 Well, I can see yours. But I canna see mine.
F1130 But I can.
F1129 Aye, bu- that's how it's meant to be, Toots. Dinna worry about it. It's nae gonna do anything a-. It's nae going to hurt you. So what will we do the morn? You going to go to Sund- eh, the service, for Easter? You want to go over to the Easter service?
F1130 How long?
F1129 Erm it'll be about an hour, I would say. Will we go roon and get Auntie [CENSORED: forename] and go?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Eh?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Fitt em, was you doing at playgroup the last day?
F1130 Well, [?]colouring[/?].
F1129 [?]Colouring[/?]?
F1130 Well.
F1129 I thought the Easter Bunny came?
F1130 It did.
F1129 It did! And fitt did he bring?
F1130 Mm, an Easter egg.
F1129 [inhale] How many Easter eggs have you got noo?
F1130 Four.
F1129 You've nae got four. How many have you got?
F1130 Heaps and heaps and //heaps.//
F1129 //Heaps and heaps and heaps?//
F1130 Uh-huh.
F1129 Are you going to manage to eat them aa?
F1130 Who, who gave me, the other? Me and [CENSORED: forename] got two today.
F1129 [CENSORED: forename] I think you got a KitKat one. Is that good?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 What kind do you like the best?
F1130 Ki-
F1129 KitKats?
F1130 No, Ki-.
F1129 Buttons?
F1130 No.
F1129 Erm
F1130 Pizza kind.
F1129 Pizza eggs?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 That's dopey.
F1130 I like them.
F1129 You like pizza eggs?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Urgh, fitt would be on the top of them?
F1130 Easter egg.
F1129 Easter egg top! Urgh. Chocolate pizza!
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Oh no. We'll hae to mak that, will we?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Will we get a pizza base and melt an egg on it?
F1130 No!
F1129 Urgh! Yuck!
F1130 No, nae.
F1129 That would just be
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 It would be disgusting, I think. I dinna think it would be very good. Eh? Fa tellt you that silly nonsense?
F1130 Nobody.
F1129 Nobody? You just made it up? Now, fitt else are we gonna hae wi our tea, do you think? You wantin peas? Fitt else?
F1130 Sweetcorn.
F1129 Peas and sweetcorn. Right, we dinna need them oot yet. We'll hae to sort Daddy's fish.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Can you get me anything out of under there.
F1130 I'm, I'm [inaudible].
F1129 Mmhm.
F1130 But I don't like them.
F1129 Ah, but you no haein them. It's alright. Show you fitt we'll dae. Got ain?
F1130 Aye [inaudible].
F1129 Oh, nae-, dinna, take it off in there though, take it off ower here. Think we might have to move [CENSORED: forename]'s cake, eh? Oot the road. Will we? In case it gets broken. Oops.
F1130 Oh, this comes off itself!
F1129 Och, that's alright. Dinna worry aboot that. See we'll wipe up this here. //See!//
F1130 //[inaudible]// //Smell!//
F1129 //Ooh! [inaudible] smell it.//
F1130 It comes off!
F1129 That's good.
F1130 It came off itself. Hey, is that my party bag?
F1129 No, that's [CENSORED: forename]'s.
F1130 Aw.
F1129 Forgot to sort [CENSORED: forename]'s, didn't we? Do you want to pull up a chair and help me here?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 That's a clever girl. [exhale] Ooh! [laugh] Come on, [inaudible]. Just mak as much noise as you can in the background, [CENSORED: forename].
F1130 Hmm?
F1129 Nothing.
F1130 What was you saying to me?
F1129 Nothing! //[laugh]//
F1130 //You did!//
F1129 I says you're being noisy. And you're nae supposed to be.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 I'll just gie it a swill oot. Now, here we go. What do we do next? We chop-?
F1130 Chop up the onion.
F1129 Chop up the onion.
F1130 But don't use that [inaudible] because.
F1129 And we take off this bit, divn't we.
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Cause it's all skin, isn't it? [Urgh]! Maks me greet, doesn't it?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Ooh, does it make you greet?
F1130 No.
F1129 Are you sure?
F1130 No!
F1129 No?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Even a [sniff] tiny, [sniff] little, bit? Two, three, four. You, count with me, slicin them.
F1130 Why? Six, seven, eight, nine.
F1129 Whoa, careful, it's got to be s-. Stand up. Got to be careful with it, okay? Get used to it, it's just your first shottie, isn't it? Now, oh, look at aa that little bits o onion. //[laugh]//
F1130 //One, two.//
F1129 Did you see onybody the day ower at Granny's?
F1130 Nope.
F1129 Was [CENSORED: forename] or [CENSORED: forename] ower?
F1130 No.
F1129 No? Nae the day?
F1130 No.
F1129 Did you fe- fill up the birdie feeder?
F1130 No.
F1129 No!
F1130 It didn't need none though.
F1129 Dinnae it? Fi-. Why?
F1130 Cause I don't know.
F1129 Cause it's spring?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 I think it's cause it's spring. I see if there's any mair onions. Is there another one? Ooh there's one left. I'll hae to mind, will you remember in the morning to get mair.
F1130 Mum, why you need another onion?
F1129 Cause there's nae enough in there. Is that alright?
F1130 Mmhm mmhm okey-dokey.
F1129 Now I [inaudible] the onions, we'll take the onions off for you.
F1130 Why?
F1129 This is just how like Dad likes it cooked. Okay?
F1130 This is aa skin. Sure?
F1129 Mmhm. //There we go.//
F1130 //There's one.//
F1129 Urgh! That's it off. Now, we're getting there, aren't we?
F1130 We're nearly finished this, sure, and everyone have some.
F1129 Eh?
F1130 And when this is finished we don't have to do it.
F1129 What?
F1130 This.
F1129 We'll have to put in the tomato next, and then the fishes and then the milk.
F1130 Why you need milk?
F1129 Cause that's how Dad likes it cooked. See? And that's fitt Dad likes. And you'll hae that and aa, won't you?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Come in here. //I'll make him steak, won't I? [slurp] Yummy yummy.//
F1130 //[child noise]//
F1129 Hmm? You sure you're wantin this?
F1130 It's caul.
F1129 Fitt's caul? Oh we hinna put that in the oven yet, you dopey-dinah.
F1130 It is, it's caul.
F1129 A minute.
F1130 Why do you have to wash it?
F1129 That fish isnae defrosted yet. Will it be alright? [third speaker says 'Should be alright I think.'] Let's see fitt we're daein here. Fitt you raking for?
F1130 [?]Look[/?]. //Is that a song?//
F1129 //Oh, aye, we canna put songs on though cause we're taping anoo for the lady.//
F1130 But I canna hear it.
F1129 Eh?
F1130 I can't hear it.
F1129 Fitt?
F1130 I canna hear her speaking.
F1129 No, you dinna hear her speaking.
F1130 Why?
F1129 Cause you dinna. She's got to listen to us speaking.
F1130 Why?
F1129 Cause we've got a funny way o speaking farr we bide. See?
F1130 [inaudible] the both of us there.
F1129 Now mind [CENSORED: forename] was daein it so she's goin to see if you and [CENSORED: forename] baith speak funny. [laugh] Is that good?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Eh?
F1130 [inaudible] when I speak [inaudible].
F1129 Who? You are speaking, it's just you winna hear it, but when we put the, put it aa back to [CENSORED: forename] she's send it off to the lady that needs it. Is that okay? Now I'm just going to go and defrost your bittie fish.
F1130 And do I just keep it for the morning?
F1129 No, we've ten to do.
F1130 How much [?]days will I do with it[/?]?
F1129 Oh, a few.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Cause then she's going to check fitt we were saying. Is that okay?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Push in. //Fitt wey?//
F1130 //[?]Santa Claus[/?]// to town.
F1129 Who's coming to town?
F1130 Santa Claus is coming.
F1129 I think it's mair like the Easter bunny that should be coming. [laugh] Shouldn't it? I dinna think it's Santa Claus in March.
F1130 Yes, //it is.//
F1129 //A long, long,// long, long time to wait for him to come noo. Eh? You've to be a good girl. It's efter we've been to see Snow White, //sure?//
F1130 //But, if I// speak funny [inaudible] over to [CENSORED: forename]?
F1129 No, dinna take it to [CENSORED: forename]'s. You dinna take it oot and about wi you.
F1130 Why?
F1129 We just dae things in the house. Maybe have a walk up the beach. Have a windy walks wi it one day and see if we see aa the frogs.
F1130 Can I help you do the tomatoes?
F1129 Mmhm. If you put them in, if I slice them up will you put them in?
F1130 No. I, no if I //slice them up.//
F1129 //Just watch// fitt you're daein with this thing, [CENSORED: forename].
F1130 Why?
F1129 Because it's a lot of pennies and you're being silly with it. Now, be careful.
F1130 I want to cut it //up, I I//
F1129 //Be careful. I'll nae ask you again.//
F1130 I want to cut it up, Mum. I want to cut it up.
F1129 You dinna get to cut. //[sniff]//
F1130 //Why?//
F1129 You can put it in the dish. Okay? You pop them in the dish for me. Aw, I've got an itchy nose. [sniff] Right, you pop them in the dish for me. Lay them oot bonny. That's it. What colour's that tomato?
F1130 Erm red.
F1129 And fitt's inside it?
F1130 Seedies.
F1129 What kind o seedies? Hmm?
F1130 Nice ones.
F1129 Nice one seedies? Now, wait till I see how the fishies is coming? [inaudible] We'll put this right on top o it. Look. There we go.
F1130 Well, how will I get some?
F1129 How will you get some fitt?
F1130 Fish.
F1129 Well, we'll hae to cook it first in the oven, sweetheart.
F1130 But it might go in there.
F1129 Fitt?
F1130 The fish.
F1129 Aye, it's gone in there. That's farr I'm puttin it. And I put the milk on top.
F1130 But how will I get some?
F1129 I'll just take some oot o, [CENSORED: forename] don't do that.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Aye, okay, I'll sort you just now.
F1130 [?]Lippy[/?].
F1129 Now. Covered in milk. Wait till we get it. Oh my nose is itchin and itchin and itchin. [sniff] Isn't it? We'll get this underneath it. Oot a bit. There we go. Maybe a wee bittie mair milk in, would we?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Wait till we see. Mm? What do you want to dae next week when we're off?
F1130 Don't know.
F1129 Nothing? //Aye.//
F1130 //Don't know.// Don't know.
F1129 Aye, nothing at aa? We'll have to see if it happens, will we? Eh? If it's a bonny day, well you've got your swimming lessons we've to go on, won't we?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Er, what else could we do next week? Erm we could, we'll maybe go to the animal farm, one day with the girls.
F1130 Oh! Erm could could we go to Codonas?
F1129 Well, we'll maybe go to Codonas when Dad's off. It's nae easy to go to Codonas just me, you and [CENSORED: forename] cause [CENSORED: forename]'s too little, isn't she?
F1130 But I go with like my friend.
F1129 I know but [CENSORED: forename]'s still too little. //Eh?//
F1130 //Like// one day we went.
F1129 One day we went, I know, but we left [CENSORED: forename] wi Granny then Didn't we? Fitt's wrong? Oh, you okay? See what I got the day?
F1130 What is it?
F1129 New cups.
F1130 Hmm.
F1129 [laugh] Look! They groovy ains? Got them at Markies the day. Do you like them? How long was you painting for at Granny's?
F1130 Don't know.
F1129 You don't know? Just, two seconds, or ages?
F1130 Erm two, four minutes.
F1129 What was she daein when you was painting?
F1130 Here's a cup.
F1129 Aye, fitt was Granny daein when you was painting?
F1130 Doing the ironing.
F1129 Doing her ironing?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Oh, was you helping her do that?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Fitt was Granda daein when Granny was ironing and you were paintin?
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Was he nae daein nothing either?
F1130 No.
F1129 No? Watching TV again? We'll [?]shot[/?] Granda's bum, will we?
F1130 Mm.
F1129 Eh? For nae helpin you. Will we? What story was Aunt [CENSORED: forename] reading you last night? Can you remember?
F1130 Nae a story.
F1129 Sure [inaudible] the butterfly book, did she nae? Well fitt was the story aboot?
F1130 I don't know.
F1129 You don't know? You can't remember at all?
F1130 No.
F1129 [tut] Oh dear. Tell me about the party. Fa was at the party yesterday? Can you remember? Tell the lady on the the thing. F- fa was at [CENSORED: forename]'s party yesterday.
F1130 No idea.
F1129 Well, there was [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename]
F1129 There was, [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 And [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 And [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 [CENSORED: start of forename]? [CENSORED: forename].
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename]. //[CENSORED: forename]. And//
F1129 //And [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: start of forename]?//
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 [CENSORED: start of forename]?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 And [CENSORED: start of forename], [CENSORED: forename].
F1130 [CENSORED: forename].
F1129 And [CENSORED: start of forename]? [CENSORED: forename] and [CENSORED: forename]? It was a good fun time, wasn't it? And fitt did we have for dinner? Fitt did we have to eat?
F1130 Erm crisps.
F1129 What kind of crisps?
F1130 Erm.
F1129 Can you remember what kind of crisps we had?
F1130 Will the lady hear us in that bit //on there?//
F1129 //Aye, that's your ain// on there. Look. It's okay. Dinna you worry aboot it. We had crisps. What kind of crisps was it?
F1130 Erm Quavers.
F1129 And?
F1130 Wotsits.
F1129 And? Pi-?
F1130 Biscuits?
F1129 Pringles.
F1130 Quavers.
F1129 And fitt else did we have? We had sa-?
F1130 Sandwiches.
F1129 And fitt was the shapes of the sandwiches?
F1130 Erm lambies and cats and
F1129 Du-?
F1130 ducks.
F1129 And fitt was in them?
F1130 Jam and butter and ham.
F1129 And da-?
F1130 Dairylea.
F1129 Dairylea. What's your favourite sandwich?
F1130 Dairylea!
F1129 Dairylea sandwich? Do you like that the best? My goodness.
F1130 And we had sweeties.
F1129 And you had ca-?
F1130 Cake.
F1129 And you had squi-?
F1130 Squirty yoghurt.
F1129 Squirty yoghurts. And, fitt else did we dae at the party? Oh we played pa-?
F1130 I don't know.
F1129 Pass the Parcel. And we did the ru-? Shu-? On the flair I hope. //Erm.//
F1130 //Aye.//
F1129 And fa else came to the party? The E-?
F1130 The Easter Bunny.
F1129 And fitt did he leave ootside?
F1130 Chocolate.
F1129 Chocolate fitt? Chocolate teeth? Chocolate elephants?
F1130 Chocolate [inaudible].
F1129 A fitt? //[inaudible]//
F1130 //Chocolate lollipop.//
F1129 [speaking to third person in background] Chocolate lollipop? Put it on fitt temperature? Aye, that's what aathing else's going in at. Right we'll put Dad's tea in first cause it takes the longest. Put it doon the bottom, will we? Oot the road. There we go. Put it in there. Right, that's one lot in. We'll see fitt that, fitt mine ain says.
F1130 Mum. [inaudible].
F1129 No, we're nae putting on music just noo.
F1130 Um.
F1129 Okay, that's easy daein. Hey, what a load o stuff I bought the day. I was ages in Markies.
F1130 How long, how much long-?
F1129 How much, [?]love[/?]?
F1130 How much longer did you take?
F1129 Oh, I was aboot three quarters o an hour.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 That's ages, isn't it? That's quite a while to be in shopping, isn't it? Eh?
F1130 [inaudible] I'll just play with that pot.
F1129 No, cause it's full of crispies. Okay?
F1130 [?]Rat-a-tat-tat[/?].
F1129 Eh? Rat-a-tat-tat. Fitt did you erm get at playgroup on the last day then?
F1130 Er I don't know.
F1129 Och you never ken nothing noo.
F1130 [inaudible]
F1129 Did you get your picture taken?
F1130 Mm.
F1129 Fitt was you daein? Was you, did you have a bonny big smile, I hope. //Did you? I hope so.//
F1130 //Aye!//
F1129 Do you think you'd a bonny big smile? [CENSORED: familiar form of forename]?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Mmhm?
F1130 Can I pinch a Cheddar?
F1129 Can you pinch a Cheddar? No.
F1130 Why?
F1129 Cause it'll stop you speaking.
F1130 Aw.
F1129 [laugh] You can get ain when we're finished our tape. //Is that okay?//
F1130 //Aw.// Aw.
F1129 Well the lady doesna want to hear you munchin Cheddars, does she?
F1130 Aw!
F1129 Cause that's nae the purpose o daein it.
F1130 And what is //the purpose [inaudible]?//
F1129 //You dopey-dinah.// //That's what we do at the party.//
F1130 //The rag-bag?//
F1129 The rag-bag. And I had on a a blonde wig, didn't I?
F1130 Why?
F1129 Cause it was fun. [laugh] And [CENSORED: forename] had on a ginger wig, didn't she?
F1130 And what did her mum have on?
F1129 She had on the black one, didn't she?
F1130 And [CENSORED: forename] had one on.
F1129 [CENSORED: forename] had one on. I think she did, didn't she?
F1130 [CENSORED: forename]'s mum had one on.
F1129 That's right.
F1130 I like them.
F1129 Aye, so div I. But you're nae gettin any the noo. You can hae them for your pudding if you want. Would that be okay?
F1130 Alright.
F1129 Alright.
F1130 [inaudible] party. //[CENSORED: forename].//
F1129 //Erm we did.// I dinna ken, fitt else did we dae? Who was? Oh [CENSORED: forename] was there. We forgot to say [CENSORED: forename]'s name, didn't we? And, we had erm, what else did we dae at the party? I'm forgetting now. Oh, we sung Happy Birthday to [CENSORED: forename], wi her cake, didn't we?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 And we, that's all we did. And then we came hame and opened aa that parcels that's lying over there, didn't we?
F1130 Parcels.
F1129 There was heaps of presents for [CENSORED: forename]. She was a very lucky girl, wasn't she? //Really, really lucky.//
F1130 //Really, really lucky.//
F1129 I know. Fitt all did she get? She got loads and loads of nice summer clothes, didn't she? Do you think you'll get all that when you're four?
F1130 I don't know.
F1129 [inhale] I hope so, eh?
F1130 I hope I dinna get lots of toys.
F1129 No, I ken. Why?
F1130 Because, I got lots of toys.
F1129 Already, haven't you?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 You'll maybe get your toy from Mum and Dad though, eh? Fitt toy was you gaun to get from us? You and [CENSORED: forename] to share? In the garden. Fitt was it? Can you remember fitt we was gaun to get? A bi-?
F1130 Big trampoline.
F1129 [inhale] A what?
F1130 Big trampoline.
F1129 Oh, that would be good, wouldn't it?
F1130 Aye.
F1129 Do you think that would be good to get?
F1130 What else was there?
F1129 Well I think that's plenty maybe if you got a big trampoline. I dinna think we would hae room for anything else. Would we?
F1130 If everybody else gave me presents.
F1129 Oh aye, you'll get presents from other people I think. Would you?
F1130 That's okay.
F1129 Aye, that's okay. But you winna get toys from Mum and Dad.
F1130 No.
F1129 Cause you've got enough toys I think, haven't you?
F1130 [inaudible] I think only some people would just gie me a couple.
F1129 I think so. Did I show you what I got you in Next the day?
F1130 No.
F1129 Will take it ben?
F1130 Mmhm.
F1129 Hope it fits. [NOTE: speaking to third person] Is she alright? Did you phone him? [other speaker responds] Please yourself. Look at this. Think you're going to match somebody. Think you're going to match it.
F1130 It's all the colours.
F1129 That's the same cardigan as [CENSORED: forename] got yesterday, isn't it? Is it lovely?
F1130 What else is in there?
F1129 And kitten trousers. Do you like them?
F1130 Who's got them?
F1129 I don't know. Do you know somebody that's got them?
F1130 Yup.
F1129 Eh? I dinna think you-, no seen anybody that's got them yet., have we?
F1130 No.
F1129 So that would be quite nice, wouldn't it? And your new slippers. Eh?
F1130 Mum?
F1129 What a lucky girl you are as well. Need to go and hang that up in your, try this on to me.
F1130 Mum? What //what is//
F1129 //Here, go and try this on.// See if it fits. Before I take off the taggie label. Eh? Oh, I think that's just fine, isn't it? That's perfect. Isn't it? Och, that's alright. Right you can keep that ain, can't you? Good idea. Okay?
F1130 Mum, what's, what's in //[inaudible].//
F1129 //Take off the label and we'll go and lay it oot.//

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Conversation: Buckie - Mother and child 25, recording 1: talking about a birthday party


Audio audience

For gender Mixed
Audience size 2

Audio awareness & spontaneity

Speaker awareness Aware
Degree of spontaneity Spontaneous
Special circumstances surrounding speech Participants asked to wear microphone while going about daily life

Audio footage information

Year of recording 2005
Recording person id 509
Size (min) 25
Size (mb) 97

Audio footage series/collection information

Part of series
Contained in Set of recordings made in Buckie of mothers and children

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Recording venue Participants' house
Geographic location of speech Buckie

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Family members or other close relationship

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Year of transcription 2007
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Place of birth Buckie
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Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Buckie
Region of residence Moray
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Country of residence Scotland
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Father's region of birth Moray
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Country of residence Scotland
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