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Toon Junction

Author(s): Sheena Blackhall

Copyright holder(s): Sheena Blackhall


A bourich o birdies
Blaik an birlin
Heezin an furlin

A skyte o skurries
Slidderin doon the win

A breenge o shoppers
Hashin ower the road

A bleeze o boozers
Hyterin doon the brae

A chaw o chuddies
Stukken doon like bannocks

A craik o corbies
Wallop frae howf tae howf

A skirl o schulequines
Swingin pyokes o buiks

A doonpish
Dribblin doon
The cassies croon

A stride o loons
Wi gallus sark tails

A hackin hoast
A glob o pyochered glut

A pirn taed wifie
Hobblin hame wi eerins

An van wi ledders
Jinks aroon the neuk

A bauchle o auld yins
Shauchlin an trauchlin
Ower the crossin

A birrin o larries
Hotterin ower the tarmac

A skitter o stirlins
Jink like blaik confetti

A wheech o ambulances
Stappit fu o skaith

A dauchle o wardens
Keekin at the cars

A peelie-wallie puckle
O fite faced office deems
Clip clop on teeterin sheen

A bleep o mobiles
Clappt tae meevin lugs

Snufflin dugs
Makk puils
At wheelie bins

A trawl o taxis
Idlin doon
Back wynds

A cowpin quine
Cowks ower a
Bleepin cash pynt

A twa-fauld bodach
Neb-doon at the grun

The provost's limo
Poors itsel throw toun

A bumfle o buggie
Fu as puggies
Bummin ower the brander

A shoogle o buses
Dirdin ower lowse chukkies

A waught o doos,
Grey boaties,
Bob ower cassies

A stooshie o spurgies
Chitterin abeen the lums

A shargeret tree
Its branches showdie -
A dunt o drillers
Rivin up the road

A reeshle o papers
'Get yer Dailes here!'

A plat o dug keech
Splytered on a steen

A skoosh o orra watter
Drivin frae a dub
Bi revvin wheels

A trail o tabbies
Trampit in
The glaur

A gammie-fittit chiel
Taps wi a stick

A cairraige fu
O passengers
Sit, stottin

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