Document 1487

You've Had Your Chips

Author(s): Sheila Templeton

Copyright holder(s): Sheila Templeton


Ah'll have chips please.
Ye know where ye are
wi' a bag o' chips.
And ye know exactly
what they'll cost.

They're always sizzlin' hot
on a Saturday night,
when you want them.
Nae need tae wait
fur the final whistle.

Chips don't get drunk
an' swear 'Ah love ye darlin.'
Niver promise tae phone
and then disappear
into mysterious silence.

Chips are reliable.
They sit there in yer hand.
You know you're in charge
wi' chips. Sure it's messy
if ye take them intae yer bed.
Whit's new?

No, nothin' oan the side,
thank you.

Just ma bag o' chips.

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You've Had Your Chips


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Decade of birth 1940
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Age left school 18
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Occupation Retired Teacher
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Region of birth Aberdeen
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Country of residence Scotland
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Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Doctors' Receptionist
Mother's place of birth Dyce
Mother's region of birth Aberdeen
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Mother's country of birth Scotland


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