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Letter from Frances Gardner 08 - 31/12/89

Author(s): Frances Gardner

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31st Dec.

My dear Sheena,

A Happy New Year! I hope 1990 is filled with much joy and happiness for you. It must be exactly two years now since you took up your appointment in Winnipeg. Very busy years I know, but also very fulfilling and rewarding for you.

I hope you have had a good trip to Toronto and a happy Christmas - we will no doubt be in touch on the Telephone to-night - Hogmanay.

Our travel arrangements all went without a hitch - Kathryn & Kevin shared the driving to Grays Essex, where we were well entertained and met some of the friends who will be coming North for the wedding in July. Dad and I moved on to Chippenham by train on Wednesday morning as planned. Unfortunately Barbara had been threatened with a miscarriage over Christmas. When we arrived she had a temp of 103° and was poised ready for admission to hospital in Bath so we spent the afternoon in the outpatients department! There was a lovely Wendy House & play area so we entertained Alex there!! We left Barbara in hospital rushed back to Chippenham for a meal - visited Barbara again in the evening on our way to catch the overnight train to Edinburgh from Bristol. Barbara has sadly lost the baby - was discharged from hospital yesterday and is now fine. They are not too upset - better to wait now until they have job & house etc.

I think we will be having a quiet New Year - just Dad & I.

Many thanks for the lovely soup cups - they really make my broth taste very special. Dad was pleased with his jigsaw - haven't started it yet. I'm just going off to Church now. Hope to catch a post - things always close down for a few days at this time of year.

Much dear love,

Mum xxx

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Letter from Frances Gardner 08 - 31/12/89


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