Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“One of the steerage passengers in a Neilston Lad”

Entry for 29/08/1825

Monday 29th. The wind steady, & the ship sailing very well; occasionally sailing at the rate of from eight to nine knotts, the weather cool & quite delightful. One of the steerage passengers is a Neilston Lad of the name of Craig; his brother has a property in Neilston Parish called Kirkton, he is a cousin to Mr. Kerr’s friend Sergeant Howie of Mearns; before coming away he called upon Mr. Smith of Swindridgemuir; & he got a letter from John Ross of Beith to Robert. One of the men who was out last voyage in this ship, comes from Ayr; his name is Johnston & he sailed from Greenock several voyages & sailed in the employ of Neilson & McLellan. And one of the boys who was also out last voyage was sometime about Annie Lodge, (his name is Eddington) his mother was Housekeeper there, & Cook at Eglinton Castle.