Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Calm pleasant weather”

Entry for 30/07/1825

Saturday 30th. Calm pleasant weather. Made the island of [?].

[Editor's note: Thomas added this line in a note, and we can't make out the name of the island (the word highlighted below). Feel free to take a guess!]

Comments by Harry Campbell:

I find it difficult to read it as anything but “Trinidada”. Trinidad mangled on the analogy of Grenada — given this guy’s fairly erratic spelling?? Also, and bear with me here, Trinidad in Latvian is Trinidāda, which is not quite as silly as it sounds when you remember that the Latvians (Courlanders) once owned Tobago, though unfortunately not Trinidad AFAIK. There is also the archipelago of Trinidade and Martim Vaz off Brazil. Presumably both of these places are way too far west?

OK, I was being silly, scrub my last comment! My money’s on the town of Trindade, second “city”of São Tomé, 0.30°N 6.68°E.