Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“A tumbler of whisky toddy”

Entry for 05/06/1825

Sunday 5th June. The weather greatly calmed, the sea much smoother, and the day delightful; about mid-day discovered a vessel bearing upon us, and in a short time she was close to us; she hove to & we hailed each other, & found that she was from Jamaica for Bristol, & Capt. Crear requested the Master to report us on his arrival, which he said he would do; she was a beautiful little Brig with her name on her stern “Catharine of Montega Bay [?].” She was 39 days from Jamaica. Capt. Crear told us, we were

about the commencement of the Bay of Biscay. The Steward rings a bell about 1/2 past 7 in the morning for the passengers to rise & dress for breakfast, & at sametime measures out the water for each passenger (that is up) to wash; unless we are up before breakfast & call for the water, we dont get any at all. We had for dinner two roasted fowls roasted [?] & a fowl baked in a pudding the same as a beef stake pudding; we very frequently have beef stake puddings to dinner. I had a tumbler of whisky toddy tother day for the first time since I left Scotland it was a great great, & made me think of Hillend. Before going to bed I went on deck at the request of Mr. Fisher to see as it were sparks of fire upon the water; I never saw the same before, it resembles very much the Stars.