Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“Lost on the cabin floor”

Entry for 02/06/1825

Thursday 2d.

The wind not much less, but heavy seas running. Dudgeon still in bed. The Irish stew that was set on table for the children’s dinner rolled off the table & lost on the Cabin floor a great quantity came into my berth. Capt. Crear uniformly claims two toasts after dinner viz. “The King” and “all our Friends” after which the passengers call for any toast they think proper. The Steward on his expedition & was with Dr. Richardson when he shot the Indian who murdered Mr. Hood.

The 2d. Mate (whose name is Black) is a Greenock lad & sailed in the “Protector” with Capt. Simson We amuse ourselvs at Cards and reading, we breakfast about 8 and dine about 3 and drink tea about 7. McLachlan has been complaining for some days. Mr. Littleton has been very ill, notwithstanding the long voyages he has had. Mr. Ryrie says he met with David at his brother’s Mr. N Ryrie’s the Brewer.