Thomas Crawford's Diary, 1825

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“We very soon lost the Island”

Entry for 19/06/1825

Sunday 19th June. The weather quite delightfull & the ship sailing at a smarth rate, very steady, it is now very hot. About mid-day discovered Land ahead at a very great distance almost imperceptible & were informed by Capt. Crear that it was the Island of Porto Santo, one of the Madeiras; Had we not been told by Capt. Crear that it was land we never could have discovered it till we were close to it. About 5 oClock (immediately after dinner) I came upon deck & we were then just off & close to the Land. This [?] Mr. McLachlan & I observed, was very like the high hills behind the Duke of Argyles Stables, in other words the Dukes bowling Green. We very soon lost the Island as we sailed quick past it. About tea time we discovered at a great distance another Island, called the Desertas, also one of the Madeiras, and Madeira itself, but kept far off & passed the Desertas during the night.