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laddie again i winnae scunneryousbi spylin the endin but
there s jelly sweeties foryousyou like jelly sweeties at
madge aw re best taeyousyins thats glesca parliamo p
your words krista come oanyousyins git cooried in della
a collogue o dominies cudyousyaise thir twa novels in
bakers dae they no teachyousnuhin et schuil ee shook
play football oh i thoughtyousplayed football as well i
the secretary read out thankyousfrom 2 christmas card recipients
write the welcome and thankyousin that rather than speak
again but the fowre oyousthis efterninn thank you sae
march finally a few thankyousto bill [censored: surname] and his
m wrong here dimps steveyousgit the feelin ed kens
bit ah m noh likeyousdimps yur in denial ya
it was the morning babyyousnae a little old for
a bairn f1026: baby wouldyousnot say f1023: no i
hossipital here a m tellingyouswiz this no serious ra
mam ll hae to putyousinto your bed won t
wee hennie fit wey areyousaa croodin roon cows oh
s what you do whatyousdo ehm f1009: [laugh] m1055:

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