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GOW Newsletter Mar 2005

Author(s): John Roberts

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GOW Triangle
Gibson Street, Otago Street,
Westbank Quadrant, Glasgow G12


An view of things to come

[NOTE: picture inserted here in original]

I am now pleased to be able to show you what the back court refuse area between No. 1 and No. 3 Westbank Quadrant could look like fairly soon.

With the greatly appreciated help of Karl [CENSORED: surname] who has designed the area, you can now see the before and after pictures of what is planed.

The proposal is to remove the soil bank facing onto Westbank Quadrant and to build a walled area which will have a covered roof and will be surrounded by a wall built with material in keeping with the original building. This would house the wheelie bins and keep the area dry.

The plan is to have this spot, light and open and create a safer place to put your rubbish without fear of tripping over other derby. It is also hoped that this would discourage residents from just dumping their rubbish outside the bins.

If you have any views on the proposed plan please contact Karl on [CENSORED: phonenumber] or email him on [CENSORED: emailaddress] within the next four weeks.

GOW's "Agatha Christy" saves the day

'Twas the night before Christmas and all was quiet. However, just by chance May [CENSORED: surname] of Otago Street, spotted a man with a ladder outside the back of the bike shop on Gibson St. She quickly phoned Eric [CENSORED: surname] and alerted him to what was happening. Eric was at this point elbow deep in Christmas dumpling mix, but discarded his piny and ran to the scene, whilst May phoned the police.

There he found a man had broken the back window of the shop and was climbing in. On hearing the threatening tone of burly Eric, he jumped down the ladder and escaped.

The next thing, a huge group of police arrived but the robber had got away. A spokesman for the police said that they believed the burglar had forgotten to get his wee boy a Christmas present and was trying to give him a happy Christmas. The shop owner was pleased to report that apart from a broken window, no other damage was done.

Well done Miss Marple and her assistant Eric.

Railing's painting team doubles overnight!!!

Yes that's right, the team for painting the railings has increased by 50%. That now takes the team to two!!

Angus [CENSORED: surname] has volunteered to join Ian [CENSORED: surname] in a bid to get these blasted railings painted on Westbank Quadrant.

This job has been ongoing since last summer and Ian really does need some help to get the task finished by the Spring. So come on people, give Ian and Angus a hand and get the job finished.

Contact Ian on [CENSORED: phonenumber]. Email [CENSORED: emailaddress]

Dr. Elinor [CENSORED: surname] hits the screen.

During January our very own Elinor [CENSORED: surname] graced our television screen, talking about and providing a perspective about sectarianisim which is an issue that Jack McConnell has recently focussed on as part of the publicity surrounding Rangers and Celtic.

Continuing the theme of giving you some background about "GOW", this month [CENSORED: surname] Eric can now tell us about what's planed for the future.

A state of concern

A letter has gone out to inform tenants in No. 29 Gibson Street that on Sunday 6th February as part of the GOW clean up, it was necessary to clean the common stairway in this tenement for the safety and security of all. What is happening in this tenement is impacting on all the neighbours in the triangle surrounding the back court.

Tenants of No. 29 will know that the street was open for many days until a new lock was fixed. They also know that the door leading into the back court has been broken open, and removed from its hinges. Other doors in the basement have also been forced.

Among the debris that were cleared from the staircase and basement and the area just outside the back door were the following: bedding that had been clearly been used by rough sleepers, broken alcohol bottles, and roof tiles.

The total of debris that was cleared by the GOW volunteers amounted to three dustbin loads of material, much of which was a health hazard.

Those involved in the GOW committee have assured all tenants of No. 29 that they will give total support to help make the building a safe a clean place to live in, and if needed, will contact the appropriate people to ensure safety.

There are a number of activities planed for 2005, and here I outline what has been proposed.

• Secure the backcourt area with possible fencing.
• Formulate designees to replace the existing bin areas with more suitable alternatives and raise funds to implement this work.
• Complete the painting of the railings above the river.
• Encourage owners to repair and maintain the buildings and backcourt.
• Continue events to involve residents in their local community.
• Continue to improve the environment.

Karl [CENSORED: surname] plans to produce designs for three ( instead of four ) bin store areas. Each will have a different design to cater for each location. The one between No 1 and No 3 Westbank will be behind the existing "wedge" with the floor levelled and a sloping roof above a flat concrete area which will house the bins.

The area between No 5 and No 7 Westbank will be opened up by the removal of the "wedge" and replaced by a small planted bed at the right hand side. The wheelie bins will be kept along the side of the building as at present. The third area in the Otago/Gibson corner will be a open concrete platform behind the "Wedge" with levelled filled in by rubble and concrete to produce a wider flat area with some screening at the side. The existing fourth area behind No 7 Westbank will be levelled and transformed into a garden area.

A not so express delivery!!

After a longer weight than expected, Nan and Armand are delighted to bring home a healthy baby girl called La. All three are doing well and it is hoped that La will soon become part of the GOW clean up team. Welcome home to you all.
Ed. John Roberts

Sandra says..........

I would like everyone to remember that the day for bulk collections of household goods is on Tuesdays. Therefor can everyone with rubbish put it out on Monday night for Tuesdays uplift. Rather than have it lying around all week.

Sunday 6th March - Backcourt clean up.

Monday 7th March - Meeting in Offshore Café. 6.30pm

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