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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 31 - 07.02.82

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The Maggie
7 Feb '82.

Dear Mum & Dad,

I'm trying to remember what happened last week - last night was "some wild party" as they say here. We became intoxicated enough to sneak by the security guard, change the sign which says "MJC Women's Res." to "MJC Co-Ed Res.", and break a small bottle of very cheap champers over the steps to re-christen the Maggie. That was interesting, but it was my second latish night in a row, so I'm kind of beat.

The weather took a turn for the worse, paradoxically by becoming warmer. For the first time in over a month the temperatures crept above zero, it rained, the temperature crashed back down, and Fredericton turned from a sea of slush to a river of ice. It was not pleasant walking out in those conditions! It's snowed a bit since, so there's more tread for one's boot, as it were. The snow is really piled high now - they say there's bound to be floods this year when there's a thaw. It's been the worst winter for several years.

I got a card and another photo from the [CENSORED: surname] - they received Dad's letter and were delighted to hear from you. I've written them back and sent them prints of some of my photos of Christmas.

Good news work-wise last week - after a meeting with my supervisor and my first reader, Profs. [CENSORED: surname] and [CENSORED: surname], they approved my thesis proposal, so it's full steam ahead. I'm really pleased with that, and it's lifted my spirits back up from the doldrums. The second good piece of news is that the Library has not only ordered the Dictionary of the Older Scottish Tongue for me, but the 1st 4 volumes have arrived! This is incredible, as it will help my thesis plans no end. It must have cost the Library the best part of $1000 to acquire and I'm really very pleased. UNB ain't so bad after all. So I'm slowly re-acquiring an interest in my work which is going reasonably well, and I've even started working on the "Maggie" Library.

"Arthur" is not a movie I'd be desperate to see. The next biggie to come across the Atlantic will be "Reds", written, directed, and starring Warren Beatty. Despite these disadvantages this 4-hour Communist "Gone with the Wind" has been getting rave reviews here, and it's in Fredericton now. If I ever make it up to the cinema way up the hill I'll certainly go see that. Meanwhile I'm making do with the film soc. showings of old greats, and on Friday there I went to see "The Grapes of Wrath" (1940). Henry Fonda was just a boy, and looked just like Jane. At times the young John Carradine looked just like his Kung Fuing son too, especially in the scene in which he got arrested. He had that Carradine smirk. It was an enjoyable movie, even if it was hammed up a lot.

I see Laker airways has gone bust - I feel sorry for Sir Freddie. What will Scottish Express do now, I wonder?

Halfway through February already! Or almost. Isn't time flying? Seven weeks and five days till Carole arrives, not that I'm counting .... much. I get sporadic lumps of homesickness, still - it would be nice to be able to come home for a weekend. Some of my fellow exiles feel the same way. I see International calls from Britain have been cut by 1/3, though, hint, hint. I still follow the news via the Times. However, this has been quite a year, and I wouldn't have missed it for the world.

Take care, hope the weather's better where you are, and my best to all!

[CENSORED: forename].

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