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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 19 - 21.11.81

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The Maggie
21st November.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Another week flies by! Glad to hear from Mum's last letter that the outside painting's finished at last and it's good to hear that the bedroom has been transformed. Hope you enjoyed the weekend at Dunblane and are feeling fit & healthy after a wild weekend with the [CENSORED: surname].

I sent off your Christmas presents air mail on Thursday, so you should have them in time for Christmas. I hope so, anyway. I've had four letters from Carole this week - I think she's lonely. However, from the later ones she seems to like the set-up at Tübingen and I'm sure she'll make friends on the course soon. She's working hard. I think she may stay in Pfrondorf over Christmas; if she does I'll send you her address. I may give her a phone call soon.

This week's revelation is that my room-mate walks and talks in his sleep. Last week he shouted "Oh God!" at about 1.40am, got out of bed, tip-toed to the door, peered out, closed the door, and went back to his bed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Just looking for footie-prints."


"Just looking for footie-prints!"

"Mark, what are you saying?"


In the morning he couldn't remember a thing. The following night I had a 12.30am discussion about whether I'd said the word "thirteen" or not. He doesn't remember that either. It's strange talking to an unconscious man.

I took time out from the piled-up work to go to the "Red & Black" student revue this week. It was very enjoyable, with an awful M.C., lots of songs (Anne [CENSORED: surname], the singer, was a P.E. student here who was launched here), some mediocre skits, and the UNB rugby team in drag doing a song from "The Chorus Line", which was very funny.

I've finished one term paper at last, and started another seminar paper. Time is fast running out. Money is getting tight too, but I'll get paid in a week or so, and if the increase has come through yet I'll be in clover - at least till I go to the U.S.

Alex left on Thursday on the long trek back to Australia. I've got his home address and I'll write to him around February, when he's due home.

Winter advances, but the intense cold is still not with us. The light snowfall has melted and it's raining a lot. Just like home!

Well, better go to bed. My best to all,

[CENSORED: forename]

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