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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 18 - 14.11.81

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The Maggie
Sat 14th Nov.

Dear Mum & Dad,

Thanks for your 3 letters, which I received last week. Thanks too for the lecture notes, and, most important, the birthday presents, which arrived yesterday. The scarf is great and the photo album's just what I need. I've only just started my Christmas shopping, so I'm afraid my presents will be late getting to you.

Temperatures dropped sharply this week, and it snowed for the 1st time on Wed. - Remembrance Day. Only a light fall though, just enough to cover the ground with a thin layer of ice. Today is lovely and sunny, though, even warm. Work is still piling up, and it's really going to be a rush to be finished for Christmas. I saw the 1013 class again yesterday. They'd told Prof. [CENSORED: surname] last week that I was a nice guy but they couldn't understand a word I said! They seem nice enough kids, but there's about 3 French-speaking Canadians in the class who have difficulty with the language (and especially mine, I suppose.)

My phone number is:
AREA CODE [CENSORED: phonenumber] NUMBER [CENSORED: phonenumber]

If you get the no. for Canada out of the directory, or I think it's actually in the list of area codes, you should be able to dial direct. I'm in Room 126. We'll arrange a day and time later, but if you ever wish to get in touch with me urgently, I'm usually in on Sunday mornings. Remember I'm 4 hours behind you!

All in all it's been an uneventful week. There was a party at the Faculty Club for graduate English students and staff on Tuesday evening but it was pretty dire. I've decided that next term and over the summer I'm going to try and learn some elementary Arabic - I have access to a tape course if I can get the handbook from one of the anthropology profs. I've asked Alison for Teach Yourself Arabic for Christmas.

Yes, I heard about Al's English escapade. If she got 9/20 for a totally inadequate piece of work, I wouldn't worry. The more she reads and becomes familiar with her subject, naturally the more she will be able to write. I wasn't really writing essays of adequate length for English until 4th year. A lot depends on her ability to grasp what are the essential points in an argument. She'll be OK. Remember I struggled at the beginning. From her letters I gather she's enjoying herself, anyway.

Glad to hear that Dad's still running the Church like a well-oiled machine, and that the house is gradually being transformed. I hope you enjoy(ed?) your weekend at the Hydro with the Greigs. Mark's gone away this weekend to Dunblane Hydro - what am I saying!! - I mean, Prince Edward Island (Anne of Green Gables-land) with his girlfriend, Barbara, so I've the room to myself. Wow!

Take care, and give my best to all,
[CENSORED: forename]

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