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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 07 - 15.09.81

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[CENSORED: address]

15th Sept.

Dear Maw & Paw & Al,

Thanks for your last letters, Mum & Dad, & thanks for the Dunbar notes. They are the right ones, but I'd like all the notes in that folder, at least on Dunbar. I don't mind if you send them surface mail as I won't need them till after Christmas.

I'm enclosing some photos of Fredericton and UNB to give you the taste of the place.

My, you have had a hectic time, what with Woody, the Greigs, and the Clarks! You deserve a gold star, Maw. An academic mind, have I? Oh, well, we can't all be soccer stars...

I'm glad you don't object to "Plan Egypt". Obviously it's all very much up in the air at the moment, the only certainty being that, like nearly all Masters students, I'm down to finish the M.A. in the calendar year. I don't believe it will strain me too badly - I feel quite confident, although I'm naturally a bit apprehensive about studying under the new Canadian system. If I don't go to Egypt I'll be back home. Don't worry, I don't like the idea of sacrificing the Masters either, but even the Dept here expects us to do it in a year. If I didn't think I'd a good chance I wouldn't try. As far as I know, my GTA could be renewed for the second year, but I've heard rumours to the contrary. I believe it can, though, although practice here isn't always what is written down on the info they sent us. I've been surprised by the overseas student differential fee of $840, and others have expected to be offered 6 courses and been given the option of 2. Organisation is very lax here.

Now, about funding for Cairo. I'm determined to get thro' this year in Canada without asking for more money - I should manage that easily. I even hope to save up some to help pay my trip back, but how much I can afford to save I won't know till the end of the month. Don't worry - I shan't skimp on anything!!

There are many reasons why the Cairo trip might not happen - I don't think it's going to be easy to find a job there, tho' I'll try hard. If it's not self-financing then of course it's not on. I may need to ask for some help with the plane trip there. It's less than the trip from Prestwick to Halifax! At the moment London → Cairo costs about £150.

If I don't get any feedback on Cairo by Christmas then I'm also going to have to think about Britain and whether I want to do a PhD. or go on the job market. I'll think about that too over the next few months. I'm going to see a careers advisor here, soon, and do some hard thinking. Unfortunately I'm a bit out of touch here with things both in Britain and Egypt.

I'm sorry you won't make it to Canada. It is worth seeing, tho' I now wouldn't make the Atlantic Provinces top priority. I really am stuck in the wilderness. I'll probably see you in one year, now, anyway. I'm going to get the typed work done professionally, by the way.

I started the meals plan this week. The food quality is variable, but generally good and there's certainly plenty of it - I can go back for as many "seconds" or as much salad or dessert as I want. Tonight I had a grilled steak & baked potatoes, soup, veg. etc. and last night I'd roast pork. I'll survive. I may even get fat!

I've received letters from Auntie Maggie & Roberta over the past few weeks. Thank Auntie Maggie for me, will you? Her letter was great. Roberta's been refused an SED grant for Strathclyde so she's joined the ranks of the unemployed. Pete's got a kidney infection and spends much of his time in the loo.

I'm settling in well now, getting myself organised, and preparing for classes which start tomorrow. I'll write soon and tell you how they go. Regards to all & take it easy.
[CENSORED: forename].

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