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Correspondence from Canada: Letter 01 - 28.08.81

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Chebucto Inn
Halifax, N.S.
Fri. 28th Aug.

Dear Mum, Dad, & Al,

Hi, folks! First news from Disneyworld on Friday morning, at the motel in Halifax. Got here smoothly so far (touch-wood). The flight was fine, if a little long and boring. The take-off was spectacular, with Ailsa Craig popping up like a bullet-head out of the haar, and Arran, Kintyre, & N.W. Ireland looking really magnificent. Then I surrendered my window-seat to an elderly "non-smoking" couple who had been put in "smoking" seats, but by then we were over the Atlantic. So I had an aisle seat with more leg room, and I spent most of the time listening to the Bee Gees, the Beach Boys, the Beatles, Neil Diamond, & Star Wars thro' the audio. I bought some Murray mints in the departure lounge, so my ears were OK.

Nova Scotia looks great from the air - all lakes and forests, but Halifax is quite industrial and not very pretty. It seems to be all little matchbox-sized wooden houses painted pastel shades of blue, green, yellow, brown etc. These little beach huts have a cadillac parked out front and a station wagon round back; and the gardens are crammed full or ornamental goblins, waterfalls, gargoyles and butterflies. It's all very vulgur and crass. I hope Fredericton looks a bit nicer. However, the Chebucto Inn is fine. I got a porter from the airport to the bus, the bus to a taxi, and the taxi to here. It was very smooth. I have a double bed, bath/shower, and TV/radio. Last night I had jet-lag behind my eyes - they ached - but I managed to stay up till about 9pm watching "Barney Miller" and a "Happy Days" I'd already seen! There's a 4-hour difference in time between Halifax and home, and I slept fairly well from 9pm till about 6am this morning, so that wasn't bad. The weather is fine, 21° (in the 70's F) in Halifax this morning, and the TV says 22°C in Fredericton today. The skies are clear blue.

Breakfast was fine too; I had a cooked breakfast here at the Inn for $2.75, and I can call a taxi on the hot-line to get to the station, which is about 10 mins. drive away.

Anyway, I'd better get cleared up and ready to go. It's a strange, big country, but I think I'll enjoy my stay. I'll write again later.

Fredericton, 10.50pm.

Arrived at last. Got something of a shock to discover that Fredericton Jnctn is about 16 miles outside the city, but the train left & arrived on time. I got a free bus to the Lord Beaverbrook Hotel courtesy of the railway, and there I was met by Maureen [CENSORED: surname], an International Student Advisor, who is busy shepherding up Mexicans, Africans, & Frenchmen too. I am now in her capable hands. She told me there are around 400 overseas students so I'm not alone. Unfortunately the Maggie Jean isn't ready for me tonight, so I'm back in a motel for tonight anyway. But I'm meeting some other people tomorrow & things should get sorted out soon. I've got all my luggage too, which is something indeed! Anyway, the main thing is: I've arrived, I'm safe, & I'm expected. Fredericton was dark by the time I got in, but what I could see looked very nice, nicer than Halifax. And according to a map Ms. [CENSORED: surname] gave me, Fredericton has 5 cinemas and 2 drive-ins. Luxury!! UNB has its own cinema too. So I'll survive.

My jet-lag's getting better, but I'm still tired. I've had a shower, and now I'll go to bed. I'll write again soon. Hope you're all fine.

Love, [CENSORED: forename]

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