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The King Across the Water

Author(s): Andrina Connell

Copyright holder(s): Andrina Connell


Prince Charlie's siller coupit
When the navy reived his gawld.
His Chiels were wormed an wabbit
And Drumrossie Moor was cauld.
They didna seek yon field tae fecht
-Tho no frae cowrin fear -
Their staun had ayewise been the richt
Till O'Sullivan set them near.

The sleet drove snell intilt their face,
Five thoosan Jacobites,
Brave clansmen o the Highland race,
In the Butcher Dukie's sights.
Then Redcoats fired a cannon flood
Jist past that day's twaloor,
The River Nairn flowed red wi blood,
Through dreich Drumrossie Moor.

The Stuart cause was done and bye,
Wi pipes an tartan banned,
The prince went o'er the sea tae Skye
Then fled his kinrik land
Yet clansmen, wha could tell the tale,
Tho few survived the slaughter,
Lang raised a tassie toast tae hail
"The King across the water!"

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