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Letter: 05

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

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The Scots Leid Quorum

[CENSORED: address]

Eydentlie uphaudin the Scots Leid Campaine
e-screive: [CENSORED: emailaddress]

[CENSORED: companyname]
Newsagents & Tobacconists,
[CENSORED: address]

11t Januar 2002

Guid Maister [CENSORED: surname],

Monie thanks for haundlin oor Scots language Christmas cairds this year an please fund the invoice for thaim inclosit inower.

[CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] wis tellin us aboot ye speirin efter a [CENSORED: placename] caird for neist year. The’r nae doot sic a thing cuid be duin but, the kinch wi gittin onie less nor twa thoosand o the ae caird is the higher cost. For cairds the same size an type as the anes ye wis sellin, we'd hae tae chairge £1.30 a caird for five hunner or 85p a caird for a thoosand, baith includin envelopes. The maist cairds onie shop haes ivver sellt wis aboot five hunner an thon wis wi a selection o five diffrent anes sae ye micht be leukin at takin twa or aiblins three year tae shift five hunner o the ae caird. Hae a wee thocht aboot it an lat us ken whit ye think.

Wi couthie thochts,

R. Fairnie (Secretar).

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Letter: 05


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