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Conversation 15: Glasgow father and his five year-old son

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Audio transcription

M804 Is that yours there? Well, okay, just keep that there in case //you need a wee drink.//
M805 //But, but I// can, I can do it with a glass, I can drink with glass now!
M804 Can you?
M805 Yeah! Do you want to see me?
M804 Yeah. How long have you been able to do that?
M805 [drink]
M804 How long do you th-, do you think you've been able to do it? Wow! That is cool! //You definitely//
M805 //Huh//
M804 do know how to do that.
M805 Yeah, so we could share your water.
M804 Cool, okay then, like, if we run out then I'll share yours with you? Well, that'll look a bit silly, Dad drinkin out of that though won't it? [laugh] [slurp]
M805 No!
M804 mm [laugh]
M805 You should, you should really take off the lid.
M804 [laugh] Okay. So, ehm, I was wondering if maybe you could tell me about how Spiderman became Spiderman?
M805 Ehm, so this guy wa-, called Peter Parker was in a place and officer um [?]crogrammes[/?] and there was a spider, //radioactive//
M804 //mm//
M805 spider.
M804 Oh!
M805 And it climbed up Peter Parker and it bit him and then he tu- and then he was poisoned by that spider and he, and he was turning into a spider himself!
M804 Oh //He turned in-//
M805 //[?]With a[/?]// human head!
M804 Oh so he had a spider's body and a human head?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Oh! So how did he become Spiderman that's not got the spider's body?
M805 Um, and there was actually a dream and a- and he walked onto the road and a car was coming //for him//
M804 //Oh!//
M805 and he jumped and he was sticking to the wall!
M804 Really?
M805 Erm, and he noticed he had superpowers, so he would call himself Spiderman!
M804 And what sort of superpowers does he have?
M805 He has this power [kick]. Kick.
M804 Kick. And what's that one?
M805 Punch. //Punching.//
M804 //Punch.// That's cool. And so what does, what does Spiderman do to help people? Oh, try and not touch that, Henry.
M805 He, ehm, he saves people, he saves people.
M804 Is it bad people he saves or good people he saves?
M805 He, he saves good people.
M804 Right. And does he have any friends?
M805 Mm, yeah. In the w-, in the different Jones Jamieson one. [touches microphone]
M804 Oh! Maybe just try and leave that alone as well, if you could, cause that'll, you know how this is the mic?
M805 mmhm
M804 And that's where the, the sound goes into so if you move that about you'll get lots of cr-cr-cr-cr type stuff on the tape which I would be interested in listening to but I don't think Mum would like to listen to that when she's, cause you know what Mum's got to do with this as well? //She's gonna//
M805 //Okay.//
M804 write it all out.
M805 Yeah.
M804 So it'd be quite good if there wasn't any of that on it. [tut] Ehm, so what other superheroes are there and what, what do they do?
M805 Um, Superman. He's from Krypton and he is a human but he's metal.
M804 Right, he's metal?
M805 And bullets don't just make him die. //They just//
M804 //Right!//
M805 bounce off him.
M804 Okay. I've got a wee idea, see with this mic cause you accidentally hit that there, so what I'm gonna do is I'm gonna put it on there and just point it at ye. How's that?
M805 Oh, but //[inaudible]//
M804 //Is that a good idea?//
M805 Yeah. //How're you gonna//
M804 //Okay.//
M805 pick it on to?
M804 Put it on to Dad's wallet. There we go.
M805 So. [inhale] //[inhale]//
M804 //You don't have to speak into it, it's fine, you can just sit back if you want.//
M805 Okay.
M804 [tut] So, anyway, you were sayin about Superman.
M805 Yeah, um, he can never die if you shoot bullets at him.
M804 Really? //What happens to the bullets?//
M805 //[inaudible]// They just bounce off him.
M804 Ah!
M805 Cause he's metal.
M804 Ah!
M805 So if Superman was real and you had a gun and you were trying to shoot him, the bullets would bounce off.
M804 [tut] That's awful clever isn't it.
M805 Yeah.
M804 [tut] So who, what other superheroes are there?
M805 Um, Batman.
M804 Tell me about Batman.
M805 Um, he shoots out, [tut], eh, a bat rope,
M804 Mm!
M805 And Catwoman, she shoots out a cat rope. Cat rope.
M804 So, is Cat-, is Catwoman a goodie or a baddie?
M805 She's a ba-, she's a goodie.
M804 A goodie. But she's sometimes a baddie, is she not?
M805 Yeah. A wee bit. //But not//
M804 //A wee bit bad.//
M805 today.
M804 Not today.
M805 [tut] Not all the time. [tut] So, what would you, else like to, ehm, hear about? Frankenstein?
M804 Oh, that'd be great if you could tell me //about Frankenstein. I don't know anything about Frankenstein.//
M805 //Ehm, Frank-, there's a// doctor Frankenstein and there's also a robot da- Frankenstein. The doctor Frankenstein made a, a green robot Frankenstein. Cause the, cause the m-, cause the human was dead.
M804 Aha!
M805 So he s- decided to make a Frankenstein. Frankenstein robot.
M804 And how did he, what, what did he make it up from?
M805 Um, he had a cutting machine. Cause he was made out of cardboard.
M804 Ah! And what happened to Frankenstein then? Do you know any more about his story?
M805 And, and he putted screws in, screws in.
M804 Screws!
M805 To connect his, his neck!
M804 Ah!
M805 To keep it on. And his, cause all the time if he didn't have a bolt in his neck, two bolts, um, his head would keep falling off.
M804 [laugh] And that would look silly, //wouldn't it?//
M805 //c-c-c!//
M804 [laugh]
M805 And then he would be hea-, the headless spectre!
M804 Oh!
M805 The headless spectre's got no head! His head is stuck down into his, into his, see look!
M804 Oh! You look like a headless spectre! Where did you hear about the headless spectre?
M805 It was in Scooby Doo //after//
M804 //Ah!//
M805 Kong Fu! //Hong//
M804 //Hong Kong// Fooey. //Yeah.//
M805 //Yeah.// //[inaudible]//
M804 //Do you like Hong Kong Fooey?//
M805 Yeah.
M804 He's silly, isn't he?
M805 Yeah. He's a dog hero.
M804 A dog hero?
M805 Yeah.
M804 That's cool.
M805 And there's a fridge with buttons on, on the [tut], on the, on the door. And the, and the door goes that way, it doesn't go that way, it goes that way.
M804 Right.
M805 And, and he falls into drawer, a drawer. And the, and the cat bang bang bangs on the drawer and then cause, cause Hong Kong Fooey squashed into it and putting his suit on.
M804 [laugh] What colour's his suit?
M805 Red.
M804 Mm, sounds nice.
M805 He's got black, um, black, he's got black red th-, no he's got black, um, things for his eyes. And they've got holes
M804 Hah!
M805 for your eyes.
M804 Like a wee mask?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Is that what it is?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Why do you think he's got that?
M805 Cause he just l-, wants to have that.
M804 [tut]
M805 See?
M804 Can you think of another, of another superhero that's got the same thing as that? I can think of one.
M805 [laugh] The Incredibles!
M804 That's right.
M805 They've got a red suit.
M804 That's right. I've not seen The Incredibles yet, maybe you could tell me a bit about that?
M805 The Incredibles have got a red suit and they've got black things for their eyes! //And they've//
M804 //Mmhm//
M805 got holes for their eyes and the, and, and the man saw the red thing in the water. Like, like Violet the oldest one,
M804 [tut]
M805 who can go invisible and make force fields. And, and, and sh-, and he saw the red thing that, the same colour as her suit and he, and he shot the thing but it wasn't Violet.
M804 Mm!
M805 [cat miaowing] It was just the refection of her.
M804 The?
M805 Reflection of her.
M804 Well done.
M805 [tut] [inhale] And, and he punched the guard!
M804 [laugh]
M805 c-c-c
M804 [laugh]
M805 He punched him back there.
M804 In the back of the head?
M805 Yeah, there.
M804 [tut] oh
M805 There.
M804 [taps microphone]
M805 There. [slurp] So and also. Do you want to hear about something?
M804 Yeah, I want to hear //about stuff.//
M805 //Um// See that pipe there? That thing there. That looks like a telephone.
M804 Yeah, that's an extension cable.
M805 Yeah. And it's curling, curly, curly.
M804 That's right.
M805 And a, and a volume kind of thing //it's like//
M804 //That's//
M805 that curl-, cur-, curlr-, curly.
M804 That's right.
M805 So, what else do you want to hear about? //[clap]//
M804 //[tut] Ehm, did you do anything interesting at nursery yesterday? I know you weren't at nursery today.//
M805 Eh, eh, I don't want to tell you about that. //I meant//
M804 //Okay, well what else would//
M805 a superhero thing.
M804 Okay. Ehm, [tut] well you've told me about Superman and you've told me about Batman and you've told me about Spiderman, who else is there that you like?
M805 Um, I also like the Incredibles.
M804 Okay, we've had the Incredibles too. So, who else would there be?
M805 Cause there's one there.
M804 Yeah, there's one here that we need to talk about, eh? There's one, who could it, who could it be? Oh!
M805 I know, it's Superboy!
M804 Superboy! Yes! And what's, what's Superboy's outfit like?
M805 Um, it's like, it's got a r-, a yellow R. It's got black things for its eyes. //It's//
M804 //Uh-huh//
M805 got holes and he's, and he's got the same colour as my hair. //Cause I'm actually//
M804 //Right.//
M805 him.
M804 You're actually Superboy?
M805 Yeah.
M804 [sh], we'd better not tell everyone. Is it a secret?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Okay, okay, w-
M805 What's your name as a superhero?
M804 What's my name as a superhero? Ehm [tut]
M805 Supercrunch.
M804 Supercrunch. //I'll go//
M805 //Is it?//
M804 Supercrunch.
M805 Okay.
M804 Okay, so tell us more about Superboy.
M805 I'm actually the Thing.
M804 As well as Superboy?
M805 Yeah.
M804 mm
M805 Cause the, cause the Superboy is actually the Thing. So I can change into Superboy and also the Thing.
M804 So what's Superboy's special powers?
M805 Um, he turns invisible and, and he, and he, and he can, and he holds a stick invisible and he poh toh hit it. And the guard and then he says, "What?" And then loo- and he turns round and erm he just says "Aha"! //Cause, cause//
M804 //[laugh]//
M805 cause he sawed my big, um, brick hand. [drink]
M804 Ah, so would you change into Thing at that point?
M805 Yeah. //And I and I'm//
M804 //Right.//
M805 running and then I stamped on one of the guards and he, and he just said br-rr-cr-poh! //He was like//
M804 //[blows lips]//
M805 so I c- connected a back bomb, a back bomb.
M804 uh-huh?
M805 Have you heard about them?
M804 No, //you tell me about//
M805 //Ehm, a back// bomb is red and Thing has them whenever he wants to stamp on any guard he just, he just threw the bomb and he thought I was going to crunch him but I just deeee! I pressed my control, the, the green button and, and the, and the, and the made the bomb explode!
M804 Oh!
M805 And I actually missed his head a wee bit. It got his head. c-c-c //c-c-c//
M804 //Oh!//
M805 c-c-c
M804 That would be a bit sore, wouldn't it?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Yeah.
M805 It woargh! And actually half of my toe fell off.
M804 [tut] Was that your Thing toe?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Could you not just replace that with another rock that you could find somewhere?
M805 No.
M804 No, //[inaudible]//
M805 //No, there's// no rocks in the land!
M804 There's none?
M805 No, so I just found the rock who was actually fell off. //Cause the//
M804 //Mmhm//
M805 bomb got my toe a wee bit, //so I//
M804 //Uh-huh//
M805 so I picked up it and put it back on. //[makes noise with lips]//
M804 //Ah! phew//
M805 And I screwed it on.
M804 You screwed it on?
M805 Yeah.
M804 How did you get a screw through that rock?
M805 Um, I found it, eh, cut, I got a wee rock I c-, I managed to f-, I found loads!
M804 Right.
M805 Yeah, of rocks.
M804 Cool.
M805 And I was shavin it, ksh, and I got, found a knife //left off//
M804 //mmhm//
M805 the guards. So I was cutting tik-tik-tik, //fooh-fooh-fooh//
M804 //tik-tik-tik//
M805 fooh-fooh-fooh-fooh-fooh-fooh So I at last found a screw, cr-cr-cr, and I ting-ting-ting and, and I s-, and I got it through
M804 Well done. //That was really good.//
M805 //So.//
M804 [cough]
M805 Is that enough stories for now?
M804 Ehm, I think if we could speak for just a wee bit longer. //Ehm, just trying to think what you would like to speak about.//
M805 //[inhale] [exhale]//
M804 [tut] Ehm wh-, do you know what you want to be when you grow up?
M805 Mm, yeah.
M804 What do you want to be?
M805 I want to be the Thing and Superboy.
M804 Okay, right, you know how, you know Peter Parker?
M805 Yeah.
M804 He's got, ehm, you know how he's, who's he again, he's //S-S-//
M805 //Peter Parker.//
M804 ehm
M805 Peter Parker.
M804 What superhero is he though? He's eh S-S- Superman.
M805 No, he's //Spiderman!//
M804 //[click fingers]// So he is, that's right. Okay, so he's Spiderman, //but//
M805 //Yeah.//
M804 he's got a job during the day, hasn't //he?//
M805 //Yeah.// Mm
M804 What's his job?
M805 To take photographs of spiderman.
M804 Yeah, for, do-, what's the name of the paper?
M805 Um, the Daily Bugle.
M804 That's right, so, so he's got to have a day job, so even although you're going to be Thing and Superboy
M805 Yeah.
M804 you'll need to have a day job, won't you?
M805 But, but, but really, his, Superboy and Thing's boss, they don't really want him to have a job.
M804 Oh!
M805 They just leave him
M804 [cough]
M805 and they know he's a superhero //cause,//
M804 //Right.//
M805 cause their boss is a superhero too.
M804 Hah! Who's their boss? Do you know who it is?
M805 Superman!
M804 Superman? That would be a good boss to have, wouldn't it?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Yeah [tut] okay, I know that you don't have to have a job when you grow up then, but if you had to have a job, do you know what you'd like to do?
M805 [tut] Ehm, take photographs of Peter Parker.
M804 [laugh] That's a good one.
M805 Yeah.
M804 That's a good answer.
M805 And also take pictures of the Thing.
M804 That would be pretty //cool.//
M805 //That's me!//
M804 Yeah, //how's that//
M805 //So//
M804 gonna work?
M805 so I would turn the camera the front way and I would press the button and it would tick! And, and the photograph would get out of the top and it would see me! And it was like, [laugh], like that! And I kind of put my head like that. So it, so the, so it wouldn't see my head. Cause the camera doesn't like Thing, Thing with, with a head, they o-, they only like Thing with no head, so I put my head like that. There's no head.
M804 Ah, that was a good move I think. So, what would, //what's your//
M805 //Is that// enough //talks?//
M804 //Just a wee// tiny bit more. What's your f-, what's your favourite colour?
M805 [tut] Eh, pink, blue, purple and green.
M804 Right, that's, they're quite different colours, aren't they?
M805 mm
M804 Why, do you know why you like them, would you be able to explain why you like //them?//
M805 //Erm// cause I just do.
M804 That's, that's good enough reason for me. And do you like music?
M805 Ehm, not much.
M804 No?
M805 No.
M804 No. Thought you and Mum sort of listen to music sometimes don't you?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Yeah, and sometimes when we're in the car I put some music on for you as well, don't I?
M805 Yeah. //But I don't//
M804 //So//
M805 really listen to it cause, to that. //s-//
M804 //Is a bit too// loud?
M805 Yeah.
M804 Yeah.
M805 You put it too up.
M804 I put it, I put it up too loud?
M805 Yeah, do you think we could do that a wee bit different way?
M804 ehm
M805 Okay. Like, like that could be like that.
M804 Yeah, as long as you don't touch these two. //Okay, I'll keep my fingers on them and you can do whatever you want and don't touch these buttons either, okay?//
M805 //[inhale] [exhale]//
M804 Cause you know that's, that's kind of what Dad does for Dad's job, you know at my work when //you've seen that//
M805 //Yeah.//
M804 desk that's, it's got stuff like this on it and that's what, I've got to move them up and down and make the bands sound good.
M805 But I would like that to be like that //and that//
M804 //Okay.//
M805 I would like to be like that. //Do you wanna p-//
M804 //That's//
M805 ehm
M804 that's fine for me.
M805 What is this, is this a battery?
M804 That's right, that's exactly what it is. Try and not touch the button on it. Okay? //[tut]//
M805 //I didn't touch the// //button.//
M804 //No, I know you didn't.// Okay, we'll have one more wee chat about something, and is there any posters on the wall that you'd like to chat about?
M805 Ehm, that one with the skull.
M804 This one here?
M805 Yeah, um, this, you, under your skin you've got a skull of bones. And, and also, and also muscles.
M804 Muscles? //And what do the//
M805 //Yeah.//
M804 muscles do?
M805 They make you be strong and when you eat, eat, eat, eat so much you get stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger and stronger!
M804 Wow! That's gonna be cool. So are you going to try and eat up like a good boy then when it comes //to dinner//
M805 //[inaudible]//
M804 time? //Yeah.//
M805 //[inaudible]// [inaudible] [inaudible]
M804 Oh right, //so//
M805 //could I please// have a nut?
M804 Yeah, in a wee second if you tell me one of your jokes. //[cracking nut]//
M805 //But, but I need to have one now.//
M804 [laugh] Okay, you have one and I'll have one and then you'll tell me a joke, okay?
M805 Okay.
M804 And then we can have more after, when we've finished the recording we can have more after, okay?
M805 Okay.
M804 Right. [eating]
M805 That's, that is making the sound of us eating. That.
M804 That's right, Mum's gonna have to write down "eating noises". [eating] She'll be a bit angry with us. [laugh] She won't really, I'm only joking. Okay, so [clap] one of your jokes, if you please?
M805 Have you never heard the stick went to the noisy house?
M804 No, I haven't.
M805 He accidentally saw a farmer and the farmer cut off his head.
M804 [laugh] //[laugh]//
M805 //[laugh]//
M804 Have you got [laugh] have you got another one?
M805 So, why did the stick go to the farmer's?
M804 I don't know, why did the stick go to the farmer's?
M805 Cause he wanted his head to explode!
M804 [laugh] What about one of your skeleton jokes?
M805 [inaudible] //[inaudible]//
M804 //That's twenty-five minutes.//
M805 What's that [inaudible]
M804 [tut] Mum was just [tut] givin in a wee comic just in case that we were running out of things to talk about but we've talked about quite a lot already. Henry was just going to give me another one of his jokes. What about a skeleton joke?
M805 Why does a skeleton go to the clock?
M804 I don't know, why did the skeleton go to the clock?
M805 Cause he wanted a new skull and new eyes,
M804 [laugh]
M805 cause I used the, the numbers as his eyes. And a number for his nose.
M804 What number would you use for your nose?
M805 Um, he used five. And he used four for his eye. And he used two for his other eye. And he used, um, one for his mouth.
M804 Hah!
M805 [laugh]
M804 Does that make it have a smile? What about his ears, what numbers did he use for that?
M805 Um, they were seven and eight.
M804 That's pretty good goin. Where are you gettin those numbers, from the clock? //Is that where you're//
M805 //Yeah.//
M804 seeing them?
M805 Yeah.
M804 That's pretty good.
M805 And also he had one for his feet.
M804 Mmhm?
M805 And also two for his toes. And he also had, um, three for his legs.
M804 Mmhm?
M805 And also had four for his muscles.
M804 What else did he have?
M805 He also had, for his heart he had two.
M804 Two, that's a good number for the heart, isn't it?
M805 Yeah.
M804 And what about
M805 Um, the bottom for, um, six.
M804 Six for his botty. [laugh]
M805 Don't say it too loud.
M804 Okay, we'll not say it too loud. Well, I think maybe that's where we can stop. Okay? We can do, but it's been really good. So do you want to have another nut?
M805 Yeah.
M804 [throat] Let's celebrate with a nut.
M805 Okay.
M804 Is there anything else you'd like to tell me about before we finish, like maybe what your favourite toy is?
M805 [tut] Yeah.
M804 What's your favourite toy?
M805 [eating] After we've finished.
M804 Okay. //[eating]//
M805 //[eating]//
M804 We're just about to finish up, he's just about to tell me about his favourite toy.
M805 [eating]
M804 Okay, that's, that's them just now. We'll get another one after we're finished, okay?
M805 I've just going to put them away.
M804 Well, g-, we've just got to both stay here just now so I'll just keep them, in fact I'll give them to Mum, okay?
M805 Okay, I'll give them to Mum.
M804 [cough]
M805 So
M804 Okay, so your favourite toy.
M805 My favourite toy is the Action Man with one arm, my mum buyed me that cause //I'd been//
M804 //Bought.//
M805 so, bought that, cause I'd been so good.
M804 And what happened to his arm?
M805 Um, when we took off the label, it was just broken by itself.
M804 Hah! Really?
M805 When we just took the label off so we needed you to fix that.
M804 Well, I'll have a look at it right now then. Okay?
M805 Okay.

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