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Fishin Quotas

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Ivver syne he haed been a wee laddie, Geordie Jooks haed aye kent the wis juist the twa kinna fowk in the warld; fisher-fowk an the ither kind. Thon wis brocht hame tae him afore the New Year whan the Scottish Fisheries Meenister, Rhona Brankin MSP, wis fair blawin aboot hou weel her negotiations wi the EU aboot fishin quotas haed gane. She threapit that she’d won success for the fishermen in key areas. It wis juist the opposeetion MSP’s – an the fishermen – that didna gree wi her.

Aw this pit Geordie in mind o happier times whan his uncle “Stookie” Rob MBE BEM, wis the Preses o the Firth o Forth Fishermen’s Associe an o ae time that he haed been speirt tae jyne a delegation gaun ower tae Brussels tae lobby a better dale for the Scottish seine-net fishermen. The delegation wis heidit bi Winnie Ewing MEP, “Madame Ecosse” hersel. Weel, efter aw the ongauns at the EU wis ower an duin wi, Mistress Ewing thocht she haed won yin or twa inlats for the fishermen. They’d haed tae gie up a wheen forbye but no as muckle as it micht hiv been an she wis feelin quite joco waitin in the airport for thair return flicht whan she went ower tae Uncle Rob an said, “Well Robert, what did you think of my speech yesterday afternoon?” Uncle Rob taen her gently bi the elbae, leuked her in the ee an said, “Weel Mistress Ewing. A micht as weel be honest wi ye hen. A think ye ken as muckle aboot seine-net fishin as ma erse kens aboot snipe shootin!”

Geordie daesna ken for shuir but he thinks thon wis the end o the conversation but he daes ken the’r juist the twa kinna fowk in the warld an he haes lat it be kent that this wis a true story. He haed gotten it strecht frae Stookie’s guid-dochter. Juist yin or twa o the names haes been chynged tae proteck the guilty.

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