Document 759

Tetchie Auld-timer

Author(s): John Henderson

Copyright holder(s): John Henderson


Ma hurdies they’re aye achin.
Ma big tae’s goat the goot.
Ma hearin’s nae sae guid they days.
Cam claise … ‘Nae need tae shoot’!

Ma neck gits stiff syne i ma’ kip.
Nae pillows mak it richt.
Ah’ve tried yon rubber collars tae,
But canna staun’em ticht!

Ma sense o guff’s jist ribbish.
Ma taste buds they’re aye dry.
Nae pleesure ony mair fer me,
In ma butcher’s mutton pie!

Ma sicht it’s failin by the hoor.
The tellie’s oot o focus.
Physeeshun says its glaucoma,
Oar sim sich hokus-pokus!

Syne warst o a, ma back’s aye sair.
Each step a tak gies gyp.
Nae wunner thit ma kimmer says,
“Ye’re ready fer the skip!”

A soond an affa scunner me,
Fair hypochondriacal.
Bit niver mynd a aye can eese,
Ma wee bit ‘block-an-tackle’!

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Tetchie Auld-timer


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Occupation University Lecturer (retired)
Place of birth Causewayhead
Region of birth Stirling
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Country of birth Scotland
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Region of residence Paphos
Country of residence Cyprus
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