Document 757

Doon the Syrie - A Willieway

Author(s): John Henderson

Copyright holder(s): John Henderson


Bike prefared tae sairin bus,
Wis shair guid wye a fan,
Tae gie me muckle wamflity,
Spare shullins i ma han.

Hich schule wis jist een mile frae hame,
King's Park tae cycle aroon,
Fore climin hup rig o Castell Rock ,
Raxin abeen Stirling toon.

Five years lang thon aye gaed oan,
Ilk mornin, nicht an noon.
Fower traivels pedalled ilka day,
Nae wastin wikly croon.

Bit ainly eence i a thur years,
Oan ice, i rain or snaw,
Did ill-lick cam tae cloot me aff,
Ma saiddle hup awa.

Twis fan een nicht a cam ower clais,
Tae gutter o weet causey,
Faar brander-grill snecked oant ma rowe,
An dooshed me tapsalteerie!

Sim hauf-croons skailed frae oot ma pooch,
Fair wammlin' efter splatter.
Syne een by een they skittered doon,
Yon syrie fu dairk waater!

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Doon the Syrie - A Willieway


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