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The Emmick and the Gresslouper

Author(s): Tom Hubbard

Copyright holder(s): Tom Hubbard


There wis ane Maister Loup-the-Gress
Wha tuik ti winchin Maistress Emmick;
Ilkane the ither socht ti impress,
For insects, tae, are biochemic.

Zm zm : zm zm

The emmick – she’s a fly yin, thon –
Speirs the gresslouper, ‘Will ye wad me?’
‘Ay! Whit fir no?’ is his repone,
‘I’m a fine figure o a lad, me.’

Zm zm : zm zm

Thon posh hotel upon the ben
Bids walcome: but thon’s no the hale o’t –
Gresslouper loups ower faur, and then!
Upon the thristle he’s impalit.

Zm zm : zm zm

Ye suid hae heard her cairry on!
The sair mishanter had fair shocked her.
She’s ower the loch, and or the dawn
She’ll fetch some big braw insect-Doctor.

Zm zm : zm zm

It wis the April she set oot –
She wisna back ontil December.
Her Doctor bizzed thon corp aboot
That Fate sae sairly cuid dismember.

Zm zm : zm zm

And that wis it: Fate, naethin mair,
Wis this great Doctor’s diagnosis.
Oor emmick grat, ‘It isnae fair,
I’m aa my lane; hou haurd my loss is.’

Zm zm : zm zm

‘A weedow, but young lass forby!
Nae mair this weary warld I’d crawl …’ Och,
Lat’s end her story on a high,
I’ the airms o Doctor Horniegoloch.

Zm zm : zm zm

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