Document 737

The Chagall Winnocks

Author(s): Tom Hubbard

Copyright holder(s): Tom Hubbard


in Sanct Stephen's Kirk, Mainz

fir Anette Degott

A gantin shell o stane:
Thirty years efter the bombs,
Transformed bi Marc Chagall
Lauchin throu his lang years:
A Levantine chronicle,
The humour o a pictur-buik:
A chiel upon a camel
A wumman wi her joug,
An there, forenent the well,
Enhaloed bi leaves an domes
Izaak an his Rebekka
Enjoy their tête-à-tête.
The kirk's upon a brou
That slopes doun ti the Rhein:
Owre there, the sun maks wey,
Braks the Germanic haar,
Sheens leamin throu stained-gless
That the maister's dominant blues
Are the warmest o aa hues.

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The Chagall Winnocks


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