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Author(s): Peter Mitchell McCulloch

Copyright holder(s): Peter Mitchell McCulloch


Oh! great muckle fleein burd,
Tae grun ye noo, it's sae absurd,
Tae tak ye frae yon freedom sky,
Whaur aw yer traits demand ye fly.

Concorde; yer appointed nem,
Nae ither aircraft can carry yer fem,
Ye had it aw, be it guid or bad,
We savour... yon hours ye had.

Noo, it's time tae throttle doon,
I ken ye feel, it's aw tae soon,
Ye'll miss yon puffy gosamer clouds,
Or seek yon stars, bear or plough.

We wait fer yer last Edinburgh Flicht,
Ever sae welcome, ye bonny sicht,
Wi yer awesome pooer dinna delay,
Guid Fortune... wull show yer way.

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