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The Buik o Ruth: 13 - Notandums

Author(s): A S Borrowman

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Names o the Buik o Ruth

ELIMELECH: Ma God is Roy.
NAOMI: Ma Jo: ma sweethert.
RUTH: (unkenned)
MARA: Wersh
MAHLON: Malice
CHILION: Consumpt
BOAZ: In Him is ma virr
OBED: Hynd o God
AH.: Barbour in "The Brus" and Harry the minstrel in "Wallace" eese IC or IK for I. This is gie auldfanglt. Maist makars eese I. William Alexander in "Johnny Gibb o Gushetneuk" eeses A W. Dr. Purves in his blad anent orthographie eeses AU. Ah hae fun, in makin ma translation, that the Sudron I setsill on the blad, sae Ah cognosit for AH.
IN CHAUMER: In Sudron, privily: in Latyne, in camera.
TIPPENNY: The Bible eeses "sour wine". In Lallans Ah wald leifer hae tippeny!
SEISIN: Aa taen frae Scots Law.
WRITINGS: It wald be owre pernicketty tae chynge sic names intae Lallans, sae Ah hae lat them bide in Sudron. The Writings are entitult 'kethubhim' in Hebrew, and in Grewe, 'hagiographa'.
The Buik o Ruth is ane o five 'megilloth' and was leart tae the Israelite fowk at hairst.
LATYNE: Gawin Douglas: Proloug of the first Buik of Eneados. "Besyde Latyne our langage is imperfite".
GREWE: Gawin Douglas ut supra. "Lyk as in Latyne bene Grew termes sum".
HOOSE-VAISHLE: Aiblins Ruth says,"'Dinna mak me ane o yer jurrs or servin-lasses": Aiblins she says, "Dinna mak me ane o yer concubenes". Hoose vaishle wull dae for baith; It's eechie or ochie.
MANTUA: We hae a wheen names for this cleedin in Lallans. Mantua; mantay; manto; manteel: rokelay, and cloak. Ah hae walit cloak for Boaz. It maun hae been lang It maun hae been lang tae hap Boaz, alsweel Ruth whan she liggit at his fit! Manteel is eesit for daygoon alsweel cloak, sae Ah walit mantua for Ruth. A mantua or
manty-coat was weemin's cleedin. Rokelay is fun in the Lallans sang. "I loena a laddie but ane" whaur we lear "He coft me a rokelay o blue". A rokelay was a cutty cloak, and comes frae the Fransch, roquelaure.
Ah'm shair Boaz and Ruth werena happit in a rokelay!

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