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The Buik o Ruth: 07 - 'This Morning' frae The Scotsman

Author(s): A S Borrowman

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Lord, whan did we see ye hungert, or drouthie, or fremmit, or scuddy-nakit, or no weel, or in jile, and did naethin for ye? In-as-muckle as ye didna dae it tae the maist needful anes, ye didna dae it tae me.
St. Mattha XXV, 44, 45.

Lippen tae Mattha! We maun thole our assize for aa our ill-daens: als we maun dree our weird for aa the guid warks we didna dae. Guid Lord, dinna lat our een be steekit tae the needs o our brithers.

Gie us ilka day our needfu fendin.
St. Mattha. VI, II.

The brugh o Bethlehem is translatit the Hoose o Breid. Ist no uncannie that He wha bode us speir at God for our needful fendin - our daily breid - is Himsel the Breid o Heevin and saw the Licht o day - whaur? - in the Hoose o Breid.

Ah focht wi wild beass at Ephesus.
1 Corinthians XV. 32.

Did Paul fecht wi wild beass in the arena? Wha kens? Mair likely, he melled wi the wild beass in his ain hert. We aa ken we hae a sair fecht wi the deedlie sins whilk connach the saul. We ken, like Paul, that anerlie the micht o God dings them doon.

Arena five speugs selt for twa fardins? Yet, God has His ee on ilkane o them.
St. Luke XII. 6.

Five speugs fur ae maik. Guid cheap. Fegs, fowk didna think muckle o them, but God merkit the fa o the speug, everilkane. Syne ist wi oursels. God isna doverin nor awa fur a dauner but keeps waird o us ilka day we leeve.

The Deid Mirk Dale. Psaum XXIII. 4.

F. W. Faber aince screevit, "O that we cud dee in twas or companies." Like the lave, he was a wee bittie feart o deein. Whas no? Heeze up yer herts. Ye're no alane in the deid mirk dale for God's wi ye tae tak ye by the haun intae green howes and lown wattirs.

Ah am the Licht o the Warld. St. John IX, 5.

"The daurker the nicht, the brichter the starns". In the mirk o this disjaskit warld, wi aa its trachles, wi aa its sturt and strife, a licht is aye glintin, the Licht o God in Jesus Christ. Yon's the Licht whilk shaws the strauchtforrit gait frae guddle uptae God.

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