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The Buik o Ruth: 06 - Aucht portions for Yule

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And they hard the voce o the Lord God, daunerin in the yaird in the lown time o the day, and Adam and his guidwife coorit doon amang the trees in the yaird, awa frae the sicht o God.

And the Lord God caad tae Adam, and said tae him, "Whaur are ye?" Quo he, "Ah heard yer voce in the yaird and Ah was feart for Ah was scuddy-nakit, sae Ah coorit awa".

Quo He, "Wha telt ye ye were scuddy-nakit? Hae ye prieit the tree whilk Ah telt ye no tae prie?"

Quo the man, "The wumman ye gied tae be wi me, she gied me o the tree, and Ah hae etten".

And the Lord God said tae the wumman, "What hae ye dune?" Quo the wumman, "The edder begowkit me and Ah hae etten".

And the Lord God said tae the edder, "Sin ye hae sae dune, Ah ban ye abune aa nowt, and abune aa beass o the rig; on yer wame sall ye gang and stour sall be yer vittle aa the days o yer life".

And Ah sall hae ill-wull pitten atween ye and the wumman, and atween yer cleckin and her weans; the weans sall ding yer heid, and ye sall brize their fit".


And the angel o the Lord caad tae Abraham out o Heevin anither time, And said, "By Masel, Ah hae taen an aith" quo the Lord, "sin ye hae dune whit Ah telt ye, and didna haud back yer son, yer anerlie son, that in sainin Ah sall sain ye, and in yer growin Ah sall gie ye a seed undeemis as the starns o the lift and as the saun o the tide; and yer seed sall tak haud o the hallan-door o yer faes; and in yer seed sall aa fowk o the yirth be sainit; sin ye hae lippent tae Ma voce".

ISAIAH IX. 6 & 7.

We hae gotten a bairn oot o jizzen and we hae gotten a son: and the stere sall be upon his shouther: and his name sall be caad Wonnerfu, Councillour, the Michty God, the aye-abidan Faither, Athil o Saught. O the growin o his stere and saught there sall be nae end, upon the trone o Dauvit, and upon his kinrick tae bigg it wi mense and wi richt-daein, enoo and for evirmair; the ingine o the Lord o Osts sall hae it dune.

MICAH V. 2-4.

Atweel, Bethlehem Ephratah, ye are a peerie fowk amang the thoosans o Judah, but out o ye sall spail tae me ane wha is tae be roy in Israel; whas outgaens hae been frae auld time, aye, afore time itsel. As lang as a wumman liggs in jizzen, sae lang, anerlie, sall he be tint tae Israel, and they wha tholit the horning o his kin sall be yokit siccarlie wi their brithers.

He sall come and be their herd in the virr o the Lord and in the pooer o the name o the Lord his God. And sall gang on, for his micht sall rax out tae the merch o the yirth; and he sall be a man o saught.

MATTHA I. 18-23.

Noo, the birth o Jesus Christ was efter this mainner; whan his mither, Mary, was handfastit tae Joseph, afore they cam thegither, she was fun tae be wi bairn tae the Haly Ghaist.

Than, Joseph, her guidman, a richteous man, wha didna ettle tae mak her a public ensample, was mindit tae pit her awa, quately.

He was thinkin owre this maitter, whan, ma certie, the angel o the Lord cam tae him in a dreme, and quo he, "Joseph, son o Dauvit, dinna be feart tae tak tae yersel, Mary, yer guidwife: for whit she is cairryin is o the Haly Ghaist.

And she sall hae a son and ye sall caa his name JESUS; for he sall sain his fowk frae their ill-daeins".

Aa this was dune that it micht be deponit whit was spaeit o the Lord by the prophets.

"Tak tent, a virgin lass sall be wi bairn and she sall hae a son and they sall caa his name Emmanuel whilk be in translatit is God wi us".

LUKE I. 26-33, & 38.

And in the saxt moneth, the angel Gabriel was sent frae God tae a brugh o Galilee, caad Nazareth.

Tae a lass handfastit tae a man whas name was Joseph, o the hoose o Dauvit; and the lass's name was Mary.

And the angel cam tae her and quo he, "Hail, ye wha are weel-daein The Lord is wi ye; sainit are ye amang weemen."

And whan she had a visie o him, she was sair dumfounert at his leid, and thocht tae hersel, what sort o corrieneuchin this suld be. Quo the angel tae her, "Dinna be feart, Mary, for ye are weel-thocht on o God. And tak tent, ye sall conceive in yer womb, and sall hae a son, and sall caa his name JESUS".

He sall be michtie, and sall be caad the Son o the Heighest: and the Lord God sall gie him the trone o his faither, Dauvit.

And he sall hae the pooer owre the hoose o Jacob for evirmair: and o his kinrick there sall be nae endin.

Quo Mary, "A weel, Ah'm the vaishle o the Lord; lat it befaa me as ye wull". And the angel pairtit frae her.

LUKE II. 8-16.

And there were in the samin kintra herds abidan in the park, wairdin their hirsel nichtertail.

And, wow, the angel o the Lord cam tae them, and the licht o the Lord glintit aa aboot them, and they were gie feart.

Quo the angel tae them, "Dinna be feart for Ah hae guid nouvelles tae make ye blythe, aye, yersels, and aa fowk in ilka airt.

Tae ye is born the day in the brugh o Dauvit, a Hainer wha is Christ the Lord.

And this sall be a taken tae ye: ye sall fin the bairn happit in a barrie-coat, liggin in a manger."

And on a suddent, there was wi the angel a wheen o the heevinlie thrang roosin God, and sayin.

"Glore tae God on heigh, and on the yirth, saught, guid-wull tae men".

Efterhaun, whan the angels gaed awa tae Heevin, the herds spak, ane tae tither, "Lat us gang tae Bethlehem and see for oursels this ferlie whilk the Lord has telt us o".

And they cam smertlie, and fun Mary, and Joseph, and the bairn liggin in a manger.

MATTHA II. 1-11.
Noo, when Jesus was born in Bethlehem o Judaea in the days o Herod the Roy, there cam wyce men east-bye, tae Jerusalem.

Speirin, "whaur is he wha is born Roy o the Jews? sin we hae gliskit his starn eassilt, and ettle tae worship him".

Whan Herod the Roy was telt aboot it, he was fashit and aa Jerusalem wi him.

And when he had conveenit aa the Heigh Priests, and aa the Writers o the fowk thegither, he speirt at them whaur the native o Christ suld be.

And quo they tae him, "In Bethlehem o Judaea, for sae it is screevit by the prophet.

And ye, Bethlehem in the kintra o Juda arena the peeriest amang the athils o Juda, for out o ye sall come a Capitane wha sall haud the stere owre ma fowk, Israel".

Than Herod, whan he spak in chaumer wi the wyce men, speirt at them eidentlie, whatna time the starn had been gliskit.

And he sent them awa tae Bethlehem, and quo he, "Gang and speir eidentlie anent the wee laddie, and whan ye hae fun him, be shair and lat me ken, sin Ah maun come and worship him alsweel".

Whan they had lippent tae the Roy, they tuik the gait and the starn whilk they saw eassilt gaed afore them, till it cam and stude owre whaur the bairn liggit.

Whan they saw the starn, they were unco blythe, aye, teemin owre wi joy. And when they cam intae the hoose they saw the bairnikin wi Mary his mither, and loutit doon, and worshipt him: and whan they had toomit their thesaury they gied him compliments; gowd, and frankincense, and myrrh.

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