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The Buik o Ruth: 01 - Introduction

Author(s): A S Borrowman

Copyright holder(s): Mrs Lorna F Borrowman


Fowk speir anent versions o the Bible in Lallans. We dinna hae the haill Bible in Lallans, anerlie a wheen buiks hae been prentit.

The prentit buiks in Lallans are:


1. The Book of Psalms in Lowland Scotch, by Henry Scott Riddell 1857
2. The Song of Solomon in Lowland Scotch, by Henry Scott Riddell 1858
3. Psalms frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1871
4. Isaiah frae Hebrew intil Scottis, by P. Hately Waddell 1879
5. The Wyse Sayins o Solomon, by T. W. Paterson 1916
6. Genesis in Scots, by Henry Cameron 1921


1. The Gospel of St. Matthew in Lowland Scotch, by Henry Scott Riddell 1856
2. The Gospel of St. Matthew, by G. Henderson 1862
3. The New Testament, by Murdoch Nisbet 1901
4. The New Testament, by William Wye Smith 1901

The umquhile Regent Lorimer o Sanct Andros translatit the haill New Testament, but, waesucks, it hasna been prentit. Ae pairt, the Blissins, (in Sudron: The Beatitudes) was prentit in 1971.

James L. Dow, minister at Lochranza and Pirnmill, translatit antrin chaptirs for the daily prents, and a wheen hae translatit a Psaum or twa, or sic like.

Athil Louis Lucien Bonaparte was the nevoy o Napoleon I. He was thirlt tae the wark o philologie, in parteeclar the unkenned leids o Europe, amangst them the Lallans. Ane and twa abune, in baith Auld and New Testaments were translatit for him, and prentit in sma editions o 250. A guid ensample o the Auld Alliance!

The wark o P. Hately Waddell is gie auld-fanglt and his leid is ill tae lear.

In 1901 the Scottish Text Society prentit in thrie buiks the New Testament by Murdoch Nesbit frae the Auchinleck MS. The wonner o this buik is that it was translatit in the time o James V, aboot 1520, 40 year afore the Scottish Reformation. Tae caa it Lallans wald be fause, for it anerlie eeses Lallans in the by-gaun.

In 1901, alsweel, Alexander Gardner o Paisley prentit the New Testament in Braid Scots by William Wye Smith. This was reprentit a wheen times, up tae 1924. Efter 1939, anerlie The Fower Gospels hae been prentit, and this buik can be coft the day, - aa the Bible in Lallans in prent, in oor ain time. As faur as ma savendie gaes, nae new translations o onie o the buiks o the Bible hae been prentit sin "Genesis in Scots" by Henry Cameron in 1921.

Ah howp this translation o the Buik o Ruth sall be acceptit. The found o the translation is the New English Bible. Ah hae taen a keek at the Authorised Version, alsweel Moffat's translation, in the by-gaun.

We hae a wheen makars in Lallans, (forbye screevers o crambo-clink!) but we hae a needcessity for mair screevers o prose.

Ma ain leid is a mixie-maxy, and nae wonner, for Ah hae dwalt in Stirling, Dumfries, Fife, Bute and Glesca!

Ah hae eesit dictionars alsweel!

Algates, the found o whatna lear Ah hae was pitten doon, langsyne, at the Grammar Schule at Stirling, by a dominie, John M. Amess, wha gart us lear the wark o Barbour, Henryson, Dunbar, Douglas and ithers o the auld makars. Ah mind o him wi pleesure.

"The Sermon at Stirling (1973)" is prentit frae "Lallans" the journal o the Lallans Society. "Twa Metrical Psaums" and "This Morning" were prentit in The Scotsman. "Aucht Portions for Yule" are translations dune for Dr. John T. Low, o the Moray Hoose College, Embro.

Mr. K. C. Fraser, o St. Andros leart me o Athil Louis Lucien Bonaparte, and ma guid fere, Mr. Francis D. Bowles has dune the batter o the buik for me. Ma guidwife, Lorna, albuist aften sair trachlt helpit me tae warstle throwe the vocables, and Ah hae eesit the savendie o ma dochter, Lorna alsweel.

Ah'm in the reverence o them aa.

Alex. S. Borrowman.
Andermas 1973.

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