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Dipper: 56 - Oor Skip

Author(s): Dr James A Begg

Copyright holder(s): Dr James A Begg


Whan Curlers drawn by Winter's caa,
Forgether on the ice,
There's ane that stauns abune them aa,
Skeelie, bauld an wyce.
Aftimes seen in shape o man,
Aiblins that o woman,
Tho streitchin ower the season's span,
Ye'd hardly caa it human!
- That's oor Skip!

There's some that sprauchle 'lang the ice,
An roar like big bull seals,
While ithers cry wi trimmlin vyce
An mouse-like squeaks an squeals;
But gin the soun comes ower strang,
Or saft's ye cannae hear it,
Deil a haet ye daur dae wrang,
For ye're the ane he'll sweir at!
- That's oor Skip!

He'll staun ahint that tee-line,
An niver soop the stane
We're guidin in a bee-line,
Airms workit tae the bane:
Or gie ye ice that's mair nor twice
Whit's needit for a draw,
An juist tae spice this duff advice,
Gies haunle wrang an aa!
- That's oor Skip!

'Hurry! Hurry! Soop!' He'll yell,
'Bring on, bring on that stane!'
Whan ony gomeril cuid tell
It's rinnin like a train!
An like as no we're lyin twa,
Whan the damn stane birlin loose,
Slams in an caas them baith awa
- An skites on throu the hoose!
- That's oor Skip!

We'll tak oot, chap an lie, an gaird,
An soop oor brushes bald:
Nae sinew, jynt or muscle spared
Frae the flytin o that auld
Bugger! - Nou they're lyin yin,
The air is thick wi tension,
But can he draw last stane tae win?
- He cuidnae draw his pension!
- That's oor Skip!

gomeril/stupid person

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Dipper: 56 - Oor Skip


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