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Letter: 01

Author(s): Robert Fairnie

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The Scots Leid Quorum

[CENSORED: address]

Eydentlie uphaudin the Scots Leid Campaine

e-screive: [CENSORED: emailaddress]

Maister [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname]
Eddication an Community Services High Heid Ane,
[CENSORED: address]

29t. Mairch 2001

Guid Maister [CENSORED: surname],

We're fair pleased tae lat ye ken the results o the Scots Tung Quaich competeetion. The Secondary gree wis taen bi [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] (S2), [CENSORED: placename] Gremmar Schuil an the Primary section wis won bi [CENSORED: forename][CENSORED: surname] (P7B), [CENSORED: placename] Primary Schuil.

The follaein schuils taen a pairt in the exercise:- Dunbar Gremmar, Tranent Primary, Whitecraig Primary, Ormiston Primary an King's Meadow Primary. The nummers wis a wee bittie disappintin but aiblins juist as weel for oor first shot as it gied us the chance tae brek in easy-like. A nummer o schuils, parteeclar the [CENSORED: placename] Cluster said they wad liked tae hiv taen pairt but haedna been gien eneuch notice. Thon will be sortit for neist year's competeetion.

A'v inclosit a copy o wir news letter, "Scots Tung Wittins", that shaws a walin o some o the entries an, as ye can see for yersel, whit wis wantin in nummers wis fair makit up wi the quality, enthusiasm an imagination o the bairns that nae doot enjoyed thirsels daein it.

Dunbar an Tranent schuils will be gien a Scots Tung Quaich tae haud for the ae towmond an [CENSORED: forename] an [CENSORED: forename] will git a meenature tae keep. Forbye, the three best entries frae ilka cless will be gien a certeeficate written in Scots alang wi a copy o the Scots Tung Wittins an the Scottish National Dictionary Association is gaun tae send a copy o the Scots School Dictionary tae the teachers involved.

The certeeficates an STW is bein sent direck bi post tae thae schuils that didna win but we wad like tae praisent the quaichs, meenitures an certeeficates tae the bairns thirsels at the twa winnin schuils gin that wis possible. We wis wunnerin an aw if ye wad be guid eneuch tae come alang an praisent the quaichs yersel onie time efter the Pace holidays, date an time tae suit yersel an the schuils?

Wi couthie thochts,

R. Fairnie (Secretar).

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