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The Bridge

Author(s): Maureen Sangster

Copyright holder(s): Maureen Sangster


I wes a bridge but naebody kent I wes
An unnerneath the deithly watters ran
An ower ma swollen sel grief's muckle feet'd soond.
I wes a bridge but naebody kent I wes

A bridge can brak
Can tak nae mair snell
Offerings or irksome sichts
Bauld pain or thirl onymair
Tae limbs far nerve ends hae deid
I wes a bridge but naebody sa I wes

Though Christ, the tons o human flesh upon ma was -
Some nichts I'd feel a blight
Nae bonnie moon cud lift -
If they hud been the ghaists o fowk that I hud nivver met
There wid hae been a future. I thoucht o that
- that I cud be a coortin bridge
An throu ma span o time bring aboot a waddin
But there were nane jined in passion on me

I wes a bridge for Daith an waur
Than Daith cam skitterin tae me:
Pairts o living fowk ithers nivver see
Breists an sores sewn intae ma stanes
Wid ye believe there wis a threid for this?

But noo the lichts come on
Earlier, for the derk comes earlier
Black gobs o muckle iron mak
Fine limbs tae cairry prood heids o lichts

I nivver sa those lichts afore
They're mair than specimens o colour
Nane come on themsels bit ithers' haunds
Program their steady motion

I nivver thocht their power above me
Wes mine - but I hiv hud enough o daith
An noo want love: an airm alang ma shouders
Or ma back sae griefs like bairns maun fa
Wee caundels drappin doon ma sides
Tae plunk intae that fool watter doon below
I wes a bridge but naebody heard I wes till noo

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The Bridge


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