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The Catch

Author(s): Maureen Sangster

Copyright holder(s): Maureen Sangster


By the Bogie watter
Bee bee boo boo baba
By the Bogie Watter
Bee bee boo boo babala

A cat hunkit on a tree stump
Hissin by the watter
Afore it taks a runnin jump
An sweems awa, a saumon

A horsie wi a mannie
Clip-cloppin by the watter
Till frichtit by a flyin fish
It shrinks, rins aff, a moosie

Then, fit aboot the mannie
Unseated by the watter -
Ach, he's jist a bairnie
I'll pit him in a push-chair

Aff then wi ma mannie
A snochterin eeseless cratur
Thank ye, Bogie watter
I've fulfilled ma weemun's nature

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The Catch


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Method of composition Handwritten
Year of composition 1994
Word count 105

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Publisher Scottish Cultural Press
Publication year 1998
Place of publication Edinburgh
ISBN/ISSN 1840170247
Edition 1st
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Contained in "After the Watergaw", a collection of new poetry from Scotland inspired by water.
Editor Robert Davidson
Page numbers 118

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Author id 249
Forenames Maureen
Surname Sangster
Gender Female
Decade of birth 1950
Educational attainment University
Age left school 18
Upbringing/religious beliefs Protestantism
Place of birth Aberdeen
Region of birth Aberdeen
Birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Country of birth Scotland
Place of residence Kirkcaldy
Region of residence Fife
Residence CSD dialect area Fif
Country of residence Scotland
Father's occupation Teacher
Father's place of birth St Fergus
Father's region of birth Buchan
Father's birthplace CSD dialect area Buchan
Father's country of birth Scotland
Mother's occupation Teacher
Mother's place of birth Skene
Mother's region of birth Aberdeen
Mother's birthplace CSD dialect area Abd
Mother's country of birth Scotland


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