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Being Intimate

Author(s): Maureen Sangster

Copyright holder(s): Maureen Sangster


O when ye pit yer hand doon
tae the place it fits
it feels like gid sweet sherry works
bamboozlin tae the wits

I've rin oot frae ma human coat
I'm like a plant that slips
I'm slippin frae the tabletop
Ma pot'll drop! Ma pot'll drop!

I hae three breasts upon ma chest
Yer sweet head's one o them
Ye flung ma jumper far enough
but now ye're makin friends

I hae a flight o seagulls
that's liftin through ma head
O catch their wings, those lovely things
and tuck yer hands beneath
their soft white breasts

You curve ma back
I shape yer arm
We're sure of what we do
We're rapidly escapin frae
a box o a bedroom

The angles are a altered
the ceilin's bashin through
O knobble nibble knobble
knobble knobble nibble noo!

That window looks fair gackit
Has it got a new view too?
Instead o streets an city muck
does it look to frothy blue?

For I feel we are on holiday
nae in a city pit
so unrestrained
let's begin again
being intimate

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Being Intimate


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Decade of birth 1950
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Place of birth Aberdeen
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