Document 601

Dog's Bite; Bee's Sting

Author(s): Cecilia Grainger

Copyright holder(s): Cecilia Grainger

This document contains strong or offensive language


Characters: Jilly 20’s BJ 30’s Pat 20’s Lee 50’s

Jilly sits crossed leg in front of the boxing ring in the gym; she starts some stretching exercises
To the left of the gym a film image appears on a screen- mirror - image is Lee she’s breaking dishes and screaming
no sound is heard only loud music(live)plays. Jilly crawls beneath the mirror; curls up in a ball; Lee stands over her with a heavy buckled belt; she thrashes JILLY. Lee’s image fades; Jilly stands in front of the mirror and shadow boxes
Boxers appear in the gym; box around the audience; then in front of the boxing ring; then continue boxing out of the gym

Enter Pat

PAT. Why Jilly? Why yi daein this…?

Jilly stops boxing; does stretching exercises

PAT. Yi realize you’re killin her: this is killing Lee!

Jilly starts shadow boxing

PAT. Jist see her; listen ti her?

JILLY. So, how ur you Jilly…?

PAT. She’s in a right state; / yiv hurt hur real bad…

JILLY. Oh Ah’m cool Pat: jist great…

PAT. You’re noh listenin Jilly…

JILLY. How much mair dis she want? / She’s got everythin…

PAT. Bit she’s noh huvin THIS! (Points around)

Jilly does some exercises on the medicine ball

PAT. Guess what Jilly? Ah care aboot you…you an Lee; wur a famely; so Ah’m concerned ‘boot what happens ti us…

JILLY. AWWWWW! Brotherly love?

Long Silence

PAT. What’re yi looking fur, here, daein this fightin?

JILLY. Boxing Pat…


PAT. Your art!

JILLY. You just don’t get it, di yi?


PAT. Ken what Ah think?

JILLY. Please tell mi brother dearest…?

PAT. Yur feared…

JILLY. Excuse me!

PAT. Yeh, feared o settlin doon; startin a / famely; bein

JILLY. Kin you hear yursell…?

PAT. a responsible grown up wummin; stuck wi the wee tomboy / image that’s your…

JILLY. Lee’s put yi up ti this: sent yi here ti wind me up.


PAT. Yur obsessed wi this boxing. Ah come roond ti see mah Sister; where is she? HERE!!!


JILLY. (Sings) "I get knocked down but I get up again no they’re never gonnae keep me down I get / knocked down…

PAT. An BJ…?

JILLY. What aboot um?

PAT. Lettin yi dae this…?

JILLY. (Laughs) Lettin mi…?

PAT. You heard mi.

JILLY. Yi make um sound like some sorti…


JILLY. BJ believes in me: BJ supports me: encourages me…

PAT. Any man that allows a wummin ti dae this…

JILLY. Ooooooh god!


PAT. Lee disnae ken Ah’m here…

JILLY. Pat, wi baithe ken: Lee kens every move you make. Ah’m here in this gym an that ring o mah ain free will.

PAT. So, nothin Ah say is gonnae stop yi?

JILLY. Pat, nothing Lee telt yi ti say is gonnae stop mi.


JILLY. Ah ken what hur game is…

PAT. Game? Sounds like a BJ word…Lee’s right BJ’s got yi under his spell…

Jilly jumps up; runs to Pat; starts boxing around him

JILLY. Come oan flabby: you an me, right now…?

Pat starts sparring with Jilly

JILLY. Come oan show us how it used ti be champ…?

Jilly and Pat spar for a few minutes
Pat stops suddenly

PAT. Ah stopped aw this when Ah grew up Jilly.

Boxers appear training

JILLY. Wid yi look at that young Cherie?


PAT. Aye, poetry in motion…

JILLY. Ah used ti say that aboot you…


PAT. Jilly, say you’ll see her, see Lee?

Exit boxers

Jilly starts skipping

Enter BJ

BJ. Pat mah man; how goes it?

PAT. You’ve got a lot ti answer fur BJ.

Exit Pat

BJ. He comes here the night…? He kens yur trainin fur…

Jilly shadow boxes

BJ. Focus Jilly. Channel the negative energy.

Jilly sits down
BJ sits down beside her

Enter Gary with four boxers

Gary steps into the ring with boxers. Gary stands center ring; each boxer takes a corner. One by one each boxer spars with Gary.

JILLY. Pat worried…scared fur his wee sister: gits ti mi, ken, when he hus that look o fear oan his face…


BJ. Take five Jilly? Watch the performance: go wi the artists; hear thur silence; feel thur boots paint poetry oan that canvas…

Jilly and BJ look at the boxers in the ring

Long Silence

JILLY. That look Pat hus, it’s like a…like an image thits been stamped oan, he smiles bit his eyes ur flat; lifeless…

BJ. Lot o people dinnae git it…they dinnae see the art bit we kin show thum Jilly; you an these artist’s kin gee pictures o boxin life an meanin…

JILLY. Lee’s still tryin ti push mi a corner; keep me there…

Exit Gary and boxers

Enter George with Sara and Cherie

George stands center ring; Sara in one corner Cherie in the other; they take turns sparring with George

BJ. Negative thought? A tiny seed planted in a healthy mind; takes root; spreads; creeps; crawls till it strangles an chokes…

Screen image appears: it’s BJ and Jilly: a taxi is driving away Jilly starts to walk away BJ follows her
Image fades
Jilly and BJ stand apart from each other
Screen image shows traffic; people are heard shouting at each other


BJ. (Shouts) Jilly take another step? Ah’m warnin yi, yi better stae put. (Pause) That stopped yi in yur tracks ay?

JILLY. (Bends down takes off her trainer) Stane in mah trainer Beej…

BJ. What wis aw that it the chippy?

Jilly puts her trainer back on

JILLY. Ah’m eatin mah pizza in bed! (Yawns loudly)

BJ throws his arms around; pushes his face at Jilly

JILLY. First thing? Oan wi the elecrtric /blanket: pizza in

BJ. (Quietly) Efter what’s happened aw you kin say is…

JILLY. the micro:/ oan wi the jimjams: pizza oot the…

BJ. (Shouts) The look yi gave pare Kirsty…?

JILLY. Hur roots need daein…(does stretching exercises)

BJ. (Shouts) Taxi, Kirsty wis gittin a taxi, asked if wi wanted a lift…(Quietly) Admit it, yi wur jealous?

JILLY. (Dances around) Hur biggest problem? Cellulite…

BJ. What amazes me? How yi kin even let me go oot ti work?

Jilly does shadow boxing


BJ. You sittin aw day at that checkoot: letting the sliced pan; letting the soap poodur slip by (Shouts) pittin the supermarket near the edge o bankruptcy an why? (Quietly) That wee sleekit mind o yours? Whey’s BJ talking ti? Melanie fi personnel? Whey’s sharin his baked tattie…?

JILLY. Huv wi got oany mayo? In bed cooried up: slice o pizza; dippin mah chips in a mega jar o mayo…(yawns)

BJ. You hingin ower the chippy coontur; kiddin oan yi wur

Jilly does stretching exercises

BJ. ignorin Kirsty an me; aw the time seein us in the chippy windae. (Shouts) Taxi, Kirsty gittin a taxi askin if wi wanted a lift…tell yi Jilly your needin help…cannae even talk ti a lassie at the chippy…?

Pat appears; he can’t stand still
BJ throws his arms up; sits down

PAT. Awright Beej? Awright Jilly? Some fuckin buzz the night. Ah’m orbiting Saturn; headin fur the moon an climbin… WEEEEEEE!!

Pat shadow boxes Jilly
Jilly does stretching exercises
Pat can’t stand still; bounces around
BJ gets up; tries to catch Pat: keeps missing him

BJ. Do you mind? Jilly an me ur in the middle o a fight…she’s gonnae blaw a fuse oany meenit…she caught me oot wi Kirsty Finlay…

PAT. (Laughs) Flyin so Ah um…WEEEEEEEEE!

Pat twirls around
BJ sits down
Jilly shadow boxes

PAT. Yur looking like a winner Jilly; gonnae scare the shit oot Suzy Paterson; take that title fi hur nae bother: need a wee something ti git yi fired up? / Then Ah’m yur man…

BJ gets up

BJ. Git yursell sorted Pat; way ooti control…

JILLY. Got oany mayo in the hoose Pat?

PAT. Nuht! Salad cream oany guid…?

JILLY. Disnae stick ti the chips! (Yawn)

Pat twirls around

PAT. See yi oan fight night champ? (Chants) Jilly Jilly Jilly Jilly…

JILLY. Pat come back wi us…?

Jilly reaches out to Pat

Exit Pat

JILLY. Pat, stae wi us…?


Jilly shadow boxes
BJ looks around at the ground

BJ. Aye, Kirsty ih? You tryin ti hear hur whisperin in mah ear (Shouts) What wis she sayin? Taxi, yi wantin a lift in the taxi? You turning green bi the minute…(looks around) That dirty wee mind o yours: drawin wee pictures o me an Kirsty…Kirsty an hur wee black leather mini…

JILLY. Ah’ll make mah ain mayo: olive oil eggs vinegar…

BJ falls to his knees; looks around

BJ. Aye, Kirsty slappin oan big dollops o mayo oan mah very very private parts…

BJ continues looking on the ground

BJ. Your gonnae blaw a gasket oany meenit, Kirsty lickin off the mayo…

JILLY. (Laughs) BJ yi need ti be mair believable…

Long Silence

BJ. In the ring nae anger Jilly: git the anger oot now! Yur in denial Jilly: yur detachin fi yur anger: deep rooted anger kin surface an if it rages up in there…there in that
ring yur lost: yur weak; vulnerable: a victim wi nae defence.

BJ still looks on the ground

JILLY. Ah’m in control Beej: nae anger: nae rage…

Jilly does some stretching exercises

BJ. (Shouts) If yur detached fi what really makes yi angry…you ken what Ah’m talking aboot! (Pause) Then yi need ti huv something that’ll trigger a response…

JILLY. (Laughs) Bit when Ah think o you an Kirsty: Ah feel a smile startin (Laughin) then it turns / inti a mega laugh…

BJ. Need ti git yi angry, really angry…(Pause) What yi done wi the bag?



BJ. Bag oot the chippy!

JILLY. You hud the bag!


BJ. AWWWWW! Jilly…?

Jilly stops shadow boxing

JILLY. Pizza? Mah pizza…?


BJ. Away hame wi Kirsty…

JILLY. (Shouts) Where’s mah pizza…? Mah once a week treat…

BJ. Pizza’s keepin Kirsty’s thigh warm…


BJ. (Holds his hands up) Noo that’s anger Jilly, left hand jab right hand jab jab left hand…

Jilly punches BJ’s hands
Boxers appear in gym; box around the audience

Exit boxers

Lights fade slightly

Lights brighten slightly
Screen image appears of Lee banging her fists on a door

Enter Pat

Pat sits on a stool facing the mirror
Four boxers appear in the ring; they box each other then box in line facing Pat


PAT. Gawn back – naw ken, ti the place where it aw started aw happened. Yi might ask – ken naw – yi might ken what a trek that’ll be tae, naebody wi mi, wee laddie naw ken – tiny tot oan mah tod back in the room o gloom, (Pause) room o dread, OK Doc? Naw ken, Ah said right yi ur Doc let’s start at the naw ken start at the start…(Pause) Door Doc, creaky groanin door, light chinkin through, naw ken, where Lee left her mark, naw ken, where Lee left her tattoo, hur mega fist print. (Pause) Tiddly bits o light tinkerin through squinty cracks, noh a soddin door in the hoose Doc, noh a door in the place athoot spidery splintery cracks, naw ken, she’d be vicious, skin bitin airm nippin vicious, OK Doc? (Pause) Naw ken, she widnae huv it, (Pause) jjjjjjjjist widnae huv hur real name, (Pause) widnae be cawed
bi hur real name, made mi caw hur a made up name – standin there – hur knees bed height level Doc, (Pause) standin wi sweat bubblin , naw ken, drippin off her chin, efter, (Pause) naw ken, efter Ah’d pit hur belt back oan hur loop bi soddin loop – OK Doc? (Pause) Her an her, what diyi caw it Doc? Naw ken hur an hur on…non de plume? OK Doc? (Long Pause) Naw ken, ur yi ready?: Ah’m nearly there, jist aboot…(Pause) kin yi git sair teeth? naw ken, when somethins shoving tight up against yur teeth, (Pause) it’s a heavy hard thing, naw ken, it’s noh a thing, a something rammin yur teeth heid oan, (Pause) naw ken, noh a thing, noh a punch: a word, a soddin word, sair still sair, (Pause) shoving pushin mah teeth, (Cries) (Pause) naw ken batterin thum clean oot mah mooth, a word… (Pause) jist yin word… (Shouts) MOOOOOOOOTHER…!

Seconds enters in the ring; boxers sit in their corners;
Referee enters the ring

Seconds check their gloves; head protection; body protection; wipes them down; gives them water; fits their gum shields.

Lights Fade Slightly on Pat

Lights Stay on boxing ring

Referee calls boxers to fight

Enter BJ

BJ stands at the side of stage watching Pat
Pat crawls on his hands and knees; then picks up boxing gloves; puts them on; stands and shadow boxes

Long Silence

BJ. So what’s the game Pat?

PAT. (Continues boxing)

BJ. Is havoc part o it? Is spoiling / part o it?

PAT. (Moves to punch bag; spars with bag)

BJ. Yi kin see Jilly’s oan the road ti winning…

PAT. Yiv got Jilly well versed BJ…

BJ. Well versed?

Pat stops boxing; sits on the floor; removes the boxing gloves; throws them to the side

PAT. She’s walking your walk; talking your talk…

BJ. Gonnae gees a clue Pat?


PAT. Game…Jilly said Lee hud a game…noo your askin boot mah game…?

BJ. Lee’s game? Nae rules game; jist hur cawin the shots…

Long Silence

PAT. Your causin trouble in mah famely…

BJ. Famely? (Laughs) You hud the chance ti be part o a real famely Pat here in here: bit what did yi dae?

Pat gets up starts to leave

BJ. (Shouts) Ah said, what did yi dae?

Pat turns and rushes toward BJ
BJ faces Pat
Pat lifts his fist to BJ

BJ. Wur in the boxing world Pat, remember? (Pause) This is where yi learned respect; (Pause) discipline; stuff yi wurnae learnin oot there in the other world, Lee’s world…

PAT. Jist whey di yi think yi ur BJ? / Splittin us up

BJ. Ah dey huv ti think whey Ah um: Ah ken whey Ah um…

PAT. makin mah sister inti some sorti freak; huvin hur…

Enter Jilly

Jilly stands to the side of stage watching Pat and BJ

BJ. See unlike you Ah came here: inti this gym this boxing world an Ah staed here an learned what famely wis, real famely (Pause) an Jilly came along an she learned: (Pause) you coached hur Pat bit the mair self worth an respect Jilly learned (Pause) the mair ooti control you became; (Pause) the mair yi drifted fi this world…drifted an (Pause) drugged yur wae back inti Lee’s world…

Long Silence

PAT. Ah’m noh listenin ti your crap oanymair, yi kin mibi talk circles roon mah sister: fill hur heid wi, wi…

JILLY. Come back ti us Pat?

Long Silence

PAT. Naw you come back ti us!

JILLY. It’s noh too late PAT. (Pause) Yiv cleaned up afore, God how hard kin it be when…(Pause) we’re here fur yi. You any idea what it feels like fur me watching you bein sucked dry; (Pause) yased up; burnt oot? (Pause) Ah swear it times that needle yi yase jags it’s wae inti mah very dreams; (Pause) every time yi shoot up Ah kin feel it, dey ask mi how…(Jilly cries)

BJ. Di yi see what yur daein Pat? Yur noh that far gawn, yi must remember how important it is fur Jilly ti be stress free, she’s got a competition comin off…

Jilly goes to Pat; holds him

JILLY. Noh mind when yi first brought me here? Yi made mi stand ower there; (Pause) telt mi ti be still; (Pause) telt mi ti shut mah een; (Pause) telt mi ti feel the purity, (Pause) aye purity. Yi said the cleaness o this world; cleaness o the boxing world washes away aw the dirt (Pause) fi the world oot there…

Long Silence

BJ. Aw he cares aboot is his next hit; his next buzz; selfish through / an through…

PAT. Takes yin ti ken yin BJ…

BJ. Yin what…?

PAT. Selfish person…

BJ. Me? Selfish?

PAT. Kiddin oan yur aw fur Jilly; daein aw this trainin an coachin fur Jilly, (Pause) an aw the time daein it fur yursell…

JILLY. That’s crap Pat: BJ cares / boot baithe o us…

PAT. Gittin you ti be the person he could’nae be, aw aye he tried it wi me anaw; tryin ti wipe oot his failure wi me; aw that runnin; aw that sparrin; aw that…

BJ. Yeh yur right Pat. Ah failed wi you…

PAT. Yi failed wi yursel./ In here an in the ring, aye yi

JILLY. It’s Lee got yi talking this wae Pat…

PAT. won the fights bit oot there in the other world yi wur feared ti let go; / feared if yi loosened up yin wee bit

JILLY. BJ’s tryin ti help yi Pat…

PAT. you’d lose control an be the same as…

BJ. Mah faithir? Fawin in the door every other night pissed drunk an skint?

PAT. You an yur boxing world? Oot in the real world it wisnae looking it the other guy’s face that made yi feared…

BJ. Me, feared o the / other guy’s face…?


PAT. Wis yur ain face yi wur feared o…feared o facin yursell…

Pat tries to pull BJ to the mirror

PAT. Look, gawn face yursell…

Jilly rushes between Pat and BJ

JILLY. Naw Pat, Ah’m noh letting yi bring yur disease in here; yur noh contaminating the cleaness in here…

BJ walks away; goes and sits on the edge of the boxing ring

PAT. Aye walk away BJ…

JILLY. Yi forgotten how much courage yi learned in here?

PAT. What the hell yi talking aboot Jilly…?


JILLY. Courage ti walk away fi uncontrolled violence; uncontrolled aggression…

PAT. Let mi go Jilly; let me ooti here…

Pat runs from the gym
Image appears on the screen; it’s Lee with a man. Lee’s crying; pulling at the man’s arm: he pushes her away
Jilly walks to the screen; shadow boxes; sits on a stool


JILLY. (Sings) When the dog bites when the bee stings when I’m feeing bad I simply remember my favourite things and then I don’t feel so sad…


JILLY. If yid jist looked back dad! (Pause) Took the time; a nano second; nipped back looked through the livin room windae, (Pause) naw didnae huv ti be the door, yi could’uve staed ootside peeked through the windae; (Pause) seen us, us dad, what wur wi dad? Famely your famely. (Pause) Pat lyin in front o the coal fire, mind it dad? (Pause) Thone green; blue an orange flames; mind us toastin breid (Pause) an the Lurpak drippin doon oor jammies; (Pause) You sayin,‘Mind dey git too near: yull git burnt!’ (Pause) Lee brushin mah hair ti the static sent sparks flyin…see then yi wid’uve stopped…bit yi kept walkin, walkin away. (Pause) Disappeared jist like the smoke oot the chimney…Long (Pause) Lost yur job dad? What shame wis thur in that? Yid huv got another job, (Pause) what wur yi feared o dad? Noh bein able ti retrain; bein made ti look stupid. (Pause) Yid lost yur self worth, yid been forced oot your world, the underworld, the dark dangerous coal world. (Pause) Cause see when yi left oor world Lee looked it us an every time she looked at us…she saw you, an hur loathin jist grew an grew, loathin fur hur ain weakness, an ti git strong an git power back she did what she did ti us, aye she wis weak bit we wur weaker than hur. (Pause) See, her world Lee’s world wis fu o big bad monsters, powerful monsters…in collar’s an ties wi forms an threats, (Pause) an me an Pat kent wi hud ti git courage an wi did, wi got it here in this world the boxing world…(Pause) if yid jist stopped; came back; looked through the windae…?

Screen image fades.

Jilly goes to BJ they watch as boxers
appear; they box around the gym; in front of the audience; then box their way out of the gym.
BJ and Jilly hold each other

Exit BJ and Jilly

Enter Lee

Lee stands and watches as young boxers enter the ring
Rab helps boxers put on their protective gear; he shows them some boxing techniques; then they spar with each other

Enter BJ

BJ stops; looks at LEE. BJ goes to punch bag; starts boxing

LEE. This place husnae changed!

BJ goes toward Lee; takes off his gloves

LEE. Your looking guid BJ!


LEE. Look, Ah’m sorry…

BJ. You sorry…?


LEE. Comin here; botherin yi: Ah ken how serious yi take aw this…

BJ. Aw this…?

LEE. See, it’s…Ah’m here cause Ah need ti see…


BJ. Jilly?


LEE. Look Ah dey ken what she’s telt yi bit see…


BJ. What yi wantin Lee?


LEE. When will Ah git mah lassie back Beej?

BJ. When yi show hur respect Lee!

Lee picks up bandages; starts rolling them up

Long Silence

LEE. Jilly’s aye makin mountains oot o molehills…

BJ. Pat’s been here:/ back oan the gear again Lee…

LEE. A brother looking oot fur his / sister; wonderin if

BJ. caught in the / same auld trap: following your orders.

LEE. she’s awright: needs anything…


BJ. How is it Lee, the stronger Jilly becomes the mair feared you become?

LEE. (Laughs)


BJ. Ah say somethin funny?


LEE. You! You an yur theory: aye oan aboot fear an famely; notice how they baithe start wi the letter f, (Pause) aw an what’s the other word starts wi f? (Pause) Aw aye, faithir…

BJ puts on boxing gloves; goes to punch bag; starts boxing

LEE. Ah dey wanti ti upst you BJ: aw Ah want is…noh want need, aw Ah need is mah lassie back.

BJ stops boxing

BJ. An if she disnae want ti come back?

LEE. Jilly needs me: Ah’m hur mother: (Pause) every lassie needs hur mother…

Long Silence

BJ. When you gonnae start livin in the real world Lee? When yi gonnae tell Jilly an Pat what happened: aw they years ago (Shouts) what really happened…?

Long Silence

LEE. Ah understand BJ…realize what yur daein. Jilly bein the silly wee lassie she is: infatuated bi this: the dressin up; the performin; the showin off…


BJ. Ah think it’s time you left here Lee…


LEE. You playin at…at…was gonnae say big brother, bit playin at bein daddy eh, Beej? She kin make a story oot o oanythin kin Jilly…

BJ. She noh learn that fi you Lee?

Long Silence

LEE. You watch where yur gawn BJ…sometimes the / stories

BJ. Is that a threat Lee…?

Rab and young boxers leave the ring
Cherie and Sarah appear in the gym; box around the audience
Scott appears in gym; Jason appears next; two more appear: they all wear thick clothing;
George appears; he shouts orders; they all start training

LEE. yur telt kin take a nasty twist,/ kin turn right roond

BJ. Di a look scared?

LEE. an hit yi smack in the face…widnae want yi hurt BJ!

Cherie Sarah and Gary appear in the ring.
Cherie and Sarah spar with Gary

Long Silence

LEE. Ah miss waiting…?


BJ. Waiting (Pause) on what!


LEE. It disnae matter!

BJ. Yi wur ayewis guid at that Lee…

LEE. What waiting?

BJ. Naw saying it disnae matter, when of course it did matter it dis matter…


LEE. Ah could never decide what you wur best at Beej…Fancy footwork or fancy mooth work? (Laughs)

BJ. Mooth work ih? Yi mean telling the truth!


LEE. Ah’ve lost track here…oh aye, waiting, Ah miss waiting oan mah lassie, (Pause) oh an you BJ, waiting oan the two o yi comin back fi an early morning run sweat soaked bit glowin, (Pause) waiting oan the two o yi comin back fi a competition…

BJ. Used ti be three o us Lee, mind…?

LEE. Pat? Awch Pat kent he wis wasting his time: heid fu o wee men oan motor bikes that wis oor Pat: missed a bit o fun an excitement he did: realized aw this wis takin him nae where: makin um nae money…

BJ. Makin you nae money…?

LEE. Hope your noh gonnae start aw that silly crazy talk aboot Pat…

BJ. Pat, what aboot Pat…?

LEE. The silly idea yiv clutched oan ti aw these years…wacko idea aboot Pat…?

BJ. Pat, what aboot Pat? (Pause) Pat makin money fur you: you settin him up in some sleaze pit at the back o some clapped oot hotel; dodging aroond a makeshift ring; him an some other wee laddie punchin each other silly; (Pause) load o sickos screamin an bettin money like they wur at a dug fight: boy boxers Lee, unlicensed; dangerous…

LEE. You an that fancy mooth work…(Pause) Me forcing Pat inti something dangerous, my god BJ he’s mah laddie; mah first born…fancy mooth work BJ, (Laughs) an oanywae what proof di yi huv…(Laughs) Naebody listens ti Pat’s stories. (Laughs)

Lee goes to BJ dances in front of him

Enter Jilly

Jilly stands to the side watching Lee and BJ

LEE. Come oan BJ lighten up; git a life; (puts her arm around BJ) let yursell go; huv fun fun fun!

BJ. Your kind o fun Lee! (He pushes Lee aside)

LEE. There’s only yin kind o fun BJ…live fur the day that’s mah motto…tomorrow never comes?

BJ. When yi gonnae tell Jilly an Pat the truth: when yi gonnae tell yursell the truth…?

LEE. (Shouts) Get off mah back BJ: what happened: happened OK? (Pause) Look Beej, it’s aw water under the bridge: aw wi need is ti git back ti where wi aw wur…


BJ. An the other stuff…?

LEE. Stuff what stuff…?

BJ. ‘Boot thur faithir: what really happened ti thur faithir Lee…yase words ti tell thum ; noh yur fists…

LEE. BJ let’s go back ti how things wur? (Puts her arm around BJ)

Enter Pat

Pat runs at BJ
BJ stands aside
Lee catches Pat as he falls

LEE. Hey you settle doon ih? Beej an me ur gawn ower auld times, ay BJ?

Exit Jilly

Exit boxers

Youngsters appear in the gym with Rab; youngsters shadow box; Rab supervises: shows them proper stance etc

PAT. Is he bothering you ma?

LEE. Why wid he wanti ti dae that Pat? (Laughs)

PAT. Ti git back at yi cause yi telt um where ti get off; telt um yi wanted nuthin ti dae wi um…?


BJ. Yur allowed in here Pat cause o Jilly…

PAT. Aw Ah’m ever si grateful: as if Ah didnae hae a life; as if Ah could’nae dae athoot this place…


LEE. Here you two how’s aboot a spot o friendly sparrin?

PAT. Aye come oan big man; like auld times…?

BJ. Ah’d be delighted Pat: efter yi git a blood test?

LEE. Here that’s noh very nice BJ…

BJ. Mah patience’s startin ti run oot…

LEE. Ah think yi should apologise ti Pat BJ!

PAT. Mah ma’s right: talking ti me like Ah wis dirt…

BJ. Still dey see what she’s daein / Pat…she’s pushin yur

LEE. Mah laddie’s as guid as oanybody in here, say yur

BJ. buttons like / she’s ayewis done: yur still hur puppet.

PAT. Your still tryin ti cause trouble wi us…

LEE. sorry BJ (Shouts) Pat face up ti um; make um apologise…

Enter Jilly

Pat makes to punch BJ
BJ holds Pat steady

LEE. (Shouts) Make um say sorry Pat, makeummakeummakeum…

Jilly runs to Pat; pulls him to the ground; covers him
Lee goes to Jilly and Pat; kneels down tries to touch them

JILLY. (Quietly) Don’t touch us…

Jilly rocks Pat like a baby
BJ kneels beside Jilly and holds her and Pat

JILLY. (Sings) "When the dog bites; when the bee stings when I’m feelin bad I simply remember my favourite…"

Lee gets up; walks away

Lights fade on actors

Lights stay on boxing ring


Rab gathers the youngsters in the centre of the ring; he pats them on the back; they leave the ring;
Cherie Sarah Scott and Gary appear in the ring; leave the ring; then box around the gym

Lights Fade

Lone boxer appears; shadow boxes in front of mirror
Pat and Jilly hold each other
They watch screen image of children playing on swings

PAT. Let mi go Jilly: let mi go back ti where Ah feel…

JILLY. (Sings) La la la la la la la la la la snowflakes that fall on my nose an eyelashes: brown paper packages tied up with string: these are a few of my favourite things… When

JILLY PAT. the dog bites when the bee stings when Ah’m feelin bad simply remember my favourite / things then I don’t feel so…

PAT. Cannae hack it Jill: tried afore, nae guid, weak Ah’m / too weak…

JILLY. Stae here wi us; / get strong feel safe…

Young boxers appear; skipping

PAT. Staein here…here in this gym makes me feel… (Starts Crying; tries to pull away from Jilly)

JILLY. (Sings) "When the dog bites when the bee stings…la la la la /a la la…"

PAT. When Ah’m in here Ah feel dirty: bit when Ah leave; go oot there Ah wanti ti git clean…git clean so’s Ah kin come back in here, / want it ti be like it wis afore…

JILLY. Leave her: leave Lee; come an stae wi Beej an me… (Jilly lets go of Pat)


Scott George ? Gary appear in the ring: they spar with each other; they’re wearing protective gear

PAT. Why yi askin mi ti dae that…ti dae the impossible…?

JILLY. Get off the gear; that’s what’s screwin yur heid up; stae wi Lee? / (Shouts) an you’ll end up like…

PAT. (Shouts) An whey’s gonnae look efter hur? (Pause)

Jilly holds Pat again

JILLY. Aw god Pat…we’ve been here how many times…?

PAT. NAWWWWWWW! Dinnae tell mi…dey wanti hear ‘boot…

JILLY. Dad? How she tried ti make him tough…?

PAT. Ah kin shut right off Jilly: kin stare right inti the darkness where Ah dinnae see the words comin at mi…

JILLY. Bit yi kin still hear the punches?

Long Silence

PAT. Ah promised Jilly; swore oan that auld bible…

JILLY. Yi wur seven yur auld Pat: Lee wis oot ur mind back then; makin yi dae that…

PAT. Lee said Ah wis ti be the man o the hoose: mah job ti look efter mah sister an mother: yi dinnae understand…


JILLY. Ah understand aw the beatins fi ur big broon leather belt; Lee makin yi a tough guy; makin yi strong, strong enough ti be the man o the hoose…? (Shouts) Strong enough ti play DADA!

PAT. Him runnin off; never gittin in touch: oor faithir

Jilly: Ah’d ti step inti / his shoes…take his place…

JILLY. Shouts Will yi stop believing what Lee tells yi?

Pat falls down
Jilly kneels beside Pat; holds him

PAT. Dogs sting bee’s bite dogs sting / bee’s bite dogs…

Enter BJ

JILLY. Ah ken what yi done fur me Pat… (Cries) defended me…


PAT. Sometimes when yi git hit; it’s better than hittin somebody: an when you git hit instead o somebody else gittin hit, somebody yi promised ti protect, then when yi
git hit, it’s like yur wrapped up in a thick wooly jumper, an yi feel warm an alive; noh cauld an deid (Pause) Help mi Jilly?


BJ. Dae what Jilly asked yi ti dae Pat?

Jilly BJ. Come back ti us…?


PAT. She’ll come efter mi: she’ll huv ti: athoot me she’ll fold in oan hursell again; she’ll go doon an doon…

BJ. Space is what yi need Pat: away fi the madness o Lee’s world: / come wi Jilly an me…

PAT. Shut it BJ…Yull noh fool me as easy as yi did Jilly…

JILLY. Yur talking crazy again / Pat: Lee’s poisoning yi

PAT. If yi came back Jilly things wid be different:

JILLY. against BJ; it’s hur using you; noh BJ…

PAT. thigithir you an me…we’d make Lee change, thigithir we’d change hur…that’s what’s wrong she’s lost athoot you; cause you’d make us a famely again…

JILLY. Freedom’s here Pat: (Pause) bein part o the boxing world gives yi freedom; (Pause) oot there in Lee’s world yur a slave ti the drug; (Pause) slave ti chaos an disorder…


BJ. Wur wasting oor time Jilly: he’s lost aw the courage he learned in here…


PAT. You cawin me a coward BJ!

BJ. Aye!

JILLY. Beej disnae mean / it that wae Pat…

BJ. Aye Ah dae…

PAT. An what um Ah feared o BJ?

BJ. The truth…’boot what made yi the wae yi ur…

PAT. You gonnae start oan aboot that crazy crap wi mah faithir…? Lee said mah dad didnae want us…

JILLY. BJ let me deal wi this ih? Pat’s hurtin; / needs us…

BJ. Wiv tried it your wae Jilly…He’s noh gonnae leave; he’s noh gonnae / clean up; he’s noh gonnae…

JILLY. He’s mah brother BJ; Ah cannae abandon um…

BJ. An what aboot me? (Pause) What dae Ah dae? stand oan the edge o the ring: (Pause) waiting fur you ti fix oot yur saddo brother…(Pause) Ah’m noh hinging aboot oany longer Jilly: tell yi it’s him or me…

JILLY. What?

BJ. You heard…

Enter Lee

Lee stands at the side

PAT. Ah telt yi Jilly: aw he’s bothered aboot is this boxing competition / that’s comin off…

JILLY. Is that true BJ?


BJ. Cannae take this in…how easy yi slip back inti Lee an Pat’s world…how they see everybody like thursells, awbody’s got an angle; a racket in their world…

PAT. He’s using yi Jilly, needs you ti feed his ain clapped oot ego…

JILLY. BJ right this minute what’s first in your mind…?

BJ. You Jilly…

JILLY. An the reason Ah’m first in your mind…?

BJ. Love Jilly, Ah love yi…

Long Silence

JILLY. So if what yi say is true, help mi save mah brother…?

PAT. Aye Beej, (Shouts) save mi save mi save mi…

BJ. Yiv got ti want ti be saved Pat; di yi wanti ti be…?

PAT. (Shouts) It’s noh what Ah want: never wis aboot what Ah want (Pause) BJ you did it; you got there: learned ti protect yursell; kept protectin yursell: Ah’m noh like you: Ah’m weak / weak weak…

Jilly holds Pat

BJ. Lee telt yi what? (Pause) She telt yi yi wur weak: (Pause) then she beat an battered yi ti make yi strong, right Pat?

JILLY. Love an self worth that’s what makes us strong Pat…

BJ. How dis a bairn like you wur, how dis a bairn protect itsell…?


JILLY. Show us Pat: how dis a bairn like you wur protect it sel?

Long Silence

Pat goes down on the floor: curls himself into a ball
Jilly comforts Pat

JILLY. Is she’s comin here the night Pat…?


BJ. Tell yi Jilly this is the end o the line: yiv got ti move away fi aw this…


JILLY. Pat is she comin here…? (Pause) Did yi tell her what Ah said?

BJ. You asked her here?

JILLY. Didnae ask… (Shouts) Telt her ti be here…!

PAT. She’llbehereshe’llbehereshe’llbehere…!

BJ. Then what?

Boxers appear in the gym
Jilly and BJ join them
They all shadow box
Pat goes to the boxing ring; puts gloves on steps inside ring shadow boxes


Lights Fade

Lee stands inside the boxing ring
Boxers appear training in the gym

Enter BJ

BJ. Things look different fi up there Lee? (Pause) Must be hard fur you watchin discipline and order in action. (Pause) Yur in another world up there Lee; (Pause) mibi if yi staed in it long enough yid git ti like it…(Laughs) Did Ah jist see a pig fly past…

Cherie Sarah and Gary appear in the ring

Lee leaves the ring; makes her way to BJ
Cherie Sarah and Gary spar
Lee sits on stool
Boxers leave the gym

BJ. Naw, back in your world your boss; you’re cawin the shots; like aw bullies yur terrified o self control; (Pause) that’s why yi try controlling awbody else: self control means bein responsible; bein responsible means bein an adult; bein an (Pause) adult means facin up ti yur weaknesse’s as well as yur strengths…(Pause) Ah’m Ah gawn to fast fur yi Lee?

LEE. You an me wid’uve been guid thigithir BJ; bit yi didnae ken what ti dae wi a real wummin…(moves to BJ tries to put her arm around BJ)

BJ side steps Lee

LEE. Aye, you me Jilly an Pat: could’ve been a right wee happy famely…

BJ. Still in Lee’s world: fantasy land…It’s Jilly Ah love…

LEE. Whatever Beej…

Enter Pat

LEE. Where’s Jilly…?

Pat stands close to Lee

PAT. Like bein back in the room o gloom,the darkened room; only this time, Ah’m a man noh a laddie: then /Jilly opened

LEE. Where’s Jilly…? Pat is Jilly…?

PAT. the curtains an the light flooded in; then Ah could see everythin… / aw Ah wanted wis the dark again…bit see

LEE. She better hurry up: Ah’ll be late fur mah work…

PAT. Jilly kept draggin the curtains apart:/ then BJ kept

LEE. If she wants ti come hame: why noh jist come hame…?

PAT. openein the door; things got sharp / edged bright; bit

LEE. Jilly kens Ah’ll forgive hur…where is she?

PAT. Ah’m back ti cravin the sooty black room: then Jilly pulled the curtains clean off the windae: BJ ripped the door fi it’s hinges…

Pat moves beside BJ


BJ holds Pat around the shoulder

LEE. What ur you slaverin aboot Pat? Warned yi awready ‘boot that skunk: makes yi morbid that…young guy like you talking aw this serious stuff…?

PAT. Ah’m gittin oot Lee…

LEE. That’s mah boy git oot; huv fun; live fur the day cause tomorrow never…

BJ. Listen ti um Lee…?

LEE. (Shouts) Don’t you tell me what ti dae…

Pat cowers behind BJ

PAT. Ah’m gittin oot Lee!

LEE. Gittin oot o what: gittin oot o where…?

PAT. Prison!


LEE. What the hell you bein coaching mah laddie ti think; ti say BJ? Your fancy mooth work again?

BJ. Pat kin think an talk fur hisel…

LEE. (Laughs)

PAT. She’s laughin it mi again…

BJ. Stae focused Pat…

Long Silence

LEE. (Laughs) Sorry son bit (Laughs) wis it noh jist last week Ah’d ti go talk you ooti another disasterous job situation? An as fur him thinking fur hisel…should Ah dae this Lee? Should Ah dae that Lee…? (Laughs)

BJ. Mind what yi learned here in the boxing world Pat? Anticipate what yur opponent’s next move is gonnae be?

LEE. Opponent? (Pause) Your treadin dangerous ground BJ…

BJ. Duck an dive Pat…

PAT. Lee’s gonnae hook mi back in BJ: she’ll talk an talk till hur words turn inti twistin ivy that chokes the life…

Enter Jilly

JILLY. Lee, why did dad die, the wae he did…?

PAT. Screams

Lee runs at Jilly
BJ steps in front of Lee

Exit Lee

Lights Fade

Boxing ring has spotlight
Gary Sara Cherie appear in the ring: Cherie and Sara spar with Gary

Enter Jilly

Jilly does stretching exercises; puts on boxing gloves; shadow boxes

Enter BJ

Jilly stops boxing; sits on stool

BJ. Sure yi wanti ti dae this Jilly?


BJ. Ur yi makin hur face your demons or hurs?


BJ. OK, look, Ah’ll stae oot o it…aw Ah want is us ti be thigithir…backing hur inti a corner; could get messy…

Long Silence

JILLY. Ah’m in shape BJ: noh jist physically, bit mentally: Aw Ah’m looking fur’s the truth; (Pause) nae mair secrets; nae mair lies (Pause) jist like up there, in the ring. (Pause) Watch Cherie and Sara: if they wur telling thursell lies; keeping a secret fi thursell then, they could nae face Gary: the truth in boxing is kening yur strength as well as yur weakness, right? An Lee’s weakness is gonnae meet mah strength, an mibi jist mibi (Pause) mah strength, naw, noh mah physical strength: mah mental strength, mibi that’ll scare the truth oot o Lee…that’s ok, ay, ay?

BJ and Jilly hold each other; then kiss

BJ. Efter the night Jilly: things kin never be the same again…whether Lee staes in hur corner or noh.

Enter Pat

PAT. Ah’ve put mah stuff roond your place ok?

BJ. (Hugs Pat)

Pat goes to Jilly

JILLY. Come here you…?

Jilly and Pat hug each other

PAT. Ah’ll stae wi yi Jilly…

BJ. Spare room’s yours fur as long / as yi need it Pat…

PAT. Naw, mean stae here; face Lee!


JILLY. Yur noh strong enough yit Pat, gittin clean’s gonnae take aw your courage and strength. Yince yur well an back oan track that’ll be the time: the night? it’s Lee an me.

PAT. Is this what yiv been trainin fur Jilly…?

Enter Lee

Pat goes to BJ

Exit Pat and BJ

LEE. You hing aboot Pat: wantin a word…! You listenin?


LEE. Is it something Ah said? (Laughs)

Jilly starts shadow boxing

LEE. What’s gawn oan there? Buddies all of a sudden?


JILLY. Pat’s moved his stuff in wi us!

LEE. Laughs How long di yi think he’ll stae this time?

JILLY. Why did yi dae it ma…?

LEE. Ah’ve noh got aw night Jilly: telt yi awready: Ah forgive yi…

Long Silence

JILLY. Why did yi let it happen?

LEE. Ah gee Pat a week: then he’ll come sniveling back…

JILLY. Best wae ti defend yursel is ti retreat…?

LEE. Ah dey huv ti defend mahsel: defend means protect right? (Laughs) Protect mahsel fi you mah ain lassie? (Laughs) BJ’s the cause o this: him daein aw the talking; / you two…

JILLY. BJ’s mah coach; that’s his job ti dae the talking an me an Pat we dae the listenin cause he’s given us advice; keeping us oan the /right track; teachin us the right wae.

LEE. Fillin yur heids an ears wi his fancy moothwork…

JILLY. BJ ‘s daein what you should’ve been daein, lookin efter us; carin fur us…

LEE. (Laughs)

Long Silence

JILLY. Ah hud ti get Pat away fi yi: cause yi might let it happen ti him…

LEE. (Shouts) Happen? Let what happen?

JILLY. Same as happened ti dad: /tell me why Lee?

LEE. Him? Low life: running off; leavin me…

JILLY. The competition’s the night Lee: you an me facing each other: yur gonnae stop hiding in your corner…

LEE. (Laughs) Jilly, what the hell ur yi daein?

JILLY. Looking fur the truth…?


LEE. (Shouts) Your truth or mine?

JILLY. Truth’s the same fur everybody Lee…

Lee tries to leave
Jilly grabs her; tries to hug her
Lee freezes; pulls away

LEE. (Laughs)

JILLY. A cuddle Lee? Something yi dae when yi feel safe wi somebody; when yur scared a cuddle smothers the terror…

LEE. OK…what di yi want mi ti say Jilly?

JILLY. Say yi love mi…

LEE. (Laughs)

JILLY. Say, yi hate mi?

LEE. Ah’ve came here the night ti hear you apologise fur breckin up the famely; takin mah laddie away…

JILLY. It’s got ti end Lee: the night the secrets an lies huv got ti be uncovered.

LEE. (Shouts) What secrets; what lies?

JILLY. Yur gonnae lose me; yur gonnae lose Pat: try talking; noh hiting…

LEE. (Shouts) What lies, what secrets?

JILLY. Why yi didnae help dad!

Long Silence

LEE. (Shouts) Yur dad left; took off; / went A wall…


JILLY. Dad took his ain life.

Enter BJ and Pat

Pat tries to get to Lee: BJ holds him back
Lee tries to leave
BJ stops her

PAT. Why did he dae it Lee?

Lee falls to the floor

BJ. Stae focused Pat.

LEE. (Whispers) Because he wis weak…

JILLY. Cannae hear yi Lee.

LEE. (Whispers) Because he wis a coward!

JILLY. Still cannae hear yi Lee…

LEE. Said he couldnae cope: wi could aw say that…

BJ. Anticipate Jilly: what’s hur next move…

Lee gets up; sits on the stool; folds her arms around herself; rocks back and forward

PAT. Dad wis ill Lee; he hud depression…

LEE. Shouts A man should be strong; when he tells yi he’s gonnae gee yi the moon wi yur name oan it; then helps bring twa bairns inti the world: he hus ti be strong…

JILLY. Why did yi noh help him git strong?


BJ. She kens your weak spots: keep yur guard up Pat.

LEE. What um Ah dain here…?

PAT. Yur it hame wi yur famely Lee…

LEE. This is a bloody boxing gym: noh a hame…

JILLY. This is oor hame Lee: this is where Pat an me wur taught self respect; respect fur others, stuff you should’ve been teachin us…


LEE. What the hell ur yi talking aboot? Whey pit the clathes oan yur back; whey fed yi; whey went oot an worked in dead end jobs; wi dead end wages…?

PAT. Whey beat an battered us…?

LEE. Ah wis makin yi tough; makin yi able ti face the big cruel world; stop yi fi endin up like, like…


LEE. Couldnae take the chance…

JILLY. Chance?

LEE. Thit yid be like…

PAT. Dad?

Long Silence

BJ. Yur noh fast enough: she’ll catch yi: move faster.

LEE. Dad? Sittin in that chair day efter day; me watchin the life drain fi um: Other men lost thur jobs: other men didnae throw the towel in; gee up the fight…

JILLY. He hud an illnes Lee!

LEE. The coal board didnae see it that wae…saw him as some sort o nutter…

JILLY. He needed your care an support.

PAT. Needed you ti stop bullying an shoving him in a corner…


LEE. Ah shoul’uve done what Ah wis gonnae dae…


JILLY. Now wur gittin somewhere: truth Lee, come oan…

LEE. Pit you two inti care…


BJ. She’s tryin a different move; watch hur…

PAT. Is that what yi really wanted ti dae? Cause Ah wish yi hud; then Ah widnae huv hud ti face they scum that sat oan the edge o they fight pits you cawed boxing rings…while you took the dirty money…

LEE. Wi wur up ti oor eyes in debt: slave labour wages Ah wis gittin couldnae pae fur everything…

BJ. Jilly, Pat: keep yur guard up…

JILLY. Pat could huv / got hurt real bad…

LEE. Yis wur nothing bit a millstane roond mah neck: a dead weight: keeping me back; stopping mi fi gittin somewhere…

JILLY. Gittin somewhere?

LEE. Anywhere: where Ah couldnae hear the whispers: what folk wur sayin, sayin aboot yur dad! Away fi here!

PAT. Away fi us…

JILLY. Away fi yur ain famely…?

Long Silence

LEE. Ah’d come here; watch the boxers: see thum drivin thursell; pushin thursell aye pushin thursell up an up: tryin ti git ooti this trap: hopin they’d make it in this world cause oot there in that other world if yi didnae hae a university degree an a fancy job wi wads o cash yi got starved an ground doon an made weaker an weaker…aw oor jobs, the jobs we kent: the factories an pits an brewries an biscuit factories, they jobs, they wur fur you; an when they wur gone…so wur we…Ah wisnae supposed ti be bringin you two up oan mah ain…daddy bear, mummy bear, the two baby bear’s: fairy tale ending’s? what happened ti mine…?


Jilly and Pat hold each other

LEE. Yi wanted the truth? (Shouts) Still want it…?

JILLY. Yi wanted ti gee us away…

PAT. Cause yi didnae love us…?

BJ. Duck an dive…

LEE. Ah wanted ti gee yis away…afore yis wur tane away…love, hah! Look what happened when Ah loved yur dad, aw it did wis make um a sap; a weakling…could’nae take that chance wi you two…

Long Silence

JILLY. (Starts to cry)

Pat holds Jilly

PAT. (Moves toward Lee) You made me the wae Ah um…


LEE. (Shouts) Whey made me the wae Ah um? Where wis mah famely? Only time mah faithir spoke ti me wis oan his wae oot ti the pub; an mah mother wis that beaten an defeated aw she could dae wis sit an greet…

Pat rushes at Lee; starts to hit her
Jilly rushes to Lee
BJ pulls Pat away

Lee starts to move away

PAT. (Shouts) Say yi didnae mean / ti dae aw that?

Lee stops

JILLY. Stae here / wi us Lee?

PAT. Say yur sorry…?

JILLY. Dinnae go back there, back ti that other world: that other wae o life…?


LEE. That’s the only world; the only life Ah ken…

Exit Lee

Jilly goes to BJ
BJ holds Jilly
Pat reaches out after Lee

PAT. Dogs bite bee’s sting dogs bite bee’s sting (Shouts) MOOOOOOOTHER!

Light fades on actors

Spot light on boxing ring


BJ Jilly and Pat make their way to the ring; BJ puts on pads, Pat and Jilly put on protective helmet an gloves; they all enter ring. BJ stands stands centre ring Pat and Jilly spar with BJ

Enter Lee

Lee goes to ring; stands on edge watching Pat Jilly and BJ
All boxers appear in gym; box around gym
Lee steps near ring; puts her hand thru the ropes

Light Fades


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