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Scottish Language Dictionaries


Autumn/Winter 2002

From Outreach Officer Chris Robinson
The wark tae develop a new Scuil Wab is weel unner wey. The wabsteid will hae a range o materials tae suit bairns frae nursery age aw the wey up tae Higher Still students. The first stage for the wee yins will be up and runnin by St. Andrew’s nicht.

The steid will hae interactive daeins tae explore online, activities tae prent oot and tak awa and suggestions for social and physical ploys. For thae bairns wi Scots speakin faimlies, the wabsteid will jouk the existin problem o divorcin the language o hame frae the language o education and gie the bairns’ ain leid the respeck it desairves, richt frae the stert. Aw bairns, whether they speak Scots at hame or no, will hae an opportunity tae develop linguistic skills, acquire IT skills and juist hae fun.

The nixt stage adds quizzes and puzzles at increasin levels o difficulty and develops skills at readin and interrogatin texts. Writin skills are addressed tae, wi writin games and exercises that micht tempt the bairns tae visit the Wordsmiddie whaur they can learn whaur words com frae and whit wey tae mak their ain dictionar or thesaurus. Readin, writin, speakin and listenin skills are brocht in through a range o topics like environmental studies (e.g creepie-crawlies and plants), history (e.g. evacuees and everyday life in the Second Warld War), health (e.g. diet and exercise). Aw this is backit up wi teachers’ notes and reference material on awthing frae the history o language tae folklore.

I will be actively seekin feedback frae teachers on the yissfaeness o this material and will ettle tae tailor the wabsteid tae meet their needs.

Here’s a bittie frae the teachers’ and carers’ notes for the youngest group:

Why no try a Scots version o ‘Simon Says…’?
Whan ye say ‘Simon says ‘pit yer hauns on yer heid’ etc. the bairns dae it. Whan ye just say ‘Pit yer hauns on yer heid’ they maunnae dae it.

Simon micht say:
Pit yer hauns on yer heid
Touch yer taes
Haud yer lugs
Touch yer neb
Hunker doon
Pit yer hauns on yer hurdies
Touch yer chin
Pit yer hauns in yer oxters
Touch the grund
Blink yer een
Birl roon
Clap yer hauns
Loup up an doon
Mairch like a sodger
Rax for the muin

If ye dae the the gestures, the bairns will learn thae Scots words nae bother.

Scottish Language Dictionaries
Spring/Summer Newsletter 2004

Outreach Officer

Ah’d like tae say walcome and thank you tae ony new members that haes jynt as a result o ane a ma veesits. Ah’m still daein the roonds o writers’ groups, scuils, a National Trust for Scotland bairns’ club and een a singin group, and ayewis the wark o SLD speaks for itsel. We’ve had a wheen o wirds sent in on wir oral collection forms (ye can get ane aff the wabsteid) and a guid offerin o wark fae writers.

As weel as promotin the profile o SLD and steirin fowk up tae speak and scrive in Scots, Ah see ane o ma functions as gettin new projects aff the grund by raisin o hantle o enthusiasm and maybe a wee puckle siller. Tae this end, Ah hae been encouragin fowk tae sponsor a wird in the new Concise Scots Dictionary at a minimum chairge o £20 per wird. Noo, we aw ken that ye get naethin for naethin in this warld, sae ilka sponsor gets their name and wird up on wir wabsteid and a year’s free membership o SLD. ‘That’s no fair!’ div Ah hear ye greet? True eneuch. Membership gies ye richts and privileges and that’s hoo, gin ye want tae mak a Scots wird in the new CSD yer ain, yer membership entitles ye tae a FREE wird. (No that we wad turn doon a donation.) Mair nor ae wird and ye’ll need tae pey like awbody else. Jist e-mail yer wird and yer name tae [CENSORED: emailaddress] or drap us a line at [CENSORED: address] and be pairt o an important project in Scots scholarship.

Fundin the stert o this project minds me on the subscription list for the stert o The Scottish National Dictionary itsel: Her Highness the Sultana of Johore, Lady Scott of Abbotsford, Charles Murray, Rt Hon. Ramsay MacDonald, Sir Thomas Jaffray, Sir William Craigie and John Buchan amang them. A fair wha wis wha o the period. Will fowk luik back in eichty year tae see wha supportit CSD2?

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