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Gled Stanes

Author(s): Janet Paisley

Copyright holder(s): Janet Paisley


watching the riding to open Scotland’s parliament
ceased 25 March 1707 resurrected 1 July 1999

thur is nae stane whaur the gled soars,
nae gled whaur the stanes staun

nor it thair cobbled feet, nae king
tae reign ees braid high street

whaur nowt but smirr croons a castlehill
nae burnin weemin wish they’d drooned

an the shuttered shops kin sell nae claith
whiles nae tea or snuff is taen ben there

gin nae gill bell dirls oor meridian
near three hunner year ae time birls roon

oan a turnpike stair. Auld Reekie sings
an auld sang tae a newborn tune, an a staur

is kenled whaur stane mounts stoor
tae heicht us up whaur the gled kin soar.

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Gled Stanes


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