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Biggam Collection Letter: 25

Author(s): Madge Taylor Law

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Dear Joan

Hope this finds you well and not gadding around Avonbrig's red-light area too much!!

Hope you like the snaps. I asked them to send me 3 lots but they couldn't do it so I'm sending you afew and Chrissie I'm sending some others so you both have different ones so you will be able to have a look at each others when you meet again.

We saw a wee hoose in Blackrod but nothing is settled yet. I'll let you know if anything materialises.

I met Joanie and she says that John and Doll are well. Her Paul is just waiting to be made redundant. I think we told you about Peak Freans shutting up when we were in Glasgow. I think thats the last factory in Bermondsey gone so theres very little work here now, except for building houses that the locals can't afford to buy. They are building a shopping complex near Surrey Docks but that won't employ many people.

The little fellow had had his operation and was running around as though he'd never had anything wrong, his scar is about 31/2" long. Thomas had his party and John had to walk through the village streets to the village hall with about 50 balloons all already blown-up. The local women were asking him if he was getting married again. A good time was had by all. One of his pals who was born on the same day was sharing the hall and party with him so there were about 40 odd kids at the party. We were cooking sausage rolls and cakes in the morning but they ate most of it, there wasn't much wasted so they seemed to enjoy it all.

Well theres no news just now so I'll say cheerio for now hope you are keeping well as we are.

Love from Madge & John

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