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Biggam Collection Letter: 22

Author(s): Alice Trotter

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Dear Joan,

We were very sorry to hear your sad news. We remember meeting Doll, (it must have been at your mothers house). She was a nice gentle person. It is specially sad at this time of family gatherings. Our circle of friends is becoming smaller and smaller.

However we have lots of happy memories to look back on - in Govan -. Many a good night we all had at 449 and also at Eaglesham Street, and the Former Pupils Club in Copeland Road School with Miss Calder and Miss Gardon. They were great teachers.

May and I are keeping fairly well at the moment. We do not get out much but are thankful for the faculties we have. May's eyesight is very poor. she can't do any writing now. I hope your arthritis gives you some ease. It is a very painful thing and they dont appear to be able to do much for it. It was fine that Madge and her husband managed to get to the funeral. Please give our kindest regards to them and to Chrissie when you see them. It is so nice to hear news of old friends.

I will close now wishing you better health and contenment in the coming year.

Kindest thoughts from

Alice & May

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Biggam Collection Letter: 22


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