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Biggam Collection Letter: 21

Author(s): Madge Taylor Law

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


Blackrod Bolton

3rd December 1993

Dear Joan,

Thankyou for your nice letter. I'm very pleased to hear about how you have these good people to help you with your shopping. As you say it would be nice to be nearer but not many families manage that with moving around for work.

Robert is here visiting us just now and goes back to London tomorrow. He's had his holiday now because he will be working at Christmas and New Year. That won't be much fun for him being on his own as well. He is still single and fancy free.

Norman & Bobbie are living almost at the back of us, so they are just round the next street. The kids are growing up fast the youngest one is 4 now, he is getting to look like Bobbie and I think he will be small built, like her too, but wiry enough. Her parents are retired now too and seem to be keeping well.

I haven't heard anything of Norrie & Lily.

Well as I told you, I was going into hospital for some tests. I was only in for a couple of days. They are going to get in touch with me again but it will be some time I don't know how long their waiting list is maybe, about the end of January, they want to see me then anyway. I'm feeling quite well. I'll let you know how things are going probably around February. John helps out with all the shopping and housework. I had to get a new washing machine and I've been showing him how to use that as well. So I'll be a lady of leisure.

I was sorry to hear that Chrissie wasn't keeping well. I hope she is better now. I'll send her a Christmas card I'm going to get them off early this year. I don't send that many but its a way of keeping in touch even if we don't write from one years end to the next.

Well I'll say cheerio for now and I hope your arthritis is a bit better some people think a low-fat diet helps it, maybe you've tried that already. Anyway heres hoping for a better New Year. Its been an early winter this year so lets hope it warms up soon.

Ta Ta for noo

Love from Madge & John

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