Document 410

Biggam Collection Letter: 17

Author(s): John Taylor

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


London S.E.16.

Dear Joan & Arthur,

Thank you very much for the present. We will have to get some decent chairs now.

We are settling down slowly but surely in our new surroundings. it is nice to listen to the wind howling outside and not feel a draught inside.

We hope you had a good Christmas & New Year.

Naturally our Christmas & New Year was very quiet especially the New Year because it snowed so much that we could not go out. so Doll and I sat looking at the square box wished each other and absent friends a happy New Year and went to bed just after 1 o'clock.

If you would like to come down for a holiday any time we have got plenty of room and you are always welcome. Doll and I would like to see you both because we are proud of this little house (actually it is called a maisonette, because it has bedrooms bathroom & mod con. upstairs.)

Young John is practising every Tuesday night for this years Scouts gang show. If they are all like him it should be a riot.

Madge has been round two or three times, they are all keeping fairly well of course John can't do anything without his belt on.

If you do decide to come I will give proper instructions as to where we live we are not 2 minutes from St. Olaves hospital.

Hope you are both in the pink as we are here.

Your. S.I.L. & Your Bree
" " " B.I.L
Best Wishes from all the rest.

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Biggam Collection Letter: 17


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