Document 409

Biggam Collection Letter: 16

Author(s): Chrissie Biggam

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


Glasgow E.3.


Dear Joan & Arthur,

Just a wee note to say that Willie would like you, if you could, to come to his wedding. Its on the 16th March at 10.45 a quiet affair, and a wee tea in their house later on. Carole's parents will be coming and us yins that's about all. I have had flu, better now. Jimmy is redundant. Isa's not too well with her asthma. I have not been able to see Peggy & family for 3 weeks but maybe I'll get there this week. All the rest are fine. I heard on T.V. that they caught the rascal who was stabbing the people in your district. Hope they put him away for a long time.

My wee budgie died, I fairly miss him. How are you both keeping. It's been a terrible winter. Arthur will not have been getting about on his bike much. Well that's all my news. See you soon if you can manage.

Cheers for now


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Biggam Collection Letter: 16


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