Document 408

Biggam Collection Letter: 15

Author(s): William Kirkland

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


25 Field Regt. R.A.,


Sunday 3rd Sept.

Dear Mrs Sinclair,

I'm sorry my previous letter to you didn't reach you. I wrote you about a week after Peter's death, but was told by the officer, that it would be forwarded to you, as soon as you had received official notification from the War Office. That letter must have been mislaid or forgotten by the people responsible.

I know it would be a great blow to you when you received word of Peter's death. It was a great shock to the whole battery as we had only been in action one week. I suppose May will have given all the details concerning that morning.

I still miss him very much as we had been together since joining the army, and I often think of the times we had together and how he would have enjoyed himself during the rest we are having at present.

He was very popular throughout the whole battery, as his cheery disposition made him many friends.

On behalf of his friends and myself I send you my deepest sympathy at your great loss, and if there is anything I can do for you I will be only too pleased. I have made a note of where he is buried, so that I would be able to let you know.

I am keeping well, but am longing to get back home again.

As soon as I get home I call on you and let you know all the details.

Will close now hoping you are keeping well.

Yours Sincerely,

Wm. Kirkland.

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Biggam Collection Letter: 15


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