Document 402

Biggam Collection Letter: 09

Author(s): Madge Taylor Law

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam


4 Oct. 1980

Dear Joan & Arthur,

Here I am racing the clock as usual. Hope you like the photo, the two big ones are enlargements of the snaps I took myself. I hope they don't get bent in the post.

Hope you are both well. We are all O.K. Johns leg is improving he goes swimming to exercise it and its doing him good.

Norman & Bobby are trying to buy a little house in a place called Blackrod in Lancashire its about 8 miles nearer to Manchester than Leyland.

Robert is still working O.K. but no overtime and threatened with short-time working. London is very short of jobs, just like everywhere else, so theres not much chance for anybody if they get sacked.

I'm still working so far.

I haven't seen John & Doll since the wedding but I think I would have heard if all wasn't well. Norman & Bobby put the money presents from people towards a cooker. I saw it. We went there for our holiday. It was the cheapest one they could find but looks very nice and works very well. They haven't wasted anything. Do you remember that rich couple who let Robert & Norman use their house before the wedding, well they gave them a couple of wardrobes that they had and they were almost new. The other furniture they have is mostly second-hand stuff but it all looks quite nice.

Well that's about all the news, so I'll say TTFN Love from Madge John & Robert.

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Biggam Collection Letter: 09


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