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Biggam Collection Letter: 08

Author(s): May Trotter

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam



Dear Joan,

It was nice to hear from you. I was wondering how you were getting along. Here we are into another year - Oh! how time flies. The new year came in very quietly, not a sound from the ships sirens in the docks or a church bell rung. I remember in Govan opening the window at midnight to hear the new year being welcomed in. The television has put all this out of joint. I got a Christmas card from Miss Calder's sister Katie but she did not say how she is getting on since Miss Calder died. Did you get my letter telling you of her death on 29th Dec 1968. Miss Gordon is still to the fore and hasn't aged a bit. Aren't the school children getting a raw deal with teachers going on strike - not the least bit concerned for the education of their pupils. Weren't we lucky with our teachers at [CENSORED: placename]. Such an interest they took in each one and worked jolly hard into the bargain. Alice is working away but she wishes she was retired also. It is all young staff in the departments now and boy! do they know how to swing the lead and get away with it.

The Kingston Bridge is nearly completed and the ring roads well ahead. What changes are in the making but the traffic scares me - a sign of old age? You are not in the swim if you haven't got a car and a bicycle doesn't have a chance? To see a horse and cart nowadays is a miracle.

How is your Chrissie keeping? She hasn't managed a visit to us and we would be pleased to see her. I hope if you do get a break to Glasgow that you find time to give us a call. You are too far away from us. We were sorry to hear of the death of Arthur's mother. Is his father still going about? It is sad when the family circle gets broken up.

We have had a severe fall of snow which is lying inches thick round about here. Very nice to look at but when it gets inside your shoes. - ugh!

I never see Jean McFarlane but I was told she moved into her brother Tom's room and kitchen house across the landing. Her brother seemingly bought a house so Jean was glad to take over from him. Ina's girls must be working now. My old neighbour at 449 (Mrs Ferguson) died a few months ago. Hope you are both well. Do try to drop me a line now and then.

With best wishes

from May & Alice

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