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Biggam Collection Letter: 02

Author(s): May Trotter

Copyright holder(s): Mr William Biggam



Dear Joan,

What a shock Alice and I got to hear of the death of Arthur. We did not know he was ailing and what a worrying time you must have had. You will miss him very much. So many of our friends are slipping away. I am glad Chrissie has managed to be with you. Alice and I would like to take a run through soon to visit you and we will let you know first.

I have been attending the hospital for 6 months now for treatment to my right eye. A blockage was discovered and I have lost the sight of the eye. How worried I was but fortuneately my left eye is able to function and I get along not so bad. We don't get out so much at night now. Too many break-ins in the drive and suspicious characters hanging about. I can't remember if I told you we have the phone installed. The outside phone-boxes were filthy, used as toilets.

Our phone number is:-
[CENSORED: phonenumber]

We would be so pleased to see you if you can manage our way. So much to talk about. Happy times and sad times.

I regret not seeing Arthur before he left us but all his troubles are over and we just have to battle on

With deepest sympathy

From May & Alice

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