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Who was the man?

Author(s): George Hynd

Copyright holder(s): George Hynd


(or Lager induced thoughts from a bar stool)
(Jan. 4th Kirkhill Hotel)

As I sit on this bar stool, my brain begins to think
It's funny how we all do that, when we've had too much to drink
I look around this wondrous place, then I begin to ponder
As slowly through the mists of time, my thoughts begin to wander

Who? was the man that would come down the drive
in his hansome coach and four
To be greeted by his faithful staff
all lined up at the door
Would he be some rich merchant man?
Maybe the local Laird?
In my minds eye I can picture him
White whiskers and a beard

Who? was the butler who answered the call
of his masters ringing bell
With port on a tray and cigars in a box
they must have lived real well

Who? was the cook - the pantry maid
the stable lad - the groom
They must have had a parlour maid
To dust down this huge room

Who? was the lad that chopped the logs
to stoke up that big fire
To heat the place and burn the boots
of some fat snoozing squire

Who? was the man that created
with such artistic feeling
The cornice and enrichment
on that majestic ceiling

Who? was the man with skillful hands
that carved with loving care
The rambling redwood bannister
that climbs right up the stair

To all you folk of yester years
I slowly raise my glass
For we know that "Tempus Fugit"
and great days, they have to pass

Would they know that in '83'
This noble house still stands
But don't you worry Mr. Laird
Your home is in good hands

Calligraphy: (Fancy Writing)
TYPING, PAT (Sair Fingers) BLAIR

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Who was the man?


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