Document 35

Kin Ye Mind?

Author(s): George Hynd

Copyright holder(s): George Hynd


Kin ye mind the days o long ago
When you were jist a boy
Those days fair fu' o happiness
A' filled wi mirth an joy

Kin ye mind o pickin' brambles
In a tin tae mak' some jam
Or fleein' doon the bing at breakneck speed
in a worn oot rickity pram

Kin ye mind o searchin' fur puddocks and taddies
Tae keep in a big sweetie jar
An pinchin' tatties oot o the fields
Tae roast on the gang hut fire

Kin ye mind o yer grannies tablet
Treacle toffee, an tattie scones
A sheeps heid bubblin' awa in the pot
An the soup made wi ham shank bones

Kin ye mind o gaun tae the Gala Day
Marchin' ahint the pipe band
Wi a tin cup roon yer neck, an a wee bag o buns
The happiest lad in the land

Kin ye mind o guddlin' fur troot in the burn
an climin' trees fur birds eggs
Pickin' an spittin' on docken leaves
Tae take nettle stings oot o yer legs

Kin ye mind o pinchin' aiples
Or sittin' shellin' green peas
An playin' at speedway on an auld wrecked bike
An comin' hame wi skint knees

Kin ye mind o days at the seaside
Runnin' aboot daft on the sand
Lookin' fur crabs under the stanes
Wi a bucket an spade in yer hand

Kin ye mind o birlin fire cans
Smoke gettin' in yer een
An wanderin' the streets wi lit up tumshies
Guisin' at Halloween

Kin ye mind o smokin' Cinnamon
Roon' the back o the sheds
An writin' yer name as ye peed in the snaw
Ah wiz ZORRO so ah jist din ZEDS

Kin ye mind o pabyin' at fitba
Wi a big leather ba' wi a lace
an lyin' on the ground flat on yer back
When it hit ye right smack on the face

If you kin mind o a' they things
Back in your memory
You must have been a normal kid
Jist the same as me

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Kin Ye Mind?


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